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  1. Thanks ramz for the info I tried to find the reger engineering site for the forks but I can't find it anywhere
  2. Could you give me a list of other parts I will need? Sorry to be bugging you about it, I don't know much about suspension etc.
  3. Thanks Cross player! Would crf150RB forks be a better fit since that is a larger bike or will the 150R be fine? I looked at the crf150r forks and fitting them onto a 230 but couldn't find much info. Thankyou very much, I will look at those links. Your bike looks great! Are these forks good to ride with?
  4. I'd appreciate not getting hate comments from 99% of you. I don't like the look of the forks, so what? I can't believe you are jumping straight to conclusions. I asked if they fit and how can I fit them, if you can't help me with that, then leave this post instead of leave your irrelevant comments. Thanks to the first poster for actually adding something helpful, though.
  5. Thanks for the photos! Can't wait to get these plastics on my bike, they look great
  6. I own a 2014 crf230f and I plan on customising it. I'm getting 2015 plastics to fit on it, new graphics, and a new fmf pipe for it. I'd love to get new forks as I don't really like the look of the stock forks. I read on these forums and found that cr85 forks can fit on a crf230f. I was thinking of getting some of the newest model forks (2004 or 2005). I assume that it will be the big wheel version of the cr85 who's forks will fit on the crf230. The seat height between these two bikes are 2mm, and the seat height difference between the original cr85 is about 2 inches. I'm not very experienced with this kind of stuff so if anybody could walk me through the process of buying, changing, and riding with, these custom forks. Or is there any other forks that will make a good fit? Thanks
  7. So I got a crf230f, 2014 model. Honda used the same design of plastics from 2008 through to 2014. I was so pissed when I saw the 2015 plastics design and stickers! They are so much better looking than the 2014 model. I cannot sell my current bike for a new one when they come out. I only got it about 3 months ago. So, will the plastics for the 2015 model fit on the 2014 model? I know they look completely different, but I was focusing on the placing of the bolts and they all look in exactly the same position (2 on the top of the shrouds, 1 on the side number plates). The only doubt I have is there is a hook under the shroud of the 2014. I have no idea if this is on the 2015 model because I have not seen one personally to look right into it. 2014: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/28105/Buyers-Guide-Specifications/2014-Honda-CRF230F.aspx 2015: http://www.topspeed.com/motorcycles/motorcycle-reviews/honda/2015-honda-crf230f-ar164899.html
  8. Yeah, well if expensive is the only way to get one I won't mind. Just anything good really
  9. I got a crf230f, 2014 model and I don't like the headlight on it. It didn't come with a plain flat number plate for it. I've looked online everywhere for one and I can't find one anywhere, would prefer an aftermarket one so it's cheaper. But would like good quality. Does anyone know of any other model honda which has the same size? Would preferably like it if it was from Australia so I'm not paying hefty shipping charges.
  10. bdewar

    Honda CRF230F (2012)


    Powerful. Good control. Brand new 2014 model.
  11. bdewar

    Honda CRF230F 2012

    Powerful. Good control. Brand new 2014 model.