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  1. I'm changing the linkage bearings on my 2000 XR650R for the first time. I've got the triangular linkage out and have removed everything except the cases of the needle bearings. All of them were rusted and dry with no grease left. I've tried tapping with a 1" round bar but they won't budge. I don't want to hit them too hard- what is the recommended removal procedure? I don't have a press. Mike
  2. michaelschorpp

    Excessive wear on rocker arm pawl

    I've just started to tear down my 92 XR600 for its first rebuild. So far I've noticed that one of the rocker arm pawls has been worn from convex to concave-there's at least 1/16" of metal gone. This is the pawl for the exhaust valve on the left side of the bike (not the valve with the manual decompressor). The cam lobes measure up okay, with the lobe corresponding to the worn pawl being 1 mil under the service limit. Is there a specific reason for this, or is it just excessive mileage? Mike. Ontario Dual Sport Club
  3. I just noticed that my rear tire is rubbing the exhaust. It seems the subframe has shifted to the left. Is there a way to bend it back? Thx Mike
  4. michaelschorpp

    Grabby clutch issues on XR650R

    Thanks for all the replies. The clutch basket fingers did not appear to have notching. Visually you could see where it is starting to notch, but it;s only a few thou dep at the moment. I put everything back together and the clutch works much better than before; I'm assuming one of the plates was warped. Mike
  5. michaelschorpp

    Grabby clutch issues on XR650R

    I have a 2000 XR650R that overtime has developed a grabby clutch, ie all the engagement is in the final release of the clutch lever. I assumed the cltuch discs were worn so I bought the EBC clutch kit. Now that I have everything apart the old discs do not seem to be worn that much. The b plates measure around 0.125" (limit is 0.106"). The new discs are 0.129". Any advice on what to do? Mike
  6. michaelschorpp

    Grabby clutch issues on XR650R

    Thx for the tip. Actually- I don't know if the bushing was upgraded. I bought the bike used 2007. Does the clutch basket have to come off to view the bushing? Mike
  7. michaelschorpp

    Stiction in rear shock

    I have a 2000 XR650R and have noticed some marked stiction in the rear shock. I first noticed it after the bike sat in the garage for a month, when I sat on the bike the rear end felt too stiff. I found I could push the rear end down by 2" without it springing back. I could barely use the kickstand. A five minute ride did not return it to normal. I ended up doing an all day trail ride anyways and the stiction did disappear during the day, but after being parked for a few days the stiction came back. Any advice on where to start? The linkage bearings have never been changed, and as far as I know the shock is original. Mike
  8. michaelschorpp

    Nevada Route for Tri-State Dual Sport Ride

    I'm trying to put together a dual sport day ride starting in Mesquite and travelling in a large loop through Utah and Arizona. The rough idea would be: Cross over mesa north of Mesquite Follow large wash north-east until powerline Follow powerline to old hwy 91 Go through Beaver Dam Mtns and follow a powerline trail south to the Virgin River Cross the Virgin river Cross I-15 Go past Gypsum Mine Go through Black Rock MTns and descend to Mesquite via Elbow canyon. I have a few questions regarding this route: Is it doable in one day? Are there seasonal road closures in ieffect in late November? There are some lookouts over the Virgin River gorge I would like to visit. Is the Virgin river crossable under the powerlines? Is the Mesa north of Mesquite still open? I was last there in 2003. It appears from Google Earth there has been significant development since then. Thanks for any advice, Mike
  9. Hi There, I recently upgraded from a 92 XR600R to a 2000 XR650R. I've noticed that the XR650R lacks a sub-frame underneath the fender like the 600R had. This subframe was very handy for lifting the rear end around. Are there any mods to add a lifting point? I'm planning a 2 week trip to Moab and I'm going to need something. The 650R also lacks a toolbag, are there any convenient spots to add one? Mike.
  10. I just readjusted the valves on my Xr650R. This was the second time I have done this and it does not get easier with practice! Is there any way to do the valve adjustment without removing the entire left side cover? the setup was better with the Xr600. I have a Moose skidplate and I did damage the gasket slightly when wiggling it off-it's now oozing a few drops of oil. Would it be okay to run the bike for a few more rides before replacing the gasket? Does the stator hojusign usually run full of oil? Mike.
  11. michaelschorpp

    Any good riding near Hurricane, Utah

    Hi There, I will be passing through Utah in late november with my XR650R. Is there any good riding near Hurricane? I have downloaded the trail maps from the Tri-State ATV jamboree. Are there better trails than this available? I've heard there is singletrack trail on Gooseberry mesa-is this open to motorized vehicles? thanks, Mike.
  12. michaelschorpp

    Riding near Mesquite, Nv?

    I'll be passing through Mesquite on I-15 in late December. Are there any good trails in that area? I am on a street plated Xr650R Mike.
  13. Hi There, I will be passing through New Mexico in late November. Are there any mountain trails rideable in the southern part of the state? Mike
  14. michaelschorpp

    Winter riding in New Mexico in the mountains?

    Thanks for the tip on Hackberry Lake. I will probably be passing through there and then towards Las Cruces and past Silver City. I've driven through Carlsbad before and noticed the mountains near Carlsbad caverns. I think it is the Lincoln NF- is there any good riding there? I remember hearing something about single-track trails near Silver City in the mountains, but I can't recall the source now. Mike.
  15. michaelschorpp

    H.R. 1925 will CLOSE Moab, Utah

    Will the bill close all of the Moab area? I looked at the map on the suwa website and it appears that about 50% of the Moab area would be closed. Are there more detailed maps available? I'm actually planning a 2 week riding trip in a month and will try and do the stuff slated for closure. Mike. PS. made my second donation to USA-ALL today
  16. Could anyone tell me if dirtbikes have to be insured for liability in Utah? My own XR650R is street plated and insured but I have an XR600 in storage that my brother would use on our next trip to Moab. We would only be riding off-road. Mike.
  17. michaelschorpp

    Has anyone ridden the Flint Trail?

    I've done the Flint trail from the ranger station to the Doll House (46 miles one way). It is a scenic ride but technically easy. I tend to rank the Flint trail third after Needles (scenic and technical) and the White Rim (very scenic but easy). If you go to ADVrider.com, you can look up the posts by UtahExplorer. He has posted many Utah ride reports and has done a detailed writeup with pics on the Maze. Mike.
  18. Hi There, I purchased a 2000 XR650R 6 months ago and noticed that the rear fender was tweaked to one side, as if the subframe was bent. The XR650R FAQ makes mention of this, and states it can be fixed with a 5 ft crowbar. Is there a recommended technique? Mike.
  19. michaelschorpp

    B53E needle came with a bushing?

    Hi There, I ordered a B53E needle for my 2000 XR650R (uncorked-had a B53F in it when I bought it). The needle came with what looks like a bushing. Does anyone know where it goes or if I even need it? Mike
  20. michaelschorpp

    Honda part # for B53E needle?

    Hi There, I have a 2000 XR650R that I purchased used. It is uncorked and has a B53F needle in it, which I suspect is giving it a funny throttle response. I tried to order a B53E needle at my local dealer and the parts person said he couldn't do anything with that number. I said it was from an HRC kit but that didn't help him. He spent about 10 minutes going through Mikuni and Keihin catalogs to look for the needle but couldn't find it. Does anyone here have the Honda part # for this needle? thanks, Mike.
  21. I picked up a 2000 Xr650r a few months ago. I am going over the jetting setup. I have the carb off the bike. Is there a way of verifying the needle is in the 3rd position without taking apart the top of the carb? Looking in from the top, the top of the needle appears flush with the bracket. The reason I'm checking the carb setup is that the bike does not run smoothly in first or second gear at a constant speed. It either wants to accelerate or engine brake. I often pull in the clutch in these situations to get more smoothness. The bike is uncorked. I found a 70s pilot and a 175 main in it. My altitude is 500 ft. Mike.
  22. michaelschorpp

    Longer compression release cable?

    I put a handlebar riser kit on my 2000 XR650R and noticed that the decompressor cable is now not long enough. When I turn the bars too far in one direction the motor will stall or make a tapping noise. What is the proper fix for this? Mike.
  23. Hi There, I have a 2000 XR650R. Yesterday while riding trails the bike would not shift above 2nd. I checked for external obstructions but couldn't find anything. For the ride home I had to push hard and then it shifted. I ran it at 70 mph for the ride home and it shifted okay after that. Are there any transmission issues with the XR650R? Should I do any precautionary maintenance? Mike.
  24. michaelschorpp

    Moab - Only 25 more days to comment...

    I travel to Moab every year to ride so I will definetly take the time to write a thorough letter. A few other members of my Toronto based club have ridden Moab once or twice. I will ask them to write a letter. My concern is that some will not take the time to write a detailed letter as requested by BRC. Is it okay to write a quick letter saying that you support keeping things the way they are? Or is it a must to address the points listed by the BRC? Mike.
  25. michaelschorpp

    Question on dune riding Utah/Nevada

    Hi There, I will be visiting New Mexico/Utah for a riding vacation in late November. I will be riding trails on a XR650R but may set aside one day to ride dunes. I have access to a spare wheel so I can mount a paddle tire. If I only can choose one of the following which one should I go to? (Never been to any of the places listed below and I've never ridden with a paddle tire). Dunes near Glade Run, Farmington New Mexico White Wash Dunes Moab-are these too small to bother with? Little Sahara-seems to be the biggest Coral Pink-seems to be out of the way Sand Hollow-sounds big (15000 acres) and is near to I15 and St. George. Nellis Sand Dunes (picking up my wife at the airport in Vegas, so very convenient) Mike.