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    hi, I'm looking for a cylinder head for my DRZ 400. Mine has scoring on the journals. Thanks


  2. diter

    DRZ 400 Valvetrain w/ Cams

    Hi, is this still available? PMed you.
  3. diter

    LTZ400 cylinder head on a DRZ 400 engine

    I don't know about putting an drz engine into a quad, but the cam journals on my 2000 DRZ 400S heads got chewed up (probably oil starvation, from previous owner) and I found an LTZ head on flea bay. I swapped all the internals out, valves, springs, guides, the whole thing. Put some "E" cams in since my cams were shot too. Works great. I have put about 2000 miles on the bike with no issues. I recently replaced the timing chain and inspected the cams and the journals and eyeballed the rest of the stuff and it all looked great.
  4. diter

    LTZ400 cylinder head on a DRZ 400 engine

    I know this is an old thread, but I am looking to do something similar. How did the project go? Success??? Thanks!