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  1. Sundog

    Where to find rear S/SM fender??

    The Honda Dzus fasteners put the fastener bail at 90 degrees off from what the DRZ needs. I still have some Dzus fasteners specific to the DRZ left, but am starting to run a little low on them.
  2. Yeah...there is enough in there that I would prefer not having to change out tiny in-line filters like a pez dispenser with a 5 yr old.
  3. Have a gas tank from a 2001 E model. A 2001 with 200 miles on it and has sat for a long time. Got it running just fine, but I used the tank from my DRZ (a different DRZ) to supply the fuel. This tank needs a new petcock and gas cap (I have them in my parts cabinet). The inside of the plastic tank is full of shiny varnish with black crap, and alot of gunk at the bottom. What chemical(s) can I use that will remove the varnish and crap without hurting the plastic that the gas tank is made out of?
  4. Sundog

    What battery do I get?!

    From the Shorai website: Lithium https://shoraipower.com/faq Down to about 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-7C) most users find that they can start normally on first crank. If your headlight comes on at key-ON, it is good for the batteries to flow some current before cranking in cold weather. The suggested headlight-on time before cranking depends on the temperature. If starting at 40F/5C, 30 seconds will help wake the battery and increase cranking performance. If at 0F/-17C, leave the lights on for 4~5 minutes before cranking. The result will be a better first crank, and longer battery life. If the engine fails to start on first crank, that first crank has warmed the battery, and the second attempt will be much stronger. Other accessories that can be turned on before cranking can also be used for this purpose, such as heated gear, radio, etc... Insuring that the battery is fully charged after storage also improves first-start performance in cold weather Personally, I really like my Shorai Lithium. I swap it between 2 DRZs and a XR650. Have had it for 4-5 years I believe.
  5. Sundog

    Blast from the past! DRZ475TT

    Wow...I can remember that build.
  6. Sundog

    IMS 4.0Gal Tank w/stock Petcock

    You mean this tank? Yep, it works with the stock, WR400 or Pingle petcock.
  7. Sundog

    Back problems from riding?

    Kidney belt...plus I tend to stand more then sit while riding.
  8. Sundog

    4.0 Gallon IMS Tank on DRZ400S - Lets See IT !

    On an E model w/Unabiker red guards. And...in a pinch...one can lay the bike on the left hand side to get the gas fron the right hand shroud over to the left side (where the petcock is). Total gas not able to be used from my measurements is around 0.20-0.25 US gallons.
  9. Sundog

    Tool kit essentials?

    Just duct tape several to the inside of your air box panel.
  10. Sundog

    Woods goggles lenses

    I prefer yellow lenses and then clear for woods riding.
  11. Sundog

    SuperMoto Hooligans-1st ride Pics and Video

    Eau Claire.... I'm with you, didn't realize there were so many 'tard riders, let alone DRZs...especially out in Eau Claire. Makes me feel like finally getting all my parts of out storage and putting the SM trim on one of mine for the first time. Am in Minneapolis, used to go through Eau Claire all the time on the way to Knobby Ridge.
  12. Sundog

    Acerbis side panals?

    I have the exact ones needed on the DRZ. PM me.
  13. Sundog

    Drz fasteners (quick clips)

    No storefront. Just here. Do a search on dzus fasteners on TT.
  14. Sundog

    Whats a drz really worth?

    I have both a WR450 and a big bore DRZ. Both have their place. Both very different. Wouldn't want the WR in some places I take the DRZ and vce versa.