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  1. Anna

    Autumn Apple Adventure 10/06/18

    Motorcycles and Apple picking, who knew!
  2. Anna

    Dirt Biking Chat Room for Gals Only

    My son is going to Montana Tech, and rides a KTM500EXC. Do you spend time riding Pipestone? I love to just drive through there when I visit, and always wish I had my ATV with me.
  3. Anna


    I am insurance poor, everything is covered. I think that liability is very important, besides protecting against theft.
  4. Because western WA has gotten 30% more PC, liberal, and socialist in the last three years. Seattle is a sanctuary city, there is actually very little great open riding, unless you are plated. They've closed a lot of riding areas in the last 6 years. In Kittitas county you can't even drill a well, because the tribe has gotten the county to decide they own the water, you can't even take runoff water. They then sell water like carbon credits, a total scam. There is fairly decent snowmobiling. Bremerton is far enough from Seattle to not notice the issues. Spokane, Wenatchee all far too. The temperate climate is great. Very few snakes and few bugs. Lots of mold and moss. I still love the state, but I agree with Engstrom.
  5. Anna

    After racing...shins and Calves, ITCH BAD!!

    In my family, the after ride itch comes from loosing the top layer of skin from sweating. You could also try putting a thin layer of something used on babies for diaper rash, like Diaparene or Destin. The zinc and moisture barrier might help keep your skin protected. It will look messy, and your legs will be more white and pale than normal. Try it and see.
  6. Anna

    Pipestone and/or Radersburg Conditions?

    What is your definition of Hot? 100 or 85? There are always idiots Is it crowded mid week?
  7. Anna

    Pipestone and/or Radersburg Conditions?

    How is Pipestone in August? Have any fires started that would make doing a trip from Washington disappointing? Is Pipestone crowded for camping this time of year?
  8. Most people that go to a snowbike rarely want to go back. We still have licensing issues in Washington that still need to be worked out.
  9. Anna

    Snowbike Pictures - Add yours

    KTMs and Timbersled Snowbiking in Washington State. Cool trees and a few crashes.
  10. With all the bikers on Thumpertalk, aren't there some folks that got the snowbike conversion kits? What is your experience?
  11. Anna

    Crf250x won't start

    Are you doing kick-starting, or using electric starter? Totally dead? Turning over, or just not firing up?
  12. KTM 450sx & Timbersled This is a great set-up, really powerful. KTM 500 EXC & Timbersled KTM 500EXC and Timbersled
  13. Anna

    Yamaha PZ50VT Venture Lite 2007

    The Mommy-mobile, racks for stuff.
  14. Anna

    Yamaha PZ50VT Venture Lite (2007)


    The Mommy-mobile, racks for stuff.
  15. I have a friend whose legs itch so bad that he can only ride one day before he has itched his legs to bleeding. Basically his skin just sloughs off. Then he has little bleeding spots all over the leg by the next day. We've tried all kinds of moisturizers and cortisone. Is there a secret technique to protecting skin in boots? Is there a boot for no-itching? He has been riding for decades and this started two years ago. The intense itch lasts all night. Home remedies, ideas are welcome.