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  1. TigerATV

    2006 CRF450R suspension

    2 days and I will know how it deals with dunes and deep whoops! No money for a revalve and new oil at the moment but it will come.
  2. TigerATV

    2006 CRF450R suspension

    Update!! So I just got back ffrom a medium paced day in the rocks and desert.. Suspension did way better then I thought it would! It was beating the hell out of me in the slow tight stuff but man she handled great ones I clicked 3rd and ripped across rain ruts, whoops, rocks and whatever else the trail threw at me.. so I just wont slow down lmfao
  3. TigerATV

    2006 CRF450R suspension

    Good point! Without the fork seals leaking it hadnt even crossed my mind to service just the oil. I am sure it has never ever been changed! I got it 100% stock.. banged up, but stock.
  4. TigerATV

    2006 CRF450R suspension

    I was worried I was gonna hear that. My sag is so low right now because I need a different spring.. I havent had a chance to order one yet. Shoulda mentioned that. Unfortunatly I go to Glamis every couple weeks and ride the desert every weekend Im not in Glamis. It always seems like last minute just changing the tire, Not gonna be able to change over suspension to :/ Thanks for the input tho Jon I appreciate it!
  5. TigerATV

    Needing help

    Im going thru a similar problem myself. Sag is the one part I know about. Tuning my compression and rebound on my KTM was a breeze. I tune all my buddies bikes.. My new CRF is giving me a headache lol My next step is go out, when I crash in the whoops I know its not working lmao
  6. TigerATV

    Honda CRF450R 2006

    Besides suspension and head shake its a great bike! I got it all stock for a custom build.
  7. TigerATV

    Honda CRF450R (2006)


    Besides suspension and head shake its a great bike! I got it all stock for a custom build.
  8. TigerATV

    2002 crf450 with athena 490 kit

    Jon-D nailed it! Big bore is junk without a cam.. Personally I am a fan of Hotcams, Im doing a stage 3 but Im also running a stroker and gonna get head porting asap
  9. TigerATV

    2006 CRF450R suspension

  10. TigerATV

    Needing help

    Generally sag is rider preference somewhere between 90mm and 120mm HOWEVER the CRF450 does not like to go above 100 without a steering damper. More sag means more front end flotation and more flotation means more head shake. Which the CRFs are notorious for to begin with. But remember.. The less sag you have the more your front end will "dig" which can be bad in sandy conditions.
  11. TigerATV

    2006 CRF450R suspension

    Im sure its here somewhere but Ive searched and searched and tired of searching. 2006 CRF450R Im 6'3 165 lbs. What are yall running your suspension settings for sand dunes? And what are you running for rocky desert riding? Any chance I can leave my spring rates where they are and only adjust comp/rbnd between the 2 different riding areas? Last night I set my sag at 3 3/8" (about 82.5mm) with stock springs front and rear. Comp/rbnd are all set in the middle.I have the feeling this will work great in the dunes and buck me all over in the desert? I just switched from a KYM that I had dialed in perfect but IDK much about the 450 dialing. Thanks in advance.
  12. TigerATV

    EBC X Series Carbon Brake Pads

    Major stopping power, great upgrade over stock.
  13. TigerATV

    Clarke Mfg Gas Tank

    3.7 Gallon tank is a must cause this big 300 2T thumper drinks!
  14. TigerATV

    Moto Tassinari V-Force 3 Reed Valve System

    Major, noticeable power gain all the way thru the power curve with a faster, harder hitting powerband.
  15. TigerATV

    FMF Racing TurbineCore 2 Spark Arrestor Silencer

    This is my second one.. First one literally just rattled into pieces but I liked it enough to buy another!