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  1. Howdydudy1

    Decal Works

    Just wanted to throw some props out to these guys. I ordered a set of preprint numbers for my '07 from them Monday afternoon and they arrived at my door this morning. They are great quality and just what I ordered. I'm from Ohio and I believe they are in California. I HIGHLY suggest using them in the future.
  2. Howdydudy1

    SDG Step Seat

    I have made my own the past few years and yes the step system works very well. They are as advertised. Keep you butt up towards the front.
  3. Howdydudy1

    SDG Step Seat

    Does any Retailer have one of these!!!!! Everyone I've seen is sold out. Anyone know of anyplace selling these?
  4. Howdydudy1

    Overflow Tube

    I was wondering if I could reroute the Engine overflow tube that has the end cap on it (that you should drain about everyride), with a longer clear hose down where all the carb vent hoses go by the linkage? Will this cause any problems? It definately would save the hassle of draining that tube all the time.
  5. Howdydudy1

    Opinions on Bridgestone M401

    They work great! Loamy, hard pack, not bad in the mud either. Possibly the best front tire made.
  6. Anyone try one of the ball bearing wirtz throttle tubes yet? They are definately liked in I believe this months MXA. What are your reviews?
  7. Howdydudy1

    What bars?

    Are these considered Grey or Black? I would say they are black to me but maybe Renthal says other wise.
  8. Howdydudy1

    What bars?

    What handlebars come standard on the new Honda's. Are they 971 bend or CR High's. I thought they were 971/black bars. Can't seem to find a set of 971/black bars anywhere! Thanks guys!
  9. Where is the best place to buy these at? I know they are all sold at the same price but some places offer the undersleeve elastic band set for free if you purchase a set of Asterisk. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks guys and gals!
  10. Howdydudy1

    Anyone run two rim locks?

    All the pros run two rim locks and so should we. It keeps the tire from spinning and also helps if you have a flat.
  11. The factory pros bikes? I would assume that their graphics sponsors would do this? Or is there a standard place that makes the preprinted numbers for these guys?
  12. Howdydudy1

    What footpegs is everybody using?

    Lightspeed Stainless. The best pegs out there period. (other than what factory honda uses on Fonseca's, Preston's, and Shorts' bikes.)
  13. I am looking into getting a pair of these. For those of you that have them; How is the fit? Take long to break in? Durability? I already know the price sucks.
  14. Howdydudy1

    How much for an '05 CRF250

    What do you guys think a good price is for a used but very clean '05 CRF250R? Less than 20 hrs. on the bike. All stock.
  15. Howdydudy1

    Help me pick a new exhaust for my 450x

    2. Dr. D's Complete stainless system (SA and header). Whether your trail riding or motocrossing you will not go wrong with this setup. Not only is the quality awesome, the performance gains are more than likely are right where you need them. I highly recommend this system. Don't forget your filter mods.