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  1. nic_37

    What should I do????

    hey jetster what kind of swing arm is that on the xr70 u have a pic of?
  2. nic_37

    bbr exhaust????

    so it would probably be best for me to just sick with my stock exhast right now because the xr70 i just got is still all stock?
  3. does the bbr exhaust system for the xr70 really give a 1.5 horsepower gain over the xr70's stock exhaust like to say on their web site?
  4. nic_37

    Which would u buy?

    i am leaning more towards the 70 because always say that i will get one thing then up grade it later but i get to lazy and never upgrade and if i got a 50 it would take a lot of up grading and money to get it how i want it. also if i do deciede to up grade a 70 what kind of products are out their for it?
  5. i was looking at the honda dealerships around me i couldn't deciede on whether to get a crf 70 or 50. the 70 would cost me around 1,100, but its last yes model that was never used (an 04). or i can get a 50 (an 05) for around 900. which would you spend your money one?
  6. i was wondering what the difference was between the crf 50 and the crf 70. are some of their parts interchangable. also do they make as many aftermarket parts for the 70 as they do for the 50?
  7. thanks for the advice, and socalxr did u happen to read that i was 16 so why would i be married?
  8. im small for my age im 16, i weigh about 110, about 5ft 3in and i don't really do huge jumps as of right now just like 2 foot ramps that we have made.
  9. Me and my friends from around my neighborhood race our dirt bikes around the block and in our backyards. What can i do to blow them away when we are racing? What performance parts should i get first?