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    Cleaning plastics and engine case

    Magic Erasers work great on the plastics. Usually drop some dish soap on the eraser and go to work. Works on some engine components as well!
  2. I have a 2014 CRF230F. The only modification engine wise is the Dyno Jet Kit. No exhaust or anything else. Will anything need to be done to the bike if I get a Procom box? Or can I slap it on and go? Thanks!
  3. Your bike must be tired, a lot of pictures of it taking a nap [emoji23]
  4. A couple of my buddies and I are heading up that way for the demo day as well. They I’ll have xtrainers right now I’m the only one on a 230 but I love it and can’t seem to get used to the sensitive throttle and brakes on the Beta quite yet. Maybe in a couple years haha. I’ll be wearing a white and orange suomy helmet and a 230 with Bruce stickers on the forks ha ha I’ll probably buy a 15 just to try it out as well!
  5. Personally I like the low gearing and use 1st gear. I feel a lot of guys on here are more into going faster but that’s not the kind of riding I’m into. I like the slower technical stuff, not so much of seeing how fast a can go and breaking bones when I crash haha. I think I’m going to up my rear to 52 like partsguy said and test it out [emoji106]
  6. He rebuilt my front forks. He takes them apart and solders up the factory dampening rod holes and re drills his own set of holes along with cutting the stock springs and adding spacers depending on what weight you want it setup for. He suggest the Hagon Shock for the rear but I found a xr500 reservoir shock that I had rebuild and setup for me by Hlebo Brothers in CA. Bruce is in Salisbury NC and I actually took him my whole forks instead of just bringing him my dampening rods and springs. Thinks it’s about 80-90 to just do the rods and springs and 200 for him to completely rebuild them seals and all. A quick search on here and everyone will suggest his work [emoji106] A+
  7. Meant to say 53 rear haha, I tried with my stock chain and I didn’t have enough. Although that was a couple months ago and my chain has stretched some since then lol.
  8. I may throw my 15 on I just know I’ll need a new chain. Mine hits the chain guide when I put it on, how did you avoid that on yours?
  9. Just curious to see what setup everyone runs. I’m on the stock 13/50 as of now but have a renthal 52 some one gave me. My riding is single track wooded, I love the enduro style riding of slow and technical obstacles. Don’t really get up into the higher gears at all, 5th and 6th. Wondering if it would benefit me to drop the gearing some. What do y’all ride and what’s your setup? Thanks! Bike is a 14 crf230f with vulcanduro tires, jet kit and Bruce’s magic suspension.
  10. Just left his shop! He could talk for hours and super smart. It was great meeting him and I can’t wait to get my forks back. I just took him both forks so he could completely rebuild them.
  11. Dang he’s in Salisbury, I’m only hour and a half away! I was thinking 10w was to thin but was sure.
  12. Been doing a lot of reading and made some significant suspension mods to my 2014 CRF230f based of information mostly from here. I have replaced the rear shock with one from an 80's XR500(comp and rebound adjustable) rebuild by Hlebos Bros. And for the front I have replaced the right tube with one BBR spring and stock spring in the left side and then replaced the fluid with Motul 10w. I have taken all my sag and free sag measurements and want to know if you think i'm within the ball park. I am 5'8" and 185-190lbs *Front Forks* unweighted bike stand 475mm bike weight 455mm sprung with rider 395mm Sag 45mm, Free Sag 30-35mm *Rear Shock* unweighted bike stand 570mm bike weight 535-40mm sprung with rider 525mm Sag 80mm, Free Sag 20mm I Also had the question is i should move to 15w in the front since i went with a single BBR spring? Thanks for all of the help!