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  2. I'm probably exercising wishful thinking but possibly a rm250 wheel? I believe they still fit a 20mm axle? I believe that's correct for the DRZ.
  3. I'm sure that it's excellent advice. I'm trying to put together a DRZ front end (triples to tire) for another bike (not DRZ, old airhead beemer) otherwise I'd be headed there to do exactly what you said. On one side - I don't see the prongs either - but won't need them. On the other - yeah, hate waisting time and effort on something I don't need/want/can readily turn into cash again.
  4. Just like it says trying to find a wheel for a project. Seller states that it is a Takasago. Advice on a good price for a good one is much appreciated. As well as where to find a rotor/carrier! Thanks from a noob!
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