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  1. Thats it, ktm is not doing for the tolerances, thats also why they are al the same when new.
  2. I do not know or even have a clue why they would do this, but it is so consistent that I think they must have a reason for it at least
  3. That's very unusual IMO. The squish on KTM's is too big being stock, but they are very accurately similar.
  4. These Guys are excellent riders! It's very hard to maintain traction in these conditions let alone to stay balanced. This is frickin steep!
  5. I always like your input here, but I think I do not understand it right know. Some pages earlier you said, that some riders in a Hardenduro event had much better results after switching over to the Starcross 5 in a very muddy race, and know you say you don't think they work? Could you clarify your thought?
  6. I am looking forward to your RK-Tek Head experiences. I always wonder why people want to use less oil? The only reason I can think of is that it is more expensive than gasoline. If the engine is fairly well jetted and kept in higher rpms mostly, then 30:1 is a good choice. If you only ride absolutely crawling pace, then even 60:1 could be appropriate but this is only if you really ride trials. One thing I noticed is, that if your bike is not jetted well it starts to smoke quite a bit if not ridden hard.
  7. Of course what you heard is wrong. It just defies the laws of physics. The think is, that the oil migration is not linear. As far as I understand it, the rpms have the highest influence on the amount of oil transported through the engine. So lets assume you are running 20:1 and you are doing trials like riding. This will lead to some accumulation of oil in the crankcase. Of course it will never fill up. Now when you go and want to ride a fast section with high rpms, you will see some smoke because the accumulated oil will get transported through the engine now and the oil level in your crankcase is sinking. This is of course very dynamic. There was a test in the 1970s I believe with radioactive material added to the oil to see what it actually does in the engine. If I remember it correctly it took the oil about 30min! from one side too the other, so there is a very big amount of lag in the system. That is what I was saying so often and no one believes it. More oil to the ratio works better. A guy I knew some years ago did the same test and got similar results, also saying that more oil than 18:1 will loose power. I did a test myself with different ratios, completely unscientific of course, but I was also surprised by the increase of power. If the sealing on the piston is the reason or something else like better cooling, less friction ect I don't know.
  8. I have one from force since about 100h on my 200. Since then I have never ridden without it and never had to straighten a pipe. The weight can certainly build up in a muddy race, but the it also does without it. Also the weight is carried very low. I would not mind the weight.
  9. Maybe you like this one
  10. The torc1 one Enduros are nothing special. They are just cheap soft grips which do the job. They come with glue and they do not slip.
  11. Sorry guys, I did not check the availability of one for the 150. I just assumed there is one. Maybe check out these guys too:
  12. Grips: Torc1 Enduro They are very soft. I would also change the gearbox oil. Double check your chain/sprocket. Check Wheelbearings and Swingarm and headstock. Check brake bolts. Check shock bearings. Check Subframe bolts They tend to come loose, Fresh airfilter of course, I would also the best pipe protection I could get. Like Dowatek ore Force accessories because it sucks to have to quit because the header doesn't fit the engine any more.check killswitch and starter button. Check controls to bee not too tight and use Loktite. Check Footpeg bolts. Visually check the whole bike, this takes at least 15min!
  13. Thou shalst not talk about oil in forums... I had a little fun with mixing oil last weekend. The tank of my 200 was empty so I decided to put 5Liter of 20:1 inside just to see what difference it would make to the day before where I had run 40:1. Result: No change at all, no oil mess, no spooge, no smoke, just a clean running engine. And because I wanted even more fun I did the same game the next day with again an empty tank and put 5Liter of 20:1 with Motul 710 instead of Castrol Power1 inside. Result: A tiny bit of smoke, and a a drop of oil at the silencer tip.
  14. Very interesting!
  15. It is an old myth in my eyes that changing the premix will really change your jetting. Even if you assume that the oil will not burn at all (which it obviously does) then the change in jetting is so minimal, that it will have no real world effect. Lets assume a perfect mixture of air to fuel with 15:1 of this 1 part fuel you have maybe 2% oil which is not much at all. Now change that ratio in your 1 part of premix a little more or less and do the math.