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  1. Sorry cooldudesmd that last post was supposed to be a reply to you lol been up since 4am yesterday due to storms in my area forgive me lol But yes do try it out Kyle an Laura are awesome folks it honestly was like staying with family (that you like) lol
  2. Yes sir no problem iskibiglines man it’s a great place to stay an Kyle has routes for adv bikes an small bikes we didn’t even put a scratch in all the routes he has! The atmosphere an views are awesome! If ya get a chance to go say hi for me an also try the tellacafe for supper!
  3. Hey man sweet pig where is that pic taken at?
  4. Hey all!! Been here for a while on TT never posted a lot just a few things,but I’m starting this to hopefully help someone’s adv out sometime. I’m not much on typing so I’m hypos some pics an plug a place an if ya have a question or anything jut let me know! Tellico Plains tn is a great place to stop by an see for a few days an if ya been on the road a few days an just need shower an bed an home cooked breakfast look no farther than the farmhouse inn This place is awesome!!!! I have never stayed in a bed an breakfast before an now... I can’t say I will stay in a motel/hotel again! Kyle an Laura are awesome folks! They are the owners of this awesome place an also avid riders! Kyle knows the mountains like the back of his hand an took us on a awesome ride one day to the Tail of the Dragon an back mostly on gravel,dirt,an back roads!!! We stayed 3 days with them an Kyle provided us with tracks an routes to ride while we were there some awesome single track An awesome scenic land marks It was AWESOME!!! Every morning at the farmhouse Ms Laura had us breakfast fixed by 8am An was food that stuck with ya all day not crap that comes from a box or just to heat up it was homemade! An wonderful!!! Folks it was a great place to stay very unique an historic an hope that someone else will enjoy as much as we did!
  5. My first Ktm 2007 with 60 hrs on it!!!! I love this bike so far all dual sport stuff was removed when previous owner bought it an all still looks brand new!
  6. Hahah sorry just got used to putting the white giant on here this is one of the places the old xr took me now I’m on ktm
  7. . Not really a pig but a replacement for my pig lol
  8. Anyone interested in buying a pig?
  9. Nothing near what some of the post here have been but I thought it was funny
  10. 4polk,2smoke!!!! The arguments will never end!!!! Get one or the other an ride the balls off of it! Learn the maintenance an how to do it an just have fun!!! If you buy a 4stroke you will always wonder if the 2smoke would have been better ,or vice versa!!! I've been there done that lol
  11. Brannt I would be sure to change to a xrr front sprocket you will appreciate it in the long run! Btw I’m in West Tennessee My 93 xrl
  12. No to fancy but serves me well, I will never let her go again!
  13. You got it brother! We headed out Wed may go to Tampa but not sure yet Georgia has a half a million out now but we packed for two weeks SOOOOOOOOO have no lights we will travel!!! Might get the orngeu crush after this trip............. Not!
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