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  1. dirttrackin280h

    Asv levers prob

    Sell them and buy the correct levers for your bike. Those are street bike levers, they'll never fit.
  2. dirttrackin280h

    Big CRF 230F Riders

    6'4", 190lbs and ride a 150F. Been there, done that with the big bikes. The 150 is all I need.
  3. dirttrackin280h

    07-08 CRF150 rear fender on 03 CRF230?

    Looks like the 2012 CRF150/230 models are coming with white rear fenders. Wait it out until the 2012's hit the floor. I'm sure they'll be much less than the Maier. I think I just paid around $25 for a CRF150F OEM rear fender, so expect to pay around that for the 2012 OEM white fenders.
  4. dirttrackin280h

    07-08 CRF150 rear fender on 03 CRF230?

    No, the 150R fender will not fit. The CRF150F and CRF230F share the same rear fenders, so any year "F" fender will fit your CRF230.
  5. dirttrackin280h

    Carb questions with starting and the 45 pilot

    I can't be much of help with jetting for the CRF230 carb. as I run the XR200 carb. BUT, I can tell you from my experience over the years with my bikes. Every one of my race bikes I use the choke only to start it, as soon as it's fired I flip the choke off and my bikes will idle. No need to leave the choke on for seconds or even minutes as a lot of guys will do until it is warmed up. I know some bikes are more cold blooded than others and need 5-10sec. with choke until it will hold an idle. A tuned bike will idle as soon as the choke is off, you shouldn't have to blip the throttle until it's warmed on a bike that's jetted properly. Your carb. is that sensitive for the need to re-jet after a different modified exhaust was installed? Hmmm. You had Mike do the 230 engine mod in your bike, right? I run the XR200 carb. on mine and I've had NO issues with it since I've had Mike do the engine work. He's got it dialed. I've not once had to mess with carb. settings since I've had the engine back from him (4yrs. ago). Even with exhaust changes, never had to mess with it. Very simple carb. If you had the same carb., I would be more than happy to give you the jetting specs since we have similar engine builds. Aside from a rough start-up, how does the bike run? Do you get any sputtering or bogging when riding?
  6. dirttrackin280h

    New Graphics on the 2/3rds *with pics now*

    Since heybuddy is slacking on getting that pic up for you guys , here you go. Picture taken without rear fender graphic.
  7. dirttrackin280h

    CR 85 expect fork kit for CRF 230F?

    Reger charges $60 for the lower triple clamp mod. Which consists of pressing the stem.
  8. dirttrackin280h

    White rear fender?

    Basing my knowledge off American Honda's website, they did not produce 2010-2011 CRF150/230F models. They left off at 2009 and are returning to produce 2012's as their website shows. My guess is they had so many 09' leftovers, as did other manufactures, there was no need to make more. This is the reason why you can't pull up a 2011 fiche. Looks like the 2012 models are coming with white rear fenders, so give it time until the 2012's hit the floor to see a fiche.
  9. dirttrackin280h

    Anyone have both side panels?

    You talking about the left and right rear side # plates? Not sure where you're getting the $50 figure from, but you can get them from online OEM part suppliers anywhere from $16 up to $22 each depending on who you choose to go with. www.hondapartshouse.com has them for $16.54 each.
  10. dirttrackin280h

    Cr triple clamp same as cr 125 triple clamp?

    No, the CR85 and CR125 do NOT share the same triple clamp. If you are planning on putting CR85 forks on your CRF230, then you need CR85 specific clamps.
  11. dirttrackin280h

    Pro Circuit T-4 Owners--Advice?

    Professor XR- The spark arrestor is not for sound control, its a screen to prevent flammable debris blowing out of your exhaust and possibly causing a wild fire. The sound level may be a tad muffled with the arrestor installed compared to not having one in there. But barely even noticeable. Same jetting when leaving it in or taking it out, doesn't matter. I agree the exhaust does come shipped with way too many stickers. I as well removed the T4 logo on the end cap. 150ron- Thanks. No, the exhaust does not come with a header guard. Definitely a nice exhaust if your looking to get one. Pro circuit is good stuff. Toneconsultant- Thanks. That photo was taken after I basically 'restored' the bike after a year of sitting. It's an 05' and it showed some beating over the years, so I cleaned it up with plastic, and new nuts/bolts. Looking forward to hear what new exhaust you are testing.
  12. dirttrackin280h

    New Graphics on the 2/3rds *with pics now*

    I picked up a set of these as well. Really nice quality and priced cheap too! Looking for a white rear fender to compliment the rear fender graphic.
  13. dirttrackin280h

    Pro Circuit T-4 Owners--Advice?

    I run the Pro Circuit T4 on my 150F as well. If you don't live somewhere where spark arrestors are required, leave it out. I live in California and state parks require a spark arrestor. Removal of the arrestor requires you to simply remove the 3 allen head bolts at the end of the canister. The cone end cap will come off, followed by another piece inside that, and then you'll see the spark arrestor. It's a screen. No hacking required. The exhaust is made to have a removable spark arrestor. 150Ron- I noticed the Pro Circuit exhaust for these bikes do stick out a bit further than other companies. I had the BBR before the PC, and the PC was a bit longer. This exhaust is definitely more on the longer side out of the bunch. Here's a photo of my bike. Hopefully the OP can post some more photos of his ride. I am not able to at the moment.
  14. dirttrackin280h

    Louder with aftermarket skid plate?

    Holes won't do you much good. I get the same thing with my BBR skid plate. You can try what Crooks did and cut some rubber strips and fit them between the frame rails and skid plate to see if that helps.
  15. dirttrackin280h

    230 Flat Track Racing

    Here's a vid of me from 2007 at the ' King of Sandhill ' open pro race at Sandhill Ranch, in Brentwood, Ca. Sorry for the bad video quality. That's the late pro flattracker Alex Jorgensen that was running behind me, and Pro road racer Larry Pegram battling with Jorgensen behind me. Frank Nye of Engines Only is on the blue #50 Suzuki you see jumping the line. Supermoto racer Pucho Bagnis is also in there. The race was mixed with guys on Suzuki DRZ/KLX125's and CRF150F's. All highly modified engines. I was on a CRF150F. As far as setup goes. Are the races you plan to run open traction? Or Class-C only? Looks like in your vid, it was open traction? There's no need to get all fancy with 17's if its open traction. Knobbies will out run a slick any day on a cushion track.