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  1. merwine126

    Dr wheels swap

    What's the difference between 98-999 and earlier front wheels? I bought some wheels I'm picking up this weekend gs500 swap motard wheels for a 98 model . I have a 93. Will they fit right or can I just swap our front axles ?
  2. merwine126

    dr350 common carb issues - tm33

    This is an old post. I just got a 97 dr350 parts bike. With the 440kit. If you ever got one let me know of you need parts .
  3. merwine126

    dr350 common carb issues - tm33

    Birmingham Alabama USA?
  4. merwine126

    01 rm250 no bottom or mid range power.....

    Hmm interesting . I'm insure , but if you ever wanna get rid of it or part it out , I'll buy your CDI box
  5. merwine126

    New Guy Here! Making mods on a '91 DR350

    Got a set of motard wheels for sale 17"
  6. merwine126

    Dr250 with gs500 wheels help!

    Just buy my old supermoto wheels meant for a 94 they'll match right up
  7. merwine126

    Looking for rims...

    Ebay is always a great spot .
  8. merwine126

    Just purchased a DR350SE

    Most rmz250 plastics will fit the dr350se and acerbis make fenders as wel.
  9. merwine126

    a little help with wheel swap please

    Doing a wheel swap for a 1999 dr350se I have a 1991 supermoto wheel set up. I put it on my swingarm and it looks like the wheel needs to come I the left . But my caliper is in the way any idea what I can do ?
  10. merwine126

    Anyone ever supermoto a DR350?

    would you mind messaging me ? Merwine126@aim.com
  11. merwine126

    Dr350 and dr250 rims ***Quick question

    I the early years like 1990-1997 wouldn't for 1998 or 1999?
  12. merwine126

    Just the Body MODS

    Where's you get the decals and seat cover???
  13. merwine126

    Are DR350 wheels interchangable 90-99?

    I have a 1999 dr350se I just purchased supermoto wheels which are Cush drive I have no idea what yet they are . I purchased the sprocket piece of the hub which is a 1990 will the 1990 part for any Cush drive wheel? And what all will I have to do to make both rims fit my 1999 dr350 perfectly ?
  14. merwine126

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    If anyone could help me is appreciate it I bought a vyken raving cyclops liking headlight for my 1999 dr350se and I have to splice the wires for the light . And I have no idea what wires go to which any help?
  15. merwine126

    Just the Body MODS

    Could you message me ? I could greatly use some help, I recently bought the same headlight but it didn't match my harness did you splice the wires? If so could you explain what you did to make it work?