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  1. maleko13

    Wrenching on this bike is wearing me out

    go to sears and buy a "breaker bar" in 3/8. if you are trying to expand your collection of tools get an air wrench. simple as that
  2. maleko13

    Top speed

    ok look: to answer your question because eveyone is going to tell you different, i'm a mechanic, and the simple answer is the more you spin your engine the more wear you are going to get. That bike was technically never meant to go over 55. thats why when you ride right around 55 mph with normal gearing it feels great. feels even better if you have lowered your rear sprocket teeth. regardless, its totally fine to pass people or mess around with your buddies and pass them at 80-90 mph for short periods. but i'm telling you from experience that if you ride up here all the time you are going to have issues sooner and more frequent than people that dont. happy trails
  3. maleko13

    Top speed

    simple answer: yes
  4. maleko13

    Loose chain caused this?

    Just a heads up but 36 psi is waaaaaaaaaaay to high. Running a street tire you should be running between 22-28 psi depending on your riding style and tire wear.
  5. maleko13

    Filled up the DRZ this morning, 67 MPG'S!

    Amen brother. Why would you own this bike if you didnt wanna ride wide open. I thump the pants off people with their windows down. And thats everyone here in california
  6. maleko13

    Drz400sm speedo lug in front or behind?

    Thanks everyone for the responses. I did take off the front wheel and see if it would fit on the back of the lug but it just didn't like being twisted all the way around w the cable and the fork leg protector so I just put it back. When its torqued it doesn't move you're right. Thanks again
  7. Subject kinda says it but does the speed lug go in front of the fork leg knob or behind it. Mine is in front and I feel that is wrong due to the wheel wanting to spin forward. Any help is appreciated.
  8. maleko13

    fcr-mx-39mm o ring mod?

    You are awesome. That was super quick. Now I get to go home and do it. Thanks a lot. Ride on
  9. maleko13

    fcr-mx-39mm o ring mod?

    Can someone link the write up for this mod if there is one? Or just take a pic of theirs already done.