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  1. Im in the LA north Orange county area
  2. Still looking for some so cal guys to go riding with ive got the only dizzer . Too slow for my ktm honda desert guys and sorry too slow for my street bike harley buddys so just trying to get in where i fit in[emoji14]
  3. Thank you for your input!
  4. Hows the vibration when riding?
  5. What phone mount are you guys using pros and cons
  6. Looking to buy some new tires for my s what are your suggestions for any on line sites to order from and what tire do you guys run ? Seeing that it's summer my desert tires are coming off so I'll be riding mostly on the street. Thanks in advance
  7. I went from a ktm exc 300 to the drz and boy do I love just changing the oil and putting gas in it
  8. This is it
  9. Good looking bike black is the fastest
  10. I run the R&G and love it the leds are really bright and love how it looks under the fender
  11. Thank you all for the input this forum is the best
  12. MRD

    It was designed for the drz400 looks and sounds great and pulls like no other all the other one pipe fits all make comprises somewhere
  13. MRD

    It was 22 days from order to my door
  14. Looking to buy a new skid plate but wanted some opinions on brand
  15. MRD

    It's loud makes good power and looks good doing it too