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  1. Goldentyre was in some financial issues and had to sell the pattern of the 216 front. It is believed that it was already before this made by shinko, as GT never really manufactured tyres. They just sell tyres made to their specs. This could be of interest to you:
  2. The Xplor is one of the best Forks I`ve ever ridden. I think some like to thrash KTM on their forks, but the Xplor is a really good one for gnarly terrain. Everyone who rode the a Xplor around here was impressed. An some of those where actually shaking their heads in disbelieve. The guy I ride most of the time with bought a '17 250 EXC and other than springs nothing was done to the suspension. It is impressive to see how much faster he is on the new bike and how less tiring it is for him. Keep in mind we are not riding desert style (or whatever this is called) we mainly ride first to fourth gear gnarly stuff and also a lot of soft sand.
  3. its clearly too lean on the mj i would say.
  4. It heavily depends on the terrain you ride IMHO. If you have lots of rocks ect. I would not recommend it, as I heard of people having trouble with sliced sidewalls. I run a green XT754 with tubliss and like it a lot. But its mainly sand and soft terrain. Also Mitas does not recommend it too.
  5. Piston: "There is quite a draught!" Me: "Indeed Sir."
  6. Tyre pressure heavily depends on the kind of terrain I ride. In situations where higher speeds are possible I go for 10psi. But most of the terrain I ride is first to third gear only (on a 13/48 200cc KTM). That's why I mostly do not care for high speed stability. Fast pace around here usually means 40mph max. I use tubliss btw.
  7. I switched to this one too recently and had to get used to it a little bit, but never felt it was sketchy or anything bad. At most I would say it is one of the most unspectacular tyre I've used, but in a very good way. It simply works good. Used it soft terrain mainly but also on some rocks and riverbeds. I usually run a little less then 10 psi though.
  8. I would also like to have them this way. Did this mod years ago and really liked it. But techinspection not so much. They insisted on a balltype end on it. If you go to you next race, make sure to have spare levers with you.
  9.ägt-zuürck-erweiterung-der-modellpalette It will probably have KYB Suspension
  10. I read yesterday, that GasGas will produce a all new 200! New engine , new frame and all.
  11. Yes you can.
  12. Just ride. No need for break in. Just don't rev it to the Moon for your first ride.
  13. My first advice would be to take it easy. A good thing is figure eights. Do them as slow and tight as possible. Then try to ride with one hand only very slowly of course. Also try only one foot. Try to hop over very small obstacles. Practice slow wheelies and pivot turns.
  14. Spooge and oil ratio is only related if jetted poorly and or running an oil with a too high flashpoint. But don't want to distract from the topic. Great built and thread!
  15. If you do mainly fireroads and fast flowing stuff and also tarmac, then I think a big 4stroke like the 350EXC is best. I would not like to change anyway though. I just love that moped feeling.