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  1. cobra427

    "yx 88" review from pitster.....

    NCC, you are saying you immediately notified Gary as soon as you found out about these engines. Your also saying that you received some of the first ones. I didn't purchase mine until after I began hearing feedback from some who had slapped them in their bikes. So, there is a possibility that Pitster had already been informed before I bought the motor. As a customer I have a right to be irritated especially when I'm out of $30.00 shipping. Just because you didn't get bothered or are more forgiving that is your perogative. By the way an apology on their part would have been nice. I'm not downing Pitster, I'm merely stating my dealing with them on the first occasion. Their products from what I see are really doing well and those riding them are happy. Gary did offer to return the engine purchase money so I'm grateful for that but this wasn't the greatest first experience for me. When you pay for something and get something other than what you thought were getting its a pain. When you get no apology, its frustrating. When you are made aware your out of $30.00 that sucks. All I'm saying is in this particular instance the customer got screwed. Maybe Gary got screwed also, maybe you did too and others as well, but that doesn't mean I don't have anything to say.....
  2. cobra427

    "yx 88" review from pitster.....

    I bought the same engine and after finding out about details that were not initially mentioned I emailed gary and he said he would give me a full refund. I have since mailed the engine back. Was I pissed? Yes. Was I incovenienced? Yes. Did I have to pay for shipp/hand to send it back? Yes. And also I had went an bought a $200 pipe for the motor which I have. All that being said, I have bought parts off of people online and after sending the money and never hearing back from anyone (this has happend on more than one occasion), I was left cheated. That is what I called being hosed. I think Gary tried to off load some stock that was being sold cheap but had some querks. It cost me money and inconvenienced me but at least he took it back. The bad thing about all of this is 1. Gary new these motors had very different shift patterns than what guys in the states ride and failed to mention that. 2. The motors were said to be 4 speed automatics when they were actually 3 speed. 3. The money for the motors were offered but not the cost we initially paid to have them shipped to us. my first dealings with Pitster and it'd be hard to go back to them after being deliberately deceived. Standing by the product is not necessarily commendable, its what should be taking place so I'm not praising Gary for this; thats honest business and is what should have happend in the first place. If some of you ordered a Pister x4 and they sent you and x2 you would not be happy; lets keep it real!
  3. cobra427

    1998 yz400f fuel tank

    Clarke manufacturing has one for $180.00 which is much better than $300.00. The tank is pictured as yellow. I'm not sure if they have it in blue. I'm still looking though. Anyone else? My bad, they actually do have it in blue. The tt store wants $244.00 for one so I'm looking at Clarke unless someone out there knows a better deal.
  4. I have tried to plug two hairline cracks in the bottom of my tank twice and failed. I also had to replace a leaky petcock recently. The petcock leak is resolved (new gasket and O ring), however the cracks causing the leak is not. With a nearly ten year old bike I'm ready to just buy a new stock tank. I need some help with who still offers them and what is the best deal. The stock part number is 5BE-24110-10-00. When I tried the Mach 1 parts finder site, it said the part no.# was replaced with a different number and the cost was $300.00 not including shipping:eek: Any help would be appreciated.
  5. cobra427

    New Frame cradle

    I called BBR directly and they have them in stock; moreover, the sales woman who took my call said they were flying off of the shelf because they're cheaper and stronger than the first generation ones. Get yours before the price goes up. I ordered mine and it with decals and an 07 catalogue was on my porch in two days time.
  6. cobra427

    ttr 125 wheely

    Unless you are very heavy, the ttr 125 will wheelie straight off of the showroom floor. The clutch isn't necessary. Sit back on the seat, compress the suspension and as it is recoiling (rebounding) give it a handful of throttle. Once you get the feel of it, you should be wheeling pretty easy.
  7. cobra427

    ttr 125 exhausts?

    The r4 is a straight through design with a free flowing core inside the silencer. The fmf is not. The fmf has a turbine core s/arrestor which is very restrictive. You can easily mod the fmf to flow just as well but the r4 is already set up for you. Both pipes are designed for stock or mildly modded motors so you would see a benefit in either pipe. If you mod the fmf or go for the r4 you are looking at about .8 - 1 hp gain. A more highend pipe like a Dr D, Pro Circuit, FMF 4.1 or Yoshimura is for medium to wildly modded motors. If you get a highend race pipe with minimal mods, your bike will sound fast but your gains will be minimal because of the error in application. If you don't mind modding the fmf, it is cheaper. If you want out of the box performance, the r4 is not a bad choice.
  8. cobra427

    Lets see the ttr 125s

    Yeah, your bike looks nice! I see you run number 66. I run 67, the year my bro (he passed away) was born. When you get a chance, spring for the bbr chain guide. I see you got the pipe, cool! If your chain jumps sprockets it could wreak havoc on your engine case. Been there done that, the money is well worth it.
  9. cobra427

    Problems with 05 yz85

    I'm going to buy a topend tomorrow and install it and go from there, thanks guys.
  10. cobra427

    Problems with 05 yz85

    The topend has not been replaced and while I do not have quarrel with the fact that installing one wouldn't hurt but for the amount of compression this engine has and the power it made just prior to the bogging, I think it should be able to operate without the bogging.
  11. cobra427

    Problems with 05 yz85

    I'm having problems with my son's bike:banghead: ! The bike is stock and only has a fmf turbine core for the purpose of a spark arrestor. The bike has been ran for a year with absolutely no problems whatsoever. Recently the bike began bogging. The bike starts fine will run and then about 10-15mph start bogging. I checked the reeds, they look perfect. I took the carb apart and removed the jets and cleaned everything. I cleaned the airfilter and reoiled it. I swapped out the breg 10 plug for a breg 9 and buttoned everything up. I told my son to give it a go and the same thing. The plug was wet just a tad but when he went and rode it and revved it good and came back I checked it again.....The plug was a tad wet on the threads but the top of the plug and electrode were faintly brown and looked (according to the manual) perfect. It is colder than normal but we rode the bike last winter same place, same elevation with no problem. The bike has plenty compression and the motor is tight. My little guy now is gun shy on the big tracks because he fears on a big jump the bike could bog on him. Point me in the right direction please.
  12. cobra427

    Bad throttle response on quick pull

    The porting was free, I did it myself:thumbsup:
  13. cobra427

    Bad throttle response on quick pull

    One thing I have noticed with the ttr 125 engine is because of the head configuration and the mild mannered cam, the motor is extremely sensitive to air/fuel changes. Almost every ttr 125 engine running an open airfilter with a stock carb experiences a slight stumble when quick & aggressive throttle openings are applied. The mikuni 20 carb is small and when combined with a mild cam, stock head configuration and a very high flowing K&N you are probably just experiencing a shortage a fuel right off of idle. I get the same thing and only with an airbox (where fuel/air ratio will fall on the fuel side of things) will the stumble be contained. What your experiencing is very normal once plenty air gets inside the carb where the fuel/air ratio isn't balanced and combined with a head and cam that can't take advantage, this should be expected. My bike does the same thing. I ported my intake manifold and exhaust header port and I'm running the scaryfast mod with a UNI pod filter so I went to 22.5 pilot and 115 main at 2.5 turns out on the fuel screw. A bigger pilot may clean that up some or less flowing air filter. Good luck
  14. cobra427

    Looking for a decent fmf powercore for a 125

    $100 shipped!
  15. I'm looking to do a custom dual exhaust setup for my bike just to be exotic and different. I have a couple friends who weld for a living and I want to fab and design a fmf powercore dual exhaust set up for my ttr125l. If anyone wants to part ways with a full fmf powercore system for cheap let me know.