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  1. teamecc31

    Help Quick!!!

    we fixed it and it works
  2. teamecc31

    Help Quick!!!

    well we think we have an air leak so we checked the carb and it wasnt on there right, so we fixed that and tryed it again, it worked better but we changed the jet to a 190 and tryed it again fouled the plug. we put a new one in it and started and it runs like shit still. back to square 1
  3. teamecc31

    Help Quick!!!

    I just purchaced a Athena 290 big bore kit and it went on awesome but we started it up and it doesnt want to run without the chock on and the pipe gets insanely red fast. we changed the jetting to 200 and thought that was it but its not it did the same thing. HELP thanks in advance
  4. teamecc31

    50/70 Help

    hey thanks a lot
  5. teamecc31

    50/70 Help

    I was wondering if you can just bolt on an xr70 cylinder and piston to a 2000 xr50. are the pistons different? would the 50 valves work with the 70 mod if it works? thanks in advance.
  6. teamecc31

    good news crf250r people

    cheched my valves after a season and there PERFECT other then my countershaft bearing blew up and out of my cases. dont know why this happened.
  7. teamecc31

    anyone else cracked there case??

    you probly might want to makesure that your bearing is ok cuz i was at redbud couple weeks ago and the bearing shattered and blew out threw my case. and oil was leaking everwhere it was great
  8. teamecc31

    Frame and swing arm upgrade whats the best?

    i would give pony power motorsports a call. 269-556-5665 or check out sanomx.com
  9. teamecc31

    pictures of redbud mini bike race

    no but i was there gettin 3rd overall in 50 stock. what u need pics for?
  10. teamecc31

    carb upgrades

    you dont think any bigger?
  11. teamecc31

    carb upgrades

    i got the BBR 82cc big bore kit. what size carb kit should i get?
  12. teamecc31

    crf250 motor blow up?

    Has anyones crankshaft twisted and had oil goin everywhere and ball bearing go out everywhere? i heard that this is a common thing but i have never seen it happen. i totaly wrote this wrong it is the countershaft bearing went out not the crankshaft.
  13. teamecc31

    XR-50 Custom Exhaust

    this is what i did. i took my stock exhaust and cut the muffler part off and took all the little screens out of there and ran a strait pipe threw the muffler, becuse it is made to absorb the sound, and the strait power means strait power. then i welded it back together. just something to think about. it sounds great and gives it more low end.
  14. teamecc31

    sdg owners please help

    you need to sell that sdg and get a xr50 like mine cuz that thing has no low end. found that out last night when i whooped ya