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  1. Mr YumYums

    Does anyone know this bolt off my drz400sm?

    Sprocket bolt. Don't think there's any other bolts like that on a bike. Definitely not on my wr450 at least. If it is the rear sprocket bolt, check the hub and make sure it didn't oval out the hole from it being loose. Can mean trouble later down the road. and one more tip if it is sprocket bolt, torque them to the correct specs. I had some of mine fall out on several occasions for some reason, prolly due to not being tight. I believe I bought MSR Ironman bolts to replace and they couldn't even be torqued to the specified 36ft/lbs! They snapped one after another. Go oem if you need to replace or another brand that can hold up to the torque loads.
  2. I have a wr450 I made street legal. If it wasn't for the pure power and the road riding I do. I would of got a 250. 450s aren't the best on the trails. Motocross I can't say as I suck, I upgraded from an 06 TTR125LE i made street legal to an 06 wr450. I never rode a bike like this before so it was a huge jump for me. If youre looking for the most trail riding fun, 250 will be it. If you don't mind a harsher ride, 450. Sure the 450 isn't the best on trails but practice works and for motocross or jumping a 450 is scary at first but you get used to it. The day after I got my 450 I took it to a motocross track with my buddies. I was hitting jumps I never thought I could or would. The confidence I got was enormous. Now I can hop on any bike smaller and know exactly what to do cause I've ridden something with way more power and weight. 450- street legal if you choose to do so, tons of power, tame the 450 you can tame any other bike, straight fast trails. 250- tight trails, lighter, easier to ride, not as intimidating, your son will be able to ride a 250 before he'd be able to ride a 450
  3. Mr YumYums

    Help me choose a bike for my son

    I started on a 2006 pw80. Super easy bike, it was a 2 stroke but behaved like a 4. No clutch so I didn't have to worry about it and it was capable of doing small jumps. The power isn't crazy and that's important to someone new to riding. When they get scared, they just rip the throttle and hang on. I later moved on to a 2007 TTR125LE in 2010 I believe. I didn't do mx or anything. Just trail riding. I got extremely good with that bike. I made it street legal and after a year I upgraded to a 2006 wr450f which I made street legal as well. I never rid a bike bigger than an 03 TTR225 at the time [emoji23] so a 125 4s trail bike to a 450 was a huge jump. Start him on something similar to a pw80 or TTR110. Maybe a TTR125 (non big wheel) if you think he's able to handle it.
  4. Mr YumYums

    Uncomfortable seat 03 wr450f

    Good idea, if you do that, might as well get a cool seat cover to put on while you're at it.
  5. Mr YumYums

    Uncomfortable seat 03 wr450f

    I personally hate the seat but I deal with it. Only thing I could recommend is putting a cushion under your bottom while you ride. I know for hunting, I have an air blow up cushion. Makes sitting on rocks and stumps alot better.
  6. Mr YumYums

    Uncomfortable seat 03 wr450f

    First of all. Love the camo on your bike and the seat on my 06 wr450 suuuuuucks. It's like sitting on a rock. As far as I know. You'll have to re-pad the seat to make it softer but even then, the seat is super narrow still.
  7. Mr YumYums

    Upgrade plastics wr450f 2006

    Could always try the tusk dual sport one. I used it and it's actually quite nice. The tusk dual sport lighting is originally what I bought. The light is LED, so lots of life, durability and brightness. I looped my 450 doing 50 or 55 on the road and the housing to the LEDs of the tusk taillight broke off but the lights survived and worked afterwards!
  8. Mr YumYums

    Upgrade plastics wr450f 2006

    I would not suggest that ufo one. It has one bulb for both the taillight and license plate light. Kind of sucks. Not bright at all. I've tried nearly everything for the wr in terms of taillights. Best is utilizing the stock.
  9. Mr YumYums

    coolant in oil

    I know on the 2006 wr450f there's 2 seals for the water pump. One on the outside (water pump side) and then one on the inside (oil side). Maybe one of the seals failed. But I would think it would of came through the weep hole first. There's other passages on the crankcase cover. Pins with orings.
  10. Mr YumYums

    Upgrade plastics wr450f 2006

    Do you not like the look or the performance? I have a 2006 wr450f that's dual sported and I run the stock headlight and the stock taillight. The stock headlight has good wattage for being stock. I don't have the high beam hooked up either. I put an LED bulb in the taillight. Much brighter.
  11. Mr YumYums

    YZ 250F Handguards

    I really like my acerbis ones. They're the complete wrap around ones. Aluminum with the plastic shields on them. I wrecked my bike last year doing 60mph on the street and they did excellent. I had looped it doing a wheelie. Didn't bend or break. It saved my entire bikes right side. The damage without them would of been extremely expensive. Just the cap of my front brake reservoir was grounded off from the road. I would of lost the entire reservoir, probably would of broke the entire handlebar off and scratch the hell out of the side, motor and everything else. I watched it skid on the road and just shoot sparks everywhere. My friend road it to my house that night. Only thing that needed replaced was the cap and taillight assembly. I have an 06 wr450.
  12. Mr YumYums

    TTR-125 L a good starter bike...?

    Lol 2003 post
  13. Mr YumYums

    Looking at TTR125LE for first dirt bike

    I made my first bike which was a 2007 TTR125LE street legal and it was a lot of fun. I was 16, 6'2", 155lbs when I had it and I could fly through the trails. So nimble and light I could dust bigger, heavier bikes. I traded it and cash for an 06 wr450. I got $1500 for the bike in that deal. I'd say $1350 is on the higher end for a 12 year old trail bike. These bikes are tanks and are excellent trail bikes with all of the oem parts from the factory. I'd get it if the price is right. I don't enjoy the 450 much in technical trails and would much rather have a ttr230. I would like the extra power of the 230 than a 125 for even faster riding. But that's just me, typical 18yr old wanting to go fast all the time.
  14. Mr YumYums

    What did you do to your WR today?

    Putting the dual sport rims and tires back on and fabricated a license plate bracket out of 1/8" thick aluminum. All is good so far. Moving the sprocket from one rim to another takes the most time. Sent from my XT1080 using ThumperTalk mobile app
  15. My first Street legal bike was a 2007 TTR125LE, I made it street legal when I was 15 (18 now). 2 years ago I traded it and some cash for a 2006 wr450f with 524 miles on August 7th, 2015. The bike was in excellent condition. I'm a typical kid who wants as much power as possible so I got a 450. I made it street legal and haven't looked back. Sure, a 450 isn't for tight woods but out on the road I can wheelie it in every gear and the power is incredible. I'm 6'4" so it fits me well. I haven't touched the suspension, seemed good to me the day I got it. If I were you, Id get it, but restrict it and make it like a 250. Sent from my XT1080 using ThumperTalk mobile app