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  1. Racing227

    Valve failure

    No jump timing. And no problem with rod bearing and crankshaft.The valve just broke at the bottom of the stem, just before the head of the valve. If you have Dirt Rider, check in the february 2005 issue: Valve trains part 2 and you notice that OEM valves are 2 pieces part: a cast head that is inertia welded to a stem rod. And when they break is usualy on the stem next to the weld. For those who don' t have Dirt Rider, inertia welding involves spinning the stem and head in opposite direction at high rpm and merging the two pieces together with pressure. And in the January issue, valve trains part 1, they said that valve trains part break for five main reason: metal fatigue, lack of maintenance, dirt contamination, loss of lubrication and riding error. The most common is metal fatigue. In my case, i think that my valve spring may be to weak .....
  2. Racing227

    Valve failure

    Yes, it happen to me 1 intake valve broke and the other 4 are bent... It will take complete cylinder head, 5 valves, piston, connecting rod, crank pin and rod bearing. About 2000$ ( Can ) of parts. My dealer will call Yamaha if they can do something for me. I let you know what happen when i have news. I have pics but no place to store it
  3. Racing227

    Is frame oil screen washer reusable?

    I reuse it everytime since i have the bike and no leak Just have a problem with it: the torque value of the strainer At 65 in/po, it' s way to tight. I' m affraid to torque it at this value Max 40 in/po
  4. Racing227

    I checked my valve clearance yesterday!!

    For your infos, by the parts catalog in the Yamaha USA site, you have 3 color for the valve lifter: yellow, blue or black. I think if your lifter have all the same color, you can put it everywhere, in theory. In fact, they not wear evenly on each valve. Be careful Math et Sylvain: On va pouvoir jaser en français un peu Si jamais j' ai de la misère avec mes mots en anglais vous me corrigerai Vous avez l' air mieux que moi
  5. I have a 03 WR 450 and experience a loosen bolt in the starter clutch.... The bolt ruin the stator and it slip in the cover. Verdict: a scraped stator and left cover and debris in the crankcase/transmission. I have to desassemble the engine and clean it. Same time change piston ring and valve seal. If you have a doubt: remove the left cover and check the six Allen head bolt that retain the starter clutch to the flywheel. On 6 bolts: 1 completely off, 2 1/2 off and the other 3 loose. My engine not reassemble yet, but it will have red Loctite on these bolt Remember: when you hear a crounch crounch in the left cover, it' s to late
  6. Racing227


    Thoughts on 2 Trac ?????? Follow the link below and notice the #101, It' s David Frétigné on a WR 450 2 Trac. Check how easily he pass in the rock http://www.toolenduro.com/Media/video/mauriac.wmv
  7. Racing227


    Like BajaFool said, lap the flywhhel to crank area and your on business. My dealer do the recall 2 times and by the second, i do the job myself. I just sand the crank and flywheel, torque the nut at 60 foot/pounds and 3000 km later still running with no problem I don' t understand what Yamaha think to put Loctite on a tapered area I work for Detroit Diesel and we have a problem like this with Loctite under cylinder block top sleeve: The Loctite chip with heat expansion and vibration and the top sleeve drop below the surface of the block and cause air in the cooling system. For Loctite between the crank and flywheel, it' s the same: heat expansion and vibration + torque !!!!! It' s not a good idea So, go for lapping, torque the nut at 60 foot/pound and enjoy riding with no problem
  8. Racing227

    Mud in carb

    Watch for the Hot Start cable too. I notice water in the hot start hole in the carb.
  9. Racing227


    For myself, weight is a big issue. For a trail ride or a enduro, i wont change my bike for nothing else. But for Enduro-cross ( cross-country in US ) 2hr30 in tight wood with a 245 lbs ( dry ) bike You may be in very good shape to follow a 250 2 stroke For the 2 Trac, maybe the add of traction to the front wheel can make the extra weight unnoticed But for riding in Quebec, this sill be the bike to ride I' m just affraid of the price In the 25 000$ for sure For wheelie: Dirt Rider said " Yes, it' s still wheelie off the throttle easily " So, save some money friend and maybe in 5 or 6 years and we will be able to buy i used one
  10. Racing227


    I everybody. I' m from Quebec and have a 2003 WR 450 F. I think i will find all answer for my problem here ( i already found one ). Hope to find some Quebecer' s friend here :cry: