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    MX bikes, girls, basketball, wrestling, rafting, kicking ass!!!! Oh, and i'm a Pro-Paintballer...
  1. I've sold my '08yz450 and looking to get an '09 by this coming weekend and would like to add an aftermarket exhaust the the beast before I pick it up... My '08 was all stock and I've only dealt with FMF in the past... I'm thinking along the lines of a Full Pro-Circuit system with a spark arrester... But am open to any other thoughts... Thanks for reading my post...
  2. 01yz426


    Well, the riding was great, my buddy and I rode hard all day Thursday and camped for the night, which got down to 23deg and didn't reach 30deg until 10am or so... Cold night in the tent but we had a huge fire to keep us warm while awake...
  3. 01yz426


    Well, lot's of lookers but no takers... I'm in the Big Black Ford, license plate reads CHVYKLR (chevy killer of course) feel free to drop on in...
  4. 01yz426


    Going riding tomorrow morning (Thursday) and camping for the night, coming home Friday afternoon... Anyone wanna tag along shoot me a PM and I'll let ya know what's up...
  5. 01yz426

    Naches Ride Pics - Sat 10/18

    My buddy and myself are heading to Naches tomorrow morning and staying until Friday afternoon... Anyone else wanna go shoot me a PM and I'll let ya know where we camping...
  6. 01yz426

    Snow where? Want to trail ride

    My buddy and I are going to hit up Beverly Dunes tomorrow and possibly Friday too... Not a big area but he doesn't ride much and it's been a while so taking it easy at Bev
  7. 01yz426

    Beverly Dunes.....

    Sounds good to me....
  8. 01yz426

    Day Trip???

    Anyone wanting to take a day trip to Moses, Beverly Dunes anytime this week let me know... I'm trying to get a couple more rides in before the snow hits.... I work from 8pm-6:30am Sun-Wed but could still go for the day just have to be back for another night of fun....
  9. 01yz426

    Beverly Dunes.....

    Think I rode there a few years ago... I'm up for a ride anytime if you're looking for another rider...
  10. 01yz426

    Beverly Dunes.....

    Hmmm, I've never heard of this area... I know the town Mattawa but never been there... Everyone cancelled on me again so I just went alone, good day but does get boring after the first 1-2hrs
  11. 01yz426

    Spark Arrestor

    I'm getting ready to ditch my STOCK '08 YZ450 (shorty exhaust) and I'm opting for the Pro-Circuit w/spark arrestor.... My question is: How much power difference between the non-spark arrestor version and the one with a spark arrestor??? TI-4 GP System is the one I'm looking at...
  12. 01yz426

    Beverly Dunes.....

    Riding Beverly Dunes tomorrow morning from around 10am till 2 or 3pm... Gona be a tad boring since it's not all that big but I'm coming from Kent/Seattle, getting off work @ 6:30am and heading out around 7am.... Need to be back to work Wednesday night @ 8pm (I know, I'm a trooper) Lot's of driving for a little riding but I feel the need... Feel free to come join, my name is Mike and I'm in the big black rig, FORD of course....
  13. 01yz426

    Vin # on '03 or '04 YZ250F

    Found it, it was on the right side of the steering frame area.... Thanks
  14. 01yz426

    Naches Thursday 10-2-08

    Thinking of heading over and doing some trail riding for the day... Have to be back by 6-7pm but riding is riding..... I live in Kent....
  15. 01yz426

    Vin # on '03 or '04 YZ250F

    Ya, maybe i missed it cause it's dirty... Have to re-check in the AM when I wash all the excess dirt off... Hasn't been ridden in a year or two and my buddy didn't take care of it... Thanks for the reply...