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  1. Tear offs roll offs do make it easier to keep goggles clean in mud, rain, and dusty conditions vs wiping a face shield with a glove. As others have stated rain at highway speeds stings the nose along with close encounters with dragonflys, grasshoppers, wasps, bees, and other flying crawling insects. One of the disadvantages I have found with goggles is my peripheral vision is partially blocked. I wear eyeglasses so I use OTG (over the glasses) style goggles which have a little more depth "to accommodate eyeglass frames" and I have to turn my head to the side a little more at intersections and for passing checking side traffic pedestrians etc... Just something to keep in mind YMMV.
  2. Kawasaki Australia has KLX250 listed for 2015. American dealers might have too many leftovers for new stock.
  3. Yes read both books and your right she did seem better prepared on the ride through Africa. The Serow seemed to have a constant oil leak.
  4. This young lady has made it quite far on a 250 or less http://www.loisontheloose.com/
  5. I have a Vee (DL1000) if your goal is more off road the Wee's a better choice. It's about hundred pounds lighter but either one will need better suspension for anything rougher than a groomed gravel road. If you have the funds the Super Ten's a better bike for both highway and dirt roads. If it was my money forget the big bikes I'd go for a DR650, KTM690, DRZ450, XR650 or something along those lines.
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