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  1. The best guy in the WORLD won. Roczen crashed out not Dungey.
  2. The10T

    James says he's not done

    Tell me who is James marketable too? Personally, I have dumped everything made by his sponsors and have even written those sponsors letting them know what a poor rep. he is for their products.
  3. The10T

    Supercross Preview 2017 Part 1: Championship Contenders

    Dude get over it. Stewie took a bad line and Dungey had no place to go.
  4. The10T

    #5 back to a neck brace?

    I haven't heard of any proof of head injuries. Though physics would dictate that stopping the head from moving would result is adverse consequences unless the helmet was specifically designed and tested for those dynamics.
  5. The10T

    #5 back to a neck brace?

    Actually you are not quite right or wrong for that matter. The percentage of a force does not change with linearity. My point is that Leatt specifically states that their brace reduces a force in a percentage, that percentage is specific only to their testing parameters, which is 150 lbs at 15 mph. If you change the velocity or the mass you change the force, which would, change the percentage at which the brace will dissipate that force. The brace will only dissipate a specific force, a constant, not a percentage.
  6. The10T

    If Honda or Kawi were smart

    If they were smart they would pick up the Stewart brothers.
  7. The10T

    Did I miss something

    Doesn't he loose the #7 after the outdoors? http://www.promotocross.com/mx/news/2015-ama-pro-numbers Does sand in the vagina count as an injury exception?
  8. His neck should be healed and likely not all that bad in the first place. A nice long rest, some making baby time with the wife, now back at the factory focused on Supercross.
  9. The10T

    There Has To Be ONE Track In America....

    Little Sahara, Utah, would be make for an epic national
  10. The10T

    Video proof of Bubba's horrible blisters

    Actually I have used it and it improved my riding a lot.
  11. The10T

    Hydration packs and neck braces

    Just scrap the neck brace there is no proof that they work anyway
  12. The only time the DRZ400 is too heavy is going down steep hills and when you have to pick it up. And at 260 lbs you will have to change out the springs and double the weight of the oil. Then change out the carb and exhaust then it's a pretty damn good bike. I do love mine even with a KTM XC-W in the garage.
  13. The10T

    JS7 is the biggest quitter is MX history

    You my friend are an Idiot. I had any concern about our sport you would tell James to eff off too. You are going to vote for Hillary aren't you?!
  14. The10T

    JS7 is the biggest quitter is MX history

    Never in my life have I heard of a professional racer quit because of blisters. He must be one good cock sucker up the chain of management to be able to quit so often an not get shit canned.
  15. How much sand is in your vagina you effing putz?