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  1. lucky_logger6

    What 1/2 ton pickup to buy

    Thanks for all the input. keep it comming. I just missed a 2007 super-crew 4x4 f150 with about 11k miles for $21k.
  2. lucky_logger6

    What 1/2 ton pickup to buy

    Thanks guys, if anyone else has any comments feel free to chime in.
  3. Im shopping for a half ton pick-up. Crew cab/4-door and 4X4 are the main needs, next would come fuel efficiency and general reliability. I do most of my own wrenching so fixing small things that come up aren’t a big deal but things like auto trannys or expensive electronic sensors, engine issues are what Im worried about. Budget: 15-20K. Im thinking I would like something with 40-60K miles. I tow a boat weekly but its only around 2500lbs, and larger trailers (up to 5,000lbs) occasionally. lets hear the recomendations. Thanks.
  4. lucky_logger6

    trailer bearings

    This is probably what you need. http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=11071266
  5. I got mine form ATV Express. When I called with a problem the guy I spoke with acted like he made them..."I take pride in my work..." This was 4-5 years ago and it dident seem like they sold the racks everywhere like they do now. Now they dont even advertise them as the AMC-400 but its the same rack. What do you need?
  6. lucky_logger6

    bearing removal

    If there is not a lip in the inside of the baring use an expanding concrete anchor to fill the area that the axel would go in and pound on that. Just take your axel to the hardware store so you get the correct size. This is what they look like. http://www.concretefasteners.com/anchors-fasteners/thunderstud-wedge/index.aspx
  7. lucky_logger6

    Who's to blame for the unkept forest?

    What forest do you work on?
  8. lucky_logger6

    Who's to blame for the unkept forest?

    Everyone gets mad that our forests are too dense and burn every year, but when the USFS implements a project (Forest Hill, George Town) people don’t want to see a disturbed setting. Cant have both. I was just up by Sugar Pine(?) where they are masticating/logging and it looked great (form a professional foresters prospective). It a shame we lost trails in the project but the forestry looked great.
  9. lucky_logger6

    XR250R glowing headers after 2 minutes of running

    Just give the red knob a click or two the the right.
  10. lucky_logger6

    Mikuni setup questions

    I bet you are flooding it or need to turn up the idle a little more. If mine doesn’t start in 2-3 kicks cold I open the throttle all the way and pull the compression release and kick it a half dozen times and then find TDC and give it a good kick all with the throttle wide open. Just be ready to snap the throttle shut as soon as it fires.
  11. lucky_logger6

    Im tired off eating clutches

    I don’t think this is your problem but be sure to clean out the oil screen in the frame. if you eating clutches its sure to be restricted. Also, this sounds obvious but assemble everything from the manual rather than how you took it apart. I was having carb problems once and found that it was improperly assembled when I bought the bike so I kept putting it back together improperly. Good Luck.
  12. lucky_logger6

    Is a XR400 too much for me?

    Im only 5'7" and 175lbs and dont have any problems with my 400. You can handle it if you want to. I would try the bike with out the lowering link first to see if you really need it.
  13. lucky_logger6

    boat trailer wheel bearings ....

    The key is maintenance. Even with waterproof grease, barring buddys, this, that, or the other you still need to get in there and repack and remove the contaminated old grease. I have just about given up on the baring buddy system. It packs so much grease in there that when water gets in (and it will) there is about a pound of contaminated grease to clean out. Also be sure to check the seal on the back of the hub.
  14. lucky_logger6

    watching hair scrambles

    Poke around here alittle. http://www.ama-d36.org/
  15. lucky_logger6

    THE NEW HOTNESS!! xr400

    All you do is cut a small notch in the housing to allow for the wire to make it through and plug it in. It was awhile ago so there may have been other minor things but everything was very simple and took ~30min or so.