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  1. IL8APEX

    1996 cr125 wheels

    One big reason: Axle size. A simple bearing and spacer swap should get you where you need to go. If you're looking for low cost wheels I have a free set from my '95 CR250 that you could have for the price of boxes and shipping from 94040. -Tom
  2. IL8APEX

    '92 CR250 Rear Brake / Swingarm upgrade?

    '92 axle measures at 19.95mm diameter, '03 axle measures 24.95mm diameter. I think we've found our winner! -T
  3. IL8APEX

    '92 CR250 Rear Brake / Swingarm upgrade?

    KP- Good point, I had thought about that early on and forgotten. I'm not able to measure right now, but I think this will depend on the difference in size of the axles. A difference of 5mm would mean a wall thickness of about 0.098", and easy to turn in aluminum. A difference of 1mm would mean a wall thickness of about 0.019", and I might have to switch to steel with my limited lathe skills. Thanks! Another point: Wasn't there a change to a larger brake rotor between '92 and the 4-stroke era? That may limit which parts can be used. -T
  4. For Clarity: I am not disappointed in the stock brakes on my CR250. Instead I'm trying to work around a few fitment issues. Background: I am fitting some 19" flat track wheels to an old '92 CR250 I purchased awhile back. The wheels are currently in use on an '03 CRF450. I would like to be able to freely swap the rear wheel back and forth between bikes, I understand that the '92 axle is a smaller diameter than the newer stuff, which means I need a "large axle setup" on the CR. Machining the swingarm seams easy enough. The Rub: I'm not sure what to do about the rear brake. The '92 rear brake is pretty toasted, mostly from sitting outside forever. At the very least it will need a complete rebuild. But the bracket it rides on will still have the small axle hole. Three Choices: 1- Machine the swingarm, bore out the axle hole in the bracket, and rebuild the caliper. This option has the fewest unknowns, despite the fact that I've never successfully rebuilt a brake caliper or even looked to find a kit for a '92 CR. 2- Machine the swingarm, change out the bracket and caliper for a newer model year that fits. Is this even possible? 3- Swap the entire swingarm and rear brake assembly for a newer setup. Someone HAS to have done this before. 4- Machine new spacers and use the '92 axle, brake, and swingarm. Bracket choice dependent on rear brake rotor. (thanks KP!) The Question: Are choices 2 and 3 even possible? Is there a bolt-up solution? I figured I'd turn to TT for the answer. The likelihood of a bolt-up solution seems strong given the way Honda operates. To be honest at this time of year I'd rather spend a few bucks on eBay than burn hours in the machine shop to make something fit. But I don't know where to begin. What say the experts? Note: The rear brake on a flat track bike is kind of important, given that it's the only one! -Tom
  5. IL8APEX

    Anyone from Traverse City MI Area?

    ^^^ Hey, that's where I usually bomb around on the seasonal roads! I have friends interested in coming up for Memorial Day Weekend... Anyone got a group ride going on? -Tom
  6. ^^^ Yup, that was the original plan. I may have to do that soon, as I noticed my throttle cables could use replacing as well. I've also acquired an old CB450 Scrambler in need of some love. Too many projects! -Tom
  7. IL8APEX

    Orv sticker fees going up next year

    Wow, that is a chunk... Registering a bike for the traditional roads system isn't much more than that. I think the current fee is a bargain, but an increase to more than double needs a bit of explanation. -Tom
  8. I purchased one like this for my 230 awhile back... mine clearly says Keihin on the side. I never did find a two-headed cable to pull the slide AND the accelerator pump lever so I never put it on the bike. -Tom
  9. IL8APEX

    Michigan Chippewa Hare Scramble

    August 18th, near Evart. Anyone going? -Tom
  10. IL8APEX

    Michigan roll call

    I'm in Royal Oak, and often make trips to the Traverse City area. -Tom
  11. IL8APEX

    CRF230F =HM 230 easy Enduro =CCM 230

    ^^^ After seeing those it looks like you might enjoy the CRF230F with a bit of suspension upgrading (especially rear shock). I see that you have already thought of a trials bike. For the type of riding you like I would also consider an older 2 stroke set up for "woods" riding with a flywheel weight, short gearing, and maybe a Rekluse clutch. -Tom
  12. IL8APEX

    Need a spark arrestor

    If you have a stock exhaust mounted the spark arrestor is internal. The only removable piece is the silencer. The bike will be loud, but sparks will not escape! -Tom
  13. IL8APEX

    Old build, new flavor...

    Yeah, I'm afraid I spend most of my time on the pavement... ...the trick is going to be adjusting to only 19hp! -Tom
  14. Some of you may remember when I built this bike (2009?). I'm not as active here as I used to be, but still ride the bike (mostly 2 tracks, some singletrack) and love it to death. Recently I learned of an opportunity to go goof around with some friends at the roadrace track, so in addition to the roadrace bike I started prepping the 230... Voila! 18" wheels, 14/48 gearing, lowered ride height, thicker fork oil... and she's ready to go! I can't wait for the weekend, hope it rains so I can keep up with someone on this! -Tom
  15. IL8APEX

    CRF230F =HM 230 easy Enduro =CCM 230

    The Honda sounds like it will do what you would like it to. Keep in mind that the motorcycle is far from perfect straight from the factory, so you will want to change gearing, upgrade suspension, etc. These can be cheap easy fixes, or you can get very involved and very expensive! Is it possible for you to test ride? -Tom