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  1. babbs

    Diving accident, Graphic

    Well, at least he bleeds "Badger Red". On Wisconsin!
  2. babbs

    Why not?

    They do have diesel motorcycles. The army used them. They suck. You spent a long time writing that post to make yourself seem stupid or maybe you really are. Either way, on behalf of smart people on this forum, stop posting. Oh yeah, why did you post this on Pics and vids?
  3. Not sure if you guys know.....but metal is not a very good insulator. I imagine the shock may be a little warmer, but a few degrees probably does not affect shock performance enough to make a difference. Would I do it? No Do I think it looks lame Yes Will it affect the shock Probably not
  4. not to be mr. negativity or anything, but isn't this kinda like putting a 5,000 dollar paintjob on a used dodge neon?
  5. take it to a muffler shop. They will fix it for $20. If they won't, take it somewhere else.
  6. babbs

    Any 4x4 experts?

    The axle ratio's could be different. Is it a new truck for you? ( is this a new problem, or have you ever driven in 4wd with this truck before) Does it have a locker in the front?
  7. babbs

    Geez...... *rolls eyes*

    unfortunately, the only cure for his stupidity is death. Some less severe cases can be cured, but he has a very severe case of the stupids.
  8. babbs

    O2 sensor

  9. First of all the guy is a retard for buying a Kia. Second, he is a retard for financing it and the upside down balance on his minivan for 8 years. Third, I am retarded for reading this whole post, This guy is a jack-ass and all of the "knowledge" and lack thereof spilled in the last 6 pages won't even make it to his pea-brain. I need to stop worrying about the less fortunate!
  10. I have been thinking about a new pipe, but if they are that fragile, I will hold off. That certainly wasn't a horrific crash, Congrats on 3rd!
  11. babbs

    MX-ing the motards today

    Where was the track in SC? I live in florence and am lookin for a nice track to ride. Looks like fun.
  12. babbs

    Leg Blood Clots - Stationary bike rehab?

    You would be a perfect candidate for an IVC filter. I am a PA and work for a Vascular Surgeon. We put in about 2 filters a week. The typical indication for a filter is, DVT despite therapuetic anticoagulation, or an existing contraindication for anticoagulation in someone with DVT. If you have an active lifestyle (falls or crashes don't mix with coumadin), desire children in the future (pregnancy doesn't mix with Coumadin), or are continuing to have DVT, I would certainly recommend an IVC filter placement. They do make retrievable filters, but they must be removed within a few months. Your filter would most likely be permanent, as your hypercoaguable state is more than likely gonna last a while. There are downsides to filter placement, lower extremity swelling, caval thrombosis, filter migration, kidney failure (from the dye used at placement), are all worries, but I would talk to your surgeon regarding these risks, as they are probably the least of your worries compared to Right heart hypertrophy and chronic failure. If you were my sister you would be getting a filter today.
  13. babbs

    Leg Blood Clots - Stationary bike rehab?

    450 gal, 5 PE's is no joke. You are suffering from some hypercoaguable state, lifelong anticoagulation with coumadin, and possibly an IVC filter would be wise. If your Care team hasn't mentioned either of these options I would look elsewhere. They should be aggresively working you up, and have a hematolgist involved by now. In anyone a PE can cause death, and a small PE can cause chronic right heart failure. Are you a smoker, or do you take oral contraceptives?