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  1. Saltamontes

    Vertically challenged rider...

    Whoops, hope this is in enough time for you. I actually had this same thought about supermoto. My friend Tom and his wife Nancy just picked up a pair, so I was able to actually TEST RIDE this option. I found it SUPER FUN on pavement and OK for easy dirt roads, but that wide front makes it NOT AN OPTION for anything more technical offroad. However, I have to qualify that statement with "at my skill level." I'm a decent rider, but I'm not at Tom's skill level (he was #1 supermoto racer in the state a couple of years back) and HE CAN ride the thing on any terrain. Nancy, however, rode my bike and is thinking about switching her tires from sm to dualsport to make it easier for her offroad. Not sure how technical, sandy, or rocky the Trans Am Trail is, so if it's not real technical then that might be a real option. Just wanted to throw that info out there for ya.
  2. Saltamontes

    Vertically challenged rider...

    Ak, maybe I posted the wrong bit of info because knowing "what you want to do with it" is REALLY important, so just wanted to add a couple of thoughts:I still have my DR650 and use it for long-distance and/or less-technical terrain where I might need carry camp gear or luggage. Due to it's weight and size, I had to lower it to the point where I lost too much clearance for rocky or too technical terrain. When I know it's just a day trip starting out on a nice easy forest service road, but ending up exploring some gnarly singletrack or a mtn pass with rocky step-ups where I'll need more suspension to clear obstacles and to keep up with the boys, then I'll choose the KLX250S. So, it IS important to know what you want out of the bike and what YOUR small size can handle in what type of terrain, ya know?
  3. Saltamontes

    Vertically challenged rider...

    Right there with ya, sister! Just shy of 5' tall here, hubby rides a 650GX, so what options? After wearing myself out on a DR650 for a few years, I just recently picked up a KLX250S because it has: (1) real suspension (important); (2) a short wheelbase (turns like a dream); and (3) I could lower it adequately by just installing a Kouba link and removing some seat foam. Found a company in Wichita that provides a 351cc engine hop-up for this bike specifically. This little KLX is friggen awesome fun!!! Top speed is only 65mph (before the hop-up), but hwy is doable. The SWEET thing is that I don't get worn out anymore when we end up exploring on singletrack. I'd be interested to see what you decide to do, so please post back when you decide!
  4. Saltamontes

    Gods Speed Jpen

    Oh no! I'm very sad to hear about this. Sending positive thoughts to his family. Really enjoyed meeting him out at that little track just east of PPIR a couple of winters back. Oh pooh. This is very sad news.
  5. Saltamontes

    Riding is good.

    Ya know, there's something about tooling along at a good clip, with most excellent friends, being confident in each other's skills to let the wind decide which way to turn at each intersection, with absolutely no drama, and stopping only long enough for a giggle and a thumbs up from all to keep going and going... ahhhhhh it's a beautiful thing
  6. Saltamontes

    Memorial day weekend at 717.

    Hey guys- We were out there on Sunday and immediately identified the arrows on the trees as ya'll's, so we easily followed them to your campsite. GREAT markers - very nice camp spot! Ya'll were out having a blast in the superb conditions, so we missed you. We'll catch you next time!
  7. Awesome, Susan and Randy - I was just about to ping ya'll to see what you were up to and saw THIS post - WHAT A GREAT ADVENTURE!
  8. Saltamontes

    Colorado Thumpettes - Let's Ride!

    Larger pic of the whole group - Thanks again for the great ride, ladies!
  9. Saltamontes

    Colorado Thumpettes - Let's Ride!

    More pics
  10. Saltamontes

    Colorado Thumpettes - Let's Ride!

    What a great day!
  11. Saltamontes

    Colorado Thumpettes - Let's Ride!

    Okey dokey I've been meaning to email you a map - I swear I'll do that tonight. However, I'm planning on us all just meeting up at the house. If ya'll could be there by about 9:30AM, it takes about a half hour to drive over to the trailhead. Kelly may come with us as well. See ya'll there!
  12. Saltamontes

    Stranger things have probably happened ...

    Excellent! Congradulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Saltamontes

    Colorado Thumpettes - Let's Ride!

    Hey, I'd like to bring Will and Amber said she's coming too... and Sharla is a maybe as well
  14. Saltamontes

    Colorado Thumpettes - Let's Ride!

    Hey RH- Ah, I'm pretty sure yer talking about 736. Yeah, prolly not a good one for general consuption for this weekend. Dang, you got me all excited about Hacketts - I heard that a local 4x4 club was lobbying to get that re-opened, so I was hopeful. That was SO much fun in the old days! Ah well. Right there with ya WTW15 - Cannot WAIT to RIDE already!!!
  15. Saltamontes

    Colorado Thumpettes - Let's Ride!

    Are you talking about Hacketts Gulch or Longwater Gulch? Has that area been re-opened? (Had been closed for a while due to the crappy Hayman Fire). Oh heck, if it has, then we ALL should go try it. That was FUN and I know WTW15 would like it too!!! Okey dokey, we'll see ya'll at 10AM on Sunday at the big camp spot!