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  1. Nusk450x


    Glad someone in the aftermarket is onto it. Though I've never heard of attitude industries Hopefully someone reputable like Vortex get on it and have something for L sooner rather than later
  2. Nusk450x

    Video of my crash at Arizona AMA Endurocross

    You are one Tough SOG!! Hat off to you! Also praying for a speedy recovery for you I'm just getting back after a broken wrist and it sucks to be off the bike!!
  3. Nusk450x

    CRF450L Ride/Review

    Bike sounds awesome but I think I'll have to spend some $$ on heavier springs since I'm 210 without gear
  4. Nusk450x

    Just a couple more hours - 2019 CRF450L!

    Sounds like a great bike!! Could make a great addition to my 250L 450x and AT
  5. Nusk450x

    Has Honda has confirmed higher HP ratings for US models?

    To be fair Every other road legal dirt bike in the world is restricted and euro4ified from the factory. The weight issue by all Ride reports is a bit of a non issue as everyone seems to think it carries its weight well id also like to see a real world weight comparison the lightest bike in the class (arguably the KTM500) and the CRF450L both full of fuel oil and ready to ride I suspect it would be closer that the internet numbers suggest but certainly the honda will be heavier that big stainless pipe will be an easy way to shave a few pounds as well. On a positive note though there is one dealer in Australia offering a free upgrade with ecu and airbox mods and decent offroad rubber. [emoji1362][emoji1360]
  6. Nusk450x

    Have a deposit on a 2019 CRF450L? We want to hear from you!

    Looks Good!! Keen to hear your thoughts!
  7. Nusk450x

    2019 Honda CRF45L to DRZ434 comparison

    There is a dealer in Australia Offering a free "Race" kit involving ECU and Airbox Mods and Decent Offroad Tyres. Sounds like this will be a good alternative to orange and white EXCs
  8. Nusk450x

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Wow... what happened to that??
  9. Nusk450x

    UK / Europe Release of the 2019 Honda CRF450L?

    The 18.4kw (25hp) rating is still on the EU honda Website??
  10. Nusk450x

    Post Fracture Wrist Brace

    Gday all, I have recently fractured my wrist and am close to getting back on a bike what sort of wrist protection is being used by others out there to get back on a bike while rehabilitating? I have looked at the Mobius X8 and it looks like it will do well to help prevent overextention and also allowing increasing amounts of movement as the wrist strengthens. Cheers for your help, Nusk
  11. The only thing I can think of that will give sufficient protection to kidney area is a pressure suit. I have used to use an AXO suit but it's getting tattered from branches etc. and won't protect properly anymore so just ordered a Leatt 5.5 body protector. It has full back protection and a kidney belt and also includes flank protection for lower ribs almost down to hips.
  12. Nusk450x

    UK / Europe Release of the 2019 Honda CRF450L?

    I'm curious about the 25hp rating is it purely a paperwork figure for some stupid licensing law in the CommEU?? Because here in Aust we will get the EU version and if its going to cost me 1000s of $$ to get 50+ hp its a no go for me but if its still say 45hp in the real world it will be a winner.
  13. Nusk450x


    He seemed to like it.. it's copping a hammering over on ADV Rider as being too high performance/maintainance for the DS crowd and too lack Lustre for the plated Enduro crowd.. obviously because of the honest weight figures and the almost certain honda "butter valves" that it will come standard with.
  14. Nusk450x

    Leaking fork seals - replacing F&R springs too.

    My weight is also 210 I'm 6'1" and racetech recommendations were .52 on the fork and 6.0 shock. That's for a fast-ish rider in fast desert terrain. Works awesome in the desert 40-85mph over rough whooped terrain can't shake it its stable as but lacks a bit of in the tighter twisty single track as the forks hold up pretty well in the stroke.
  15. Nusk450x

    2019 CRF450X Trnasmission Ratios

    This is how the ratios compare to a 12-16 500exc 500 450 1ST 2.57 2.36 2ND 1.88 1.7 3RD 1.47 1.3 4TH 1.18 1.09 5TH .95 .92 6TH .81 .79 Primary Ratio 2.375 2.357