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  1. Such a fun bike, so responsive and torquey.
  2. hubbazoot

    Largest front sprocket on a YZ250F?

    Okay, but does a 16T actually fit? I have a 15T front on my WR, and it barely clears everything.
  3. hubbazoot

    2012 WR450 Seat

    Does anyone know if a YZ250 seat from the same year will fit on the WR?
  4. hubbazoot

    2012 WR450 Seat

    I like to have as many mods to my bike be "bolt on" as possible. Hence my enigma. How about shared fitment? What other bike seats will fit? Same year YZ450? YZ250?
  5. hubbazoot

    2012 WR450 Seat

    I'm looking for a new seat for my WR450. I'd really prefer not mess up the original seat, so I want to get a replacement board. Does anyone know of a company that sells complete seats for the '12 WR450?
  6. That's the same conclusion we came to.
  7. It was most definitely the springs. My suspicion is they sent me some springs for a different bike. I swapped with my buddy who has a newer YZ250F. My springs (the heavy duty ones) worked just fine in his, and oddly, his springs worked in mine. We're all set now.
  8. It turns out the springs that I put in it are "heavy duty" springs. I put in 3/5, and the clutch was slipping properly. I put in 5/5, and started having issues again.
  9. So as best I could tell, the springs are the wrong size. They're too firm for this bike. With the springs a turn too loose, everything is fine. As soon as I tighten them, then I start having problems.
  10. Yamalube. But it's not just kinda rubbing like it's bad oil, it's not disengaging at all. I can ride it around with the clutch completely in.
  11. basket looked okay. There were some minor notches, but nothing really bad. Also, rocking the bike back and forth didn't seem to help the clutch disengage. It's a 2003.
  12. So I had problems with my clutch dragging on my YZ. I looked at the plates, they were worn unevenly and were bent, all sorts of a mess. So I replaced the entire clutch. I put it back together, and found that the clutch cable was also bad, so I replaced that as well. It's still dragging, and not just a little bit. If I stop at all, the bike will stall, even if I have the throttle held open (and am holding the rear brake). Any ideas? I'm running out.
  13. RIght now, I'm running a 13/52 setup on a YZ250F. I have plans to run a sumo setup here in the near future, and would like to only buy a chain once. On my WR, I run a 15/47 for street, but I heard the 15T front won't fit on the YZ250. Is there a sprocket combo that will give me roughly the same ratio for dirt, but give me a good combo for street, as well?
  14. hubbazoot

    Yamaha WR450F 2008

    I made this just to get TT to quit pestering me.
  15. hubbazoot

    Yamaha WR450F (2008)


    I made this just to get TT to quit pestering me.