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  1. WRMike250f

    Braking HP

    Does the 525exc have braking hp, say like my 2001 WR250F when you let off the throttle? The boy is turning 14 and riding my bike more and more. Plus there is a new KTM 525 exc sittin pretty at the local dealer.
  2. WRMike250f

    Is it just me or is TT gotten SLOOOW again

    Yeeeuuuuup! (supossed to read it slow) Sorry Gallo, I've been working between Terrell and Rock Wall for the last several weeks!! Its been at least a year since I checked ThumperTalk and at least 2 years since I actually wrote a reply...Blame it on my 01 250F! The first thing I noticed is how slow it was. Glad to see wrooster is still calling it as it is. Oh no! another OT??????
  3. WRMike250f

    pins and lacerations

    Just hang in there! There is already good advise stated above. I broke my right wrist two years ago, 4 screws and 3 pins and the external fixator. Although everything is healed up now, I still do not have full range of motion. Pain when I ride and now it seems as though my thumb joint is wacked out. I took lots of vicodin and washed it down with plenty of scotch. That got me by the first few months. My problem was whenever I did the physical therapy I would turn white and nearly black out. Now, I've missed out on the time to get full motion back. So my advise is to do your therapy and listen to what your Dr. says. And no matter how bad it hurts, strech the tendons and get your flexibility back. You only have about one year before they lock up like concrete. Good luck.
  4. WRMike250f

    I am really tempted right now...250F

    About the only thing the 250F doesn't do is lug aroung the trail in 3rd gear. Every once in a while on the trail I'm lugging the bike and it don't like it one bit. Otherwise I would take my 250f anywhere on any trail up any hill. Once dialed in it truly is a mechanical wonder. Going from a larger bore bike down to the 250, I still have to get used to the bumble bee effect. Oh yea, I'm 5'8 170lbs.
  5. WRMike250f

    We lost a Brother

    My simpathy to his family. And my prayers tonight go to you. Adam made a post (about a year and a-half ago) to use the 13 tooth countershaft sproket on the 250F. It worked wonders. All I can say is that because of him my life is better thank you Adam.
  6. WRMike250f

    jetting newbie

    One thing I learned as a newbie... and I still am, is this: When you run pump fuel in a 4-stroke your plug may always be black, making it more difficult to determine your jetting. The best thing you can do to your jetting is keep changing it when it dosn't work and take good notes when it does. Hope this helps.
  7. WRMike250f

    '03 WR 250

    I might be way off here but I had that bog when running on a load such as up a hill or cranking the throttle. The only thing that solved my problem was going up to #2 on the needle. I ride usually from 1200 feet to 6000 to 7000 feet with no problems. Stock 01 WR250F 40 pilot clip #2 and main at 170. I did have a bad bog when the needle was rich at position #4 and #5. I know if I go higher 8000ft to 12000ft I keep the needle the same and just change the pilot to 38 and the main to 165. Actually its much easier to change the pilot and main than the needle on the 01 models... but with the stock needle on the 01 #2 (position) seems to me to be the best all around setting. I live in Northern California and ride all year around. It took a season to get the jetting perfect. In other words...made it simple from cold to warm no matter what season and temperature I ride. Of course I do change the pilot and main as mentioned above. Sorry for the long response.
  8. WRMike250f

    Terrible 02 YZ250F Flat Spot. HELP needed!

    I have an 01WR250, that had the same problem especially under a load, like going up a hill. I went leaner on the needle and one size leaner on the mainjet and that cleaned everything up nicely. Hope this helps.
  9. WRMike250f

    i crashed and broke my collar bone

    rookie517, Last year, well a year and a half ago, I broke my right wrist... 4 screws and 3 pins!, I'm a little slower due to caution now. Try some vicodin and a little scotch... It got me through those rough "I can't move! %amit!!!!" nights! Well... My wife was really awesome too! Be cool and recover quick, my prayers are with you. Mike
  10. WRMike250f

    No toil oil: any good?

    Bigdrtrdr, I hear what you are saying, but me and my wife "n" kids do not ride more than once or twice a month nor do we race. I will take note if we ever get to racing our bikes or riding more. Very good tip! Thanks.
  11. WRMike250f

    Just a funny thing I heard

    TORCHURE, Perhaps you should start a new thread that states: "If your not "IN" don't click here!" P.S. Been awhile since I've respondeded don't you have a newcommer to the sport? How's life...Good?
  12. WRMike250f

    wr runinng bad need help

    I might be way off on this but were the valves adjusted at 500-600 miles? I know they can act up when the motor gets real hot, such as riding up a hill at 11000RPM. Just a thought.
  13. WRMike250f

    No toil oil: any good?

    With my family there is a lot of filter cleaning. I pop 'em right in the washer, have a beer then put 'em all back on. Its that easy. So we've got about 3 years using the product, I don't believe I'll ever switch.
  14. WRMike250f

    2001 WR250 first ride!

    ohenry, what was the temp at 4K elevation. I am assuming you purchased the bike used since its an 01. Mine is an 01 to. All I can say about jetting is to take your carb apart and see whats inside. Do a search and find the 01 stock jetting specs and compare to what you have in your bike. Start with that first. I too was very impressed with the bike's power and handling. Then I started tweeking it and doing the "free-mods" and now its a different bike. The jetting is finiky to say the least, however once you get it right its a 1-2 kick deal winter, summer, high, or low elevation.
  15. WRMike250f

    Indian Dunes

    I grew up in Agoura near Thousand Oaks. Use to go to Indian Dunes all the time. Here's one for ya, you all remember Munce? if thats how you spell it. It was just off the 23 freeway from Thousand Oaks to Simi Valley and Morpark. I think I must have been about four years old when they closed that place. Sheesh 30 years ago.