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  1. I have one from force since about 100h on my 200. Since then I have never ridden without it and never had to straighten a pipe. The weight can certainly build up in a muddy race, but the it also does without it. Also the weight is carried very low. I would not mind the weight.
  2. Maybe you like this one
  3. The torc1 one Enduros are nothing special. They are just cheap soft grips which do the job. They come with glue and they do not slip.
  4. Sorry guys, I did not check the availability of one for the 150. I just assumed there is one. Maybe check out these guys too:
  5. Grips: Torc1 Enduro They are very soft. I would also change the gearbox oil. Double check your chain/sprocket. Check Wheelbearings and Swingarm and headstock. Check brake bolts. Check shock bearings. Check Subframe bolts They tend to come loose, Fresh airfilter of course, I would also the best pipe protection I could get. Like Dowatek ore Force accessories because it sucks to have to quit because the header doesn't fit the engine any more.check killswitch and starter button. Check controls to bee not too tight and use Loktite. Check Footpeg bolts. Visually check the whole bike, this takes at least 15min!
  6. Thou shalst not talk about oil in forums... I had a little fun with mixing oil last weekend. The tank of my 200 was empty so I decided to put 5Liter of 20:1 inside just to see what difference it would make to the day before where I had run 40:1. Result: No change at all, no oil mess, no spooge, no smoke, just a clean running engine. And because I wanted even more fun I did the same game the next day with again an empty tank and put 5Liter of 20:1 with Motul 710 instead of Castrol Power1 inside. Result: A tiny bit of smoke, and a a drop of oil at the silencer tip.
  7. Very interesting!
  8. It is an old myth in my eyes that changing the premix will really change your jetting. Even if you assume that the oil will not burn at all (which it obviously does) then the change in jetting is so minimal, that it will have no real world effect. Lets assume a perfect mixture of air to fuel with 15:1 of this 1 part fuel you have maybe 2% oil which is not much at all. Now change that ratio in your 1 part of premix a little more or less and do the math.
  9. You seem to have a lot of mud there in Hawaii and I just can't get why one would like a trials tyre there. I read a lot about Trialstyres being used in the us on dirt bikes and tried it once on my bike and the outcome was horrible in slippery conditions. I could not ride a straight line on a wet patch of grass even when pushing the bike I had to keep it from sliding away from me.
  10. Maybe a bit of oil leaking from the exhaust port and then flowing backwards ...
  11. As droom said, the XT754 is a bit tricky with an UHD tube, because I found it will be better and better with less air. And the minimum I would recommend with a tube and only one rimlock is 0,7bar or about 10 psi. But the tyre is really good at 0,3bar which is 4psi. So I would highly recommend to use a second good quality rimlock!
  12. Thing is, there seem to bee two ways of measuring tyres. Some measure the carcass and some the knobs. So a 120 could easily be wider than a 140. I heard that the difference is between MX and Enduro tyres so that a 120 MX could be quite similar to a 140 MX but who knows? @filterx I am really looking forward to your test results on the Mitas!
  13. That sounds like fun I think 145$ for a rear tyre is just not worth it. The XT754 is a good tyre especially in very loose (sand) and soft terrain but it doesn't do miracles which I would expect at this price point. I just searched for the 525/505 they are not very expensive here at around 55€ but only available in 110/90-18 which is considerably smaller than my usual 140/80-18 which makes it a bit hard to compare as it has such a small footprint. Or is this a different measurement system?
  14. I've never used one. Currently I really like the 754 Mitas Green with no or very little pressure.
  15. Ok then I would say its a Meteler Six Days. fits also the pattern better than the Mitas