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  1. TukTuk

    How to fix this seat?

    He was riding in some muddy section at the track, bogged into it and was full throttle to get out of it. Then hit the dry stuff..
  2. TukTuk

    How to fix this seat?

    My son looped his KX65. Ripped the fender (understandable), but we are (both) disappointed the seat completely broke also. New seats are $150. Just wanted to see if there were any thoughts on how to fix this. I’d rather buy a new cover and try to bond the plastic with a plate and some good PVC cement. Anyone done this and fixed it? I dont suppose just the plastic bases are available (i looked and can’t find one).
  3. TukTuk

    250X Idle issues - or something else..?

    Thanks for the suggestion. I changed out and put a new needle jet also... I need to go further up..?
  4. 2012 CRF250X. Have JD Kit and airbox mod. After it sat for a year, struggled to start. Checked jets and they were totally blocked, so replaced the slow, main and needle. Checked valves. New plug, oil. Drained and added fresh gas. Bike fired right up, BUT... struggling with idling. When running, turned idle speed down. RPM would just drop and bike would cut out. On restart, bike would over-rev for a while and then settle back down. After some slow/careful adjustments, got the bike to idle. When revving the throttle, the bike would rev up high and take a few seconds to adjust back down to normal. Bike seems to ride OK - pretty responsive. any thoughts about what could be causing this? Can add a video if that helps.. upload to YT -
  5. Looking for a used play bike - mind is on a 2 stroke 125 MX machine. Prob YZ125 and around 10 years old. Any ideas on what year/make would be good and easy to work on/upgrade..?
  6. TukTuk

    colorado Family Riding

    Would like to get out into trial riding more with my boys, 10 and 12. Looking for a group (or to set one up) where there is focus on kids in a safe environment on the trails. Possibly set up a monthly (or twice monthly) ride when it gets warmer. We dont have a camper but would tent overnight. Please let me know if there is a group like this or if anyone is interested is starting one. We are in Denver and would drive up to about 2 hours.
  7. TukTuk

    200 or 250 at Altitude

    At my age, more interested in a 2T being a lighter ride.
  8. TukTuk

    200 or 250 at Altitude

    Was really keen on getting a 200. I’m 170 with gear, trail riding with boys in CO/UT, mostly at 6k ft+ and sometimes up to 10k ft. I’m coming of a CRF250X and found that I was losing power going into the mountains (bike jetted for altitude). I read a post where some comments stated that the Beta 200 would be similar than the 250X - that has turned me off the 200 a bit as I dont want to struggle when climbing. I’m not an experienced rider and I’m over 50 so I’m not looking to try to wring every bit of power out of a 200 once we get to elevation, so I’m wondering if a 250 would be better. The dealer told me I should get a 300, but I’m not a big guy and think the 300 would be too much for me to handle. I will be adding a Rekluse.
  9. TukTuk

    KX65 - Plug Torque

    Thx, but I’m worried I’ll give the plug the same good snugging that Lennie did to Curley’s wife 😆
  10. My son is struggling to learn to up-shift - can't get boot to effectively lift the shifter. I've seen videos of kids with their knee forward, foot between the peg and shifter (pointing down) and lifting their leg up to shift, versus lifting toes. Seems to be an option, but looking for other ideas, please. Considering a longer shifter possibly (?).
  11. Looking to add some handguards to son’s KX65. Bought the Acerbis Minicross Rally, but when I took them out of the wrapper the felt a bit flimsy. Acerbis says they a durable, but the install manual says “they are designed to deflect the hands from cold weather and impact with small branches..and flying debris”. I was hoping for more protection than this. Any recommendations on other handguards that will offer better protection?
  12. TukTuk

    KX65 - Plug Torque

    I can’t get my torque wrench on my plug to ensure the right torque. What is the best method of torquing a plug?
  13. TukTuk

    KX65 - Oil Window

    Just completed the break in. Drained oil and added the advised 0.5L. Manual says oil level should be half way in the oil window, but I only see oil when leaning the bike. Should I add more? I presume too much is better than too little?
  14. Have a new 18’ KX65. Bought a STEAHLY 10oz flywheel weight as son is coming of CRF70. Ordered the weight but didn’t order the tool. I’ve seen a number of solutions to remove the rotor nut, but seems using a penny is the safest. Can you advise how this is done, i.e. using a penny and what other options I have without using a tool. TIA.
  15. Bikes run well at current altitude - 5/6,000 feet (Denver). Riding at 10,000 ft next week @ approx 75F. I will drop needle (raise clip) - assume this is correct, but how many notches..? Do I need to change pilot (sorry, I can't tell you whats in there no - believe it is spec). Any other things I need to be aware of..? Thanks