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  1. I wouldn't go quite that far, Beta 4t's are much more than a trailbike. I would rank Beta with the rest of the pack, just not at the level of the Austrians, you can group them by weight. Beta's steel frame gives it a plus, and the same frame is making great rider's out of no name's on 2 strokes. It could be updated, the back half of it is too complex. The Beta engines are tuned a little soft, on purpose. Heavier cranks for flywheel weight effect and tuned without a hit is a different direction than the rest, but a reasonable approach, even for racing. Beta had a few "developments" before the Austrians, such as reducing the cylinder height to lower the cg, and they are the only big bore running dual injectors. We may be able to use Purvine's racing as an example of a team whose results went backwards after leaving Beta for Yamaha, so I don't think they are boat anchors. They just aren't at the state of the art level of the Austrians on 4t's, but neither is anyone else, other than perhaps the Sherco's 300 and the TM 250, but that is an arena that Beta has yet to pursue.
  2. Are we still on a fuel injection thread? This has turned into the finer arts of prepping air filters...Next we can discuss types of engine oil. If there is no fuel injection problem after all, how about we switch to another thread for drivel? We are now on page 4 of a problem thread, but no problem found?
  3. Let's talk 4-strokes. Beta is having a tough time getting any racing results on them this year. Last year Gerston did well in a small series and had no good results in EX, and Ashburn almost won a bigger series and struggled in GNCC, Salvini was injured early and had a few good rides, but was not a threat and got dropped. Overall it was meh. This year Max is way behind with 2 races left in the Scrambles, Ashburn is in the back half of the top 10 in both series, and Salvini switched brands and became a new man, leading the EnduroGP series against Beta's Holcombe on the 2-stroke just past the halfway mark. Charlier hasn't done anything. It appears to me that the competition's bikes have improved, with Salvini being the most obvious example. The EnduroGP courses are more open than last year too. While Beta is kicking butt with 2-strokes, they appear to have fallen behind (never got there) in the 4-stroke world. So now the reason for posting in this thread. Years ago it was mentioned that a new 250/350 4-stroke engine was in the pipeline. Now that we have seen the 125/200 project completed, that new engine is next in line for enduro models for the next big thing. Beta has never competed in the 250 4t class, leaving that to the TM's and KTM's. Rounding out the model lineup even further would make sense, since that is what they did already with the 2t's. The current engine makes great power (although giving up cc's on a 430 vs. 450's makes no racing sense) but appears to be overweight for top level racing. Hopefully the project comes soon, and carries over to the big bore 4t's as well. Reliability is a concern, since the 500 is the top seller (in the US?) and few will ever see racing duty, most will see lots of long distance running. Never the less, Beta has hired Top Gun racers to showcase the 4t's, and it is not working out too well. I will be curious to see how Ty, still not a veteran Pro, does on his 2t this year vs. the 4t last year..
  4. Why should buyer's accept that a new bike will need to have it's suspension sorted? Other than springs, it's possible (apparently quite difficult) to sell a stock bike that doesn't need to be re-valved immediately. I'm not calling anyone a liar, but this industry is famous for internals of suspension and engines not matching what is on the decals or the outside. Even Steve admits to re-valve. Rebuilt suspension can work or not work, but quality components could be stock. Mine works good enough, not great. It is common that forks that work well on a 2-stroke don't work as well on a 4-stroke. Beta has a known problem with high wear from poor treatment of the metals in the forks, it may now be corrected with the '18's but put that together with the flaking Zoke's and you have a black cloud hanging over the brand. Sachs 7mm shims are the only brand using that size. There are more threads on (front) suspension than almost anything else. Beta has gotten better every year with valving, and chosen evolution over revolution. It appears these new forks are renamed to try to leave the Sachs era behind them. The details are rather scarce on the new components, I'm hoping that is poor marketing and not poor design and execution. I would not be surprised to see the RE models CC forks get a substantial upgrade in coatings and treatments, if not for performance, for the perception of durability as the flagship fork for the Enduro bikes.
  5. There is far more" bang for your buck" when the factory upgrades components. Suspension challenges are not unique to Beta, no manufacturer is running the same suspension components now that they were 3, 5 or 10 years ago. Well, there is the Yamaha's..
  6. Let's just start by assuming that not everyone has the cash to BYOB upgrade their suspension systems. We can also be realistic enough to recognize that even though Holcombe has done (very) well on stock components, no one really knows what's inside his forks. The Boano team runs Ohlins, but they are in the business of selling accessories. Regardless of what he runs, the reviews of Beta suspension (particularly front) has not been all that flattering over the last 5 years or so. Mostly they are referred to as too soft on the RR's and too firm on the CC's. Spring rates have been jostled, and each year we get a new valving tweak, just like every other manufacturer. Dirtbird has mentioned at Beta Riders to wait til you see what the (new?) CC forks will be. I believe he knows something. Since we have seen the 1st significant upgrade to the OC forks (now referred to as ZF) in many years, we can reasonably assume the CC's will also be upgraded significantly. These are not your father's Sach's components on the RR's. I don't know exactly what these images depict, but I am expecting big things from the '19 model suspension. I feel like this is a big part of the price increase on the '19's for the RR's. THIS is the big change this year, and the one everyone has been crying about for years. Fingers crossed they got it right.
  7. "In the last two years Beta has won the Manufacturers World Enduro Championship title, the Enduro3 and EnduroGP World titles with Steve Holcombe and Enduro Junior title with Brad Freeman in 2017. At the time of writing the 2018 Enduro World Championship is again proving a title-contending season for Holcombe and Freeman (now moved up and aiming for the E1 title) plus Matteo Cavallo is also wiping the floor in the Juniors. World class riders help get the job done of course but it can be no fluke Beta is having this run of results." https://enduro21.com/index.php/40-general/3420-six-stand-out-things-from-beta-s-2019-enduro-line-up
  8. What is the problem with stock OEM?
  9. "As for picking one over the other, we have to say that the Beta is the top bike in stock form. It has an edge in power, suspension and standard equipment. Aside from tires, the Beta’s instrumentation is much better, and the price is over a grand lower. Once you get into modifications for competition, it might be different. But, that’s another story." http://www.betausa.com/sites/default/files/Dirt Bike Magazine 500rr-s %26 husq.pdf I don't recall seeing this before?
  10. From the Beta USA website gallery. Random.
  11. Keep trying Dr. Frankenstein, you'll have it dancing soon...
  12. airboot/airbox issues anyone?
  13. Has anyone else experienced a filter fitment problem? Hundreds of Beta owners (at least) on this site and I have never heard of it before. It is unlikely that all airboxes are molded incorrectly and we are just hearing about it? The sky is likely not falling. Let's let this settle out.
  14. did you take it to Uptite George?
  15. Mine had a wire on the handlebar that I had crushed the insulation with a mirror mount and it was grounding and quickly taking out my battery, I have heard of bad horns doing the same thing. Good luck, I bought a new battery and didn't really need to, oh well.