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  1. kcander

    DRZ400S tire size, width in INCHES?

    Okay, so, looks like I need these sizes, yes? stock front is 80/100 R21 = 3.00 x 21 stock rear is 120/90 R18 = 5.10 x 18 Word. Thanks.
  2. So I'm eyeballing a few sites looking at ordering up some cheapy Kendas or Shinkos or Cheng Zhens or whatever, and these websites all list the tires in inches rather the standard mm measurements I'm used to seeing. Been poking around the forums for 20 minutes trying to figure out what the hell size I should get but haven't ran across a straight answer. Anybody know? For example, the Shinko 244s come in sizes like: rear: 4.10 x 18 4.60 x 18 5.10 x 18 front: 2.75 x 21 3.00 x 21 Ummmmmm...help?
  3. kcander

    Desert 100 Dual-sport - family or iron man?

    Thanks for the info. I've only got Saturday available so I'll feel it out this year on the dual-sport and then maybe next year hit up the race itself. Sounds like the Iron Man will probably be the direction to take if I'm given the choice Saturday morning.
  4. I'm a first timer, flyin' solo. From what I can tell on the stumpjumpers/desert100 website, it looks like the dual-sporters have the option of either doing a lap of the "family" poker run or "iron man" poker run as the first leg of the day. Anybody done both and have a recommendation for me? Guess I'm just wondering how hard the Iron Man run is versus the Family run. I mean, are we talking big water crossings and stopping to heave the bike over trees, or just a little bit steeper hills? I'm on a DRZ400S, so I'm pretty sure the bike won't be the limiting factor, just me, the rider! Any info you have would be appreciated. See you there!
  5. So do you think I'm wasting my time/money trying to find something a little better then? If it's a tire-related problem, then I guess I'll just have to live with it. I do adjust my tire pressures depending on the riding I'm doing, usually about 20ish on the street like you said. I'm thinking about trying a braided line up front since that's a relatively small investment, but money's money, and if it's not going to make much difference I'd just a soon live with what I have.
  6. No, not Trailwings, currently have Pirelli MT21s on there, which were on there when I bought it. Will probably switch a more 50/50 tire once the Pirellis are shredded. Yeah, I use both brakes, and no, it's not a weather thing. It's not horrible, not as though I think I'm going to run into the back of people all the time or anything like that, though I have had an "oh sh!t" moment once or twice commuting when a cager jumps out into the carpool lane in front of me. Mostly though, sometimes I get a kick out of riding the DRZ quick on twisty pavement, and I'd just like a little more stopping power out of the front. The brake feels really dull to me, sort of wooden, not much feel to it. I don't remember my YZ400 feeling like that, though of course I never rode it on the street, other than maybe up the block or whatever.
  7. So, been searching around but can't seem to find a good answer, would like to hear what you guys think is the best brake setup for my DRZ S-model. I've currently got the stock setup on there now, and I feel like there's not enough braking power up front when I'm on the street. However, I don't *think* I need some massive 320mm supermoto setup, I think that would be overkill for riding I do. I prefer to ride the DRZ off-road, though in actuality it's probably ridden about 50/50, maybe slightly more on the street as I do commute on it now and then. What is going to be the best as far as a happy medium goes? I've heard that some bikes respond really well to just adding a braided line, although that doesn't necessarily seem to be the consensus on the DRZ. Should I switch to a different rotor, maybe a 260 or 280? I don't even know what size the stock rotor is, I would assume making any size change is going to require a relocator? I've read quite a few people on TT have said even a 280 doesen't make that much difference, but most guys who are saying this seem to usually by SM riders, not S-model. Whaddaya think?
  8. Got a little xmas money to spend, was thinking about upgrading the front brake on my S. I ride about 50/50 dirt/street, and at the moment my brakes are bone stock. I'm fine with the rear how it is, but that front is awfully weak. I'm not looking to go crazy and get the 320 with the relocator and all that, but I was wondering what your opinions were on how much diffrerence a braided line makes. Also, I've read the 280mm isn't that great of an upgrade, but also heard there's a 310mm that will fit without relocating the caliper, wondered if anyone had any opinion on that?
  9. kcander

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Done a few minor mods since this pic, but here she is. more recent snow pic:
  10. kcander

    Favorite places to ride?

    Oh man I miss riding there! Grew up riding the coal slag piles, used to camp out by #9 and ride over to #5...nice picture man! Ah those were the days...I'd kill to ride there again!
  11. kcander

    Question: Big wheel vs. Little wheel

    Sorry to throw a total newb question into all this (fascinating, really) conversation here, but I just bought my DRZ-S with intentions of doing exactly what you guys were talking about - ie buying a set of 17s to swap on/off - and I was just wondering how much of a hassle it is to switch everything. What tools do you need (stands?) to be able to make the switch? How long does it take? I assume your front 17 also includes a much bigger rotor, so do you have to relocate the brake every time you change, too? And lastly, can a complete mechinical idiot (such as myself) do this pretty easily, or am I asking for trouble?
  12. kcander

    Sold YZ400F, bought DR-Z400S!

    Great question! I don't know where I'm gonna ride exactly! Was gonna run it up the Mountain Loop Hwy up to the end there, I think that's gravel on part of it once you get up there...also read on Sound Rider about routes you can take over Snoqualmie pass. I signed up for the Trollhaugen dual-sport in June on Sound Rider as well, so hopefully I'll learn some more dual-sport roads on that, too. Other than that...explore I guess! I hear ya though man, I don't even own a truck, was relying on my buddies to tote me around, so the DRZ is a revelation for me! Not to mention I'll never have to kick start that freakin' YZ400 again, my god, what a beast!
  13. kcander

    I bought a DRZ400S

    Hey man, just saw your post on my thread, funny, I think I saw the one you bought as well...only so many DRZs in WA to go around, eh?!
  14. My journey to the dual-sport side is complete. Picked up a really nice '00 w/ less than 2k miles on it this weekend. Already has the 3x3 airbox mod, punched out stock can, and increased jetting. Can't wait to do some dual-sporting. One thing I'll say is, dang, the stock gas tank is SMALL. Coming up the freeway home, I hit the reserve at ~80 miles. Ouch. Guess I'm gonna need a Clarke or something. Anyways, you've seen them before, but here she is:
  15. kcander

    Out of the question to "Streetmoto" my YZ400?

    "Scrape up the additional funds" hahaha yeah that's a good one! Like another $6,000+! I just bought brand new CBR1000RR leftover. Besides, if I was gonna do that, I'd go with the Aprilia SXV, that thing is sweet! Alas, I don't have that kind of money laying around. It'll be a miracle if I can come up with enough funds to 'tard the YZ.