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  1. 78SuzyQ

    1979 TS125 No Start - Compression Issue?

    90PSI = no compression should be looking at least 140psi 180-200 for a high compression engine maybe they bored it out of spec for the new wiseco piston ? maybe the crank seals are blown what kind of nuts are using to compress the head down?? is the head gasket on properly ? either way 90 psi is too low
  2. 78SuzyQ


    put it on OHMs setting did you watch the video above
  3. 78SuzyQ

    1981 rm 100

    Try a wooden block and a rubber mallet i had the same problem with my 78 i used a mix of gasoline and atf soaked it in a cloth put it on top of the piston (head came off barrel was seized) to heat it up the mix of atf/gasoline will burn for a long time then i used a wooden block on top of the piston and hit it with the hammer
  4. 78SuzyQ

    Adding headlight RM125

    i've built my own headlight tailight kits for roughly 35 bucks with the most expensive part being the battery for both my 78 rm80 and 78 ds80, and the lights work fine they don't charge while you ride but it lasts plenty of time for you to charge later with the 7 dollar trickle charger when you're done riding. you just need a cheap radio shack solder some wire, 12 volt battery, trickle charger ebay, 12 volt bulb, an old flood light , 1 dollar gas funnel from 99cent store, tail light and couple switches from home depot then you just wire it together solder the bulb to the flood light and insulate with the gas funnel. you can get creative and make your own setup it's a simple electrical design nothing like floating the stator coil or adding a rectifier just battery to wires to switches to lights
  5. 78SuzyQ

    1981 rm 100

    On the surface that bike doesn't look in bad shape at all for 50 bucks that's a steal for 50 just need to check out the internals is that a plastic tank ? i have an 81 rm80 and the tank is steel
  6. 78SuzyQ


    check out this video its a good start the specifications for your bikes primary coil and secondary are going to be different from the video you're going to need to find the specs for it as for the cdi they usually don't fail as much as the ignition coil and stator so those should be tested first and once you determined those aren't the cause then the CDI just needs to be replaced since you can't get into the cdi without messing it up
  7. 78SuzyQ


    yea check for spark maybe it's not an electrical issue but a fueling problem if no spark disconnect the kill switch from the circuit check for spark again still no spark check for continuity on the ignition coil to the contact point on the inside of the plug boot, check the ohms on the primary and secondary coil to see if it's in spec might be a short to ground a bad stator bad ignition coil
  8. 78SuzyQ

    2003 rm250 clutch help

    first adjust the clutch cable and the actuator tension if that doesn't help check the basket for grooves who knows whats going on not enough info
  9. 78SuzyQ

    1976 ts250 killswitch

    is there an actual connector at the end of the kill switch or is it just wires with stripped ends ? the bike runs ? i wouldn't focus on the wire colors so much all a kill switch does is just break the ignition circuit so once you get one wire end to the hot side of the ignition coil and the other to a good ground it's wired to kill the ignition, you can get a a simple 3 dollar switch from home depot and wire it to be a "kill switch" all it does is open or close a circuit
  10. 78SuzyQ

    1981 rm 100

    clean the carb and check the inside of the gas tank for rust pull the plug ground it and kick start the bike check for spark check the compression drain the trans fluid add new fluid test the brakes and the clutch post some pics of it if you can lets see what shape its in
  11. 78SuzyQ

    2002 rm250 no spark problem

    Try this manual for the k7 rm250 go down to page 158 for the electrical system http://www.crservice.dk/Suzuki%20cross/RM250/RM250K7_01A.pdf
  12. 78SuzyQ

    1999 rm250 no spark

    Were talking about a Parallel circuit not a Series circuit, when you increase resistance in a parallel circuit the amps GO UP not down. You would be right if this was a series circuit but it's not so... Higher Resistance = More Amps k? lel
  13. 78SuzyQ

    RM250 gears jammed/won't shift

    Try flushing it out with diesel fuel and gear oil mix if a tooth broke off and jammed in between gears the bike wouldn't move in gear so try push starting and see what happens
  14. just save yourself the trouble and get a new carb
  15. 78SuzyQ

    Cant start my 1981 rm250

    clean the carb