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  1. KDXfile

    A little WR250R Poll.........

    61 here. Sold my KTM 450 because I was using less than half the power it had.
  2. KDXfile

    Lightest battery? any weight saving tips

    I removed mine along with all the hoses and installed a high pressure rad cap. Never had a problem overheating and losing fluid.
  3. KDXfile

    2004 CRF 250X turning difficulties.

    Reduced offset triple clamps is the best way to solve the problem but it isn't a cheap and easy fix.
  4. KDXfile

    First ride with the 08R cam in the 250X 06

    I think you can buy a 302 kit from www.maxrpms.com
  5. KDXfile

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Here's a few more;
  6. KDXfile

    Big bore thumper HEADS

    What's the difference in the 06 - 07 heads or what's wrong with the 06 head? Just wondering cause I've been looking at their new heads also.
  7. KDXfile

    200 XC-W Rear Wheel Spacers

    You have to tap them out from the opposite side with a brass bar. They'remade to fit tight so they don't fall out when you change wheels.
  8. KDXfile

    CRF250x Valves and Piston

    I went thru the same on my '05 250x. Got the head redone and installed a 270 kit. It really changed the personality of the bike and made it more fun to ride with the extra power.
  9. KDXfile

    "E" tank on "S" model

    Thanks for the replies and photos, If it's about the same weight, I guess I'll keep the stocker for now. Although, I would like to get rid of the keyed cap and vacuum petcock eventually.
  10. KDXfile

    "E" tank on "S" model

    Does any one know if an E tank will fit on a S model? I'd like to get a plastic tank to reduce weight but don't really need the extra capacity. Thanks,
  11. KDXfile

    Crf 350x ?

    This 302 kit should be close enough in power. http://www.maxrpms.net/shop/index.php/motorcycle-kits/mk-honda/crf250/crf302-ice-cube-stroker.html
  12. KDXfile

    400S Spring rates ?

    Does anyone know what the stock spring rates are for a 2006 DRZ400 S model? I'd like to set mine up for more agressive offroad riding and I'm thinking the front is too soft but not sure about the rear. I don't have a maual and have done some searches but get conflicting info from different websites. Thanks in advance,
  13. KDXfile

    Future of Husqvarna Design

    I hope they maintain the stylish simplicity of the Cagiva designs and expand on that. Cagiva has given them a great line of bikes and I hope they don't mess them up. I love my new '10 TE250. BMW tends to head towards over-engineered and complicated platforms. Look at the G450X; seems like a great design on paper but it didn't sell too well.
  14. KDXfile

    Difference between 2010 te250 an txc250

    I just picked up a '10 TE250 today and was wondering the same thing. Did a search a came up with nothing. Can you point us to any specific threads? I intend to strip mine down and try to configure it as a TXC. From what my dealer says, it'll run like a TXC with the re-mapping done. I've pulled the blinkers off and will go thru the wire harness, lights, instruments, etc., next and see what can be trimmed to reduce weight.
  15. KDXfile

    Difference between 2010 te250 an txc250

    I've been trying to find a TXC and ended up just ordering a TE. It should be the same basic motor as far as performance goes once you re-map it. I'll just strip off the street legal junk and save it in case I do a dualsport ride or something.