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  1. rob125

    Any early Big Bear 350 4X4 owners ?

    i have a 96 big bear 350, and when i bougt it, i had to replace the bearings in the rear diff. Also, i had to replace the front U joint on the Front drive shaft, i put a kimpex one in, and it did not last a year. any one else go through U joints in the front? what you do?
  2. rob125

    TTR 125L Rear Suspension

    I have already bought a YZ 80 rear shock + spring + resivor But Thanks for the input
  3. rob125

    Power tip exhaust

    Legally, yes, its no good for trails. But where i go, there are no laws about spark arrester.
  4. rob125

    Power tip exhaust

    Another Thing you could do is just add some washer to the endcap Its Free, and you can fell a little bit more go on it.
  5. rob125

    TTR 125L Rear Suspension

    im 120 - 130 pounds nd im bottoming out pretty hard... i dont know if just addjusting that will work..
  6. rob125

    TTR 125L Rear Suspension

    Well I have had great fun with this bike, but im bottoming out the rear Suspension. I have Plans to sell it next spring, but i still want to be able to ride it through this summer. The simple fix for me would just be a BBR shock spring, but i might be able to get YZ 80 shock + spring + linquage for a good price, how hard would it be to make it fit a 2001 ttr 125L? I only ned the bike for this year, so BBR would be the simple fix, but yz would make it a great fix. (we dont have a welder, but can borrow one, but we arnt the best if you have to custom do shit) BBR, OR YZ?
  7. rob125

    Thread Stripped!!!

    could also use heli coil, but it aint cheap
  8. rob125

    need new plastics

    try http://www.maier-mfg.com/
  9. rob125

    !!!JD Jetting Kit for TTR125 Released!!!

    I like the idea, but $75 for it, they better have gold plated jets with a dimond tip...
  10. rob125

    broken can it be fixed

    If you can do a good job of wellding, then use a grinder to get ride of the exsess metal, it should hold. Depending how good the welding went, u might want to add in a brace to help hold it. then just get some yami blue paint.
  11. rob125

    Ttr 125l Bbr Cradle

    It was one of the stickys... BBR also could have change there pipe style up at the front of the pipe, so it fits better.
  12. rob125

    Need help w/grizzly

    I had the same prob, on mine it was the seal inside that leaked oil onto the belt. my belt was fine, and im still using it.
  13. rob125

    BBR's new ttr125 frame cradle 07

    Can you scan the pic out of your 07 book? And post it for us
  14. rob125

    TTR125 Makeover

    That look kick ass man. I think it is the best looking ttr i have seen
  15. rob125

    Changes to the ttr125 since 2000?

    the 2001 has a spacer in the front forks, the 2000 might also but newer years do not.