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  1. kyser

    Need RHC valves !

    Dprracing offer TBC / ceramic treatment for valves , I am not sure that it is a low friction treatment like the one from RHC
  2. kyser

    Need RHC valves !

    Does someone have the email or contact information of his son??
  3. kyser

    Need RHC valves !

    I tried by mail via ron_hamp@ronhamp.com , no replies. .. Is there someone who got an other E-mail address? ?
  4. kyser

    Need RHC valves !

    Hi I am trying to contact Ron Hamp Cycle for months to buy some set of valves with standard size with the special coating on them. Trying many times, I can not get contact by phone or by email... Is someone in touch with Ron hamp Cycle can pm me to place an order?? My project is stuck because of those parts Thanks
  5. kyser

    YZ400F Carb parts

    Hi I received the same carb than the photo, model "5JG2 100A13" what is this carb? a fcr2? a final mx version ? is the yz426f carb is the same one , is it a 39mm? I need detailed information about this fcr carb thanks
  6. kyser

    STM Slipper Clutch Issue/Help

    Hi everybody Using the STM slipper clutch on a drz400sm what is the torque needed on the main nut (we need to use the stm special tool for this one ) ? it is not mentioned in the manual . some people says 75ft-lb others 127NM what is the right torque ? thanks
  7. kyser

    RHC products, where to buy?

    after one month of research, requests by phone and Email , It seems that I can not get my hand on that RHC valves, spring and 187 cams... is there someone in touch with Ron Hamp?? I am completely stuck for my drz big bored project. thanks a lot for your help
  8. kyser

    RHC products, where to buy?

    OK I tried to phone and e-mail RHC , no replies... I made a PM as well..., nothing. can you contact Ron Hamp?? thanks
  9. Greetings everyone it seems that only SSW sells RHC products currently. https://sites.google.com/site/sisnerosspeedworks/rhc--ssw-cams-valves-and-springs I sent some E-mails (no replies) and even tried to buy (via paypal) I just got: "Your purchase couldn't be completed There's a problem with the merchant's PayPal account. Please try again later." Perhaps I am mistaken about where to buy, but I am re-building a new 485cc DRZ400 engine and I need some parts. I am not pointing problems about SSW, I just want to find some solutions. I welcome any advices or suggestions to buy RHC products thanks
  10. HI everyone it seems very difficult to get the 96mm head gasket for a big bore kit with a piston of 95.5mm originally the kit included a head gasket (cometic 96mm) however, I can not find them anymore, and cometic does not list them as well in their catalog I can find a 97mm one . should I go for a 97mm one, any experiences or recommendations? thanks you all