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  1. Lots of developments in the Euro scene. KTM and Husqvarna have officially left EnduroGP for the newly formed WESS World Enduro Super Series which is intending to mix several types of off road into one series such as Extreme, traditional, cross country and beach racing. The series schedule leans heavy to Extreme, which is trending upward. All events will include amateur competition which puts the teams and sponsors directly in front of more fans and competitors. KTM and Husky have hired up the best riders money could buy for this type of racing, and also the Superenduro GP. Husqvarna will field Colton Haaker, Graham Jarvis, Alfredo Gomez and Billy Bolt. KTM will field Taddy Blazusiak, Josep Garcia, Jonny Walker, Cody Webb and Nathan Watson. In the US, a similar series has been announced by the AMA. Unlike the Euro scene, no major teams or riders have been announced in this 4 race series. No news out of Beta USA for the coming year other than re-signing Max Gerston who won a minor championship. Jordan Ashburn took a win in the Ozark 100 miler Hard Enduro. The article is on page 74-82. Also here: Christophe Charlier, who is coming off of a year where he was the 1st ever to be on the winning team of France in both the ISDE and Motocross of Nations, has joined Beta for EnduroGP and the Italian Enduro championship. Gas Gas has signed several top names in EnduroGP. Gas Gas also got Andrew Delong for GNCC and National Enduro. Sherco has got Matt Phillips to stay in EnduroGP after all.
  2. The 500 is fine for that type of use with the exception of comfort. The seat gets old real fast, some wind protection would be a plus also. Balancing is a must over 45 mph. The stock gearing is fine, 15/48 is my preferred dirt and MX gearing, 15/45 makes 6th too tall unless you are on flat ground or doing 70/80 ish. I did 250 miles all paved but very curvy and some highway with a group of ADV bikes and 1 KTM 500 this weekend, I needed to stand a lot to give my butt a break. I have a set of dirt knobby wheels and a set of dual sport IRC GP1 wheels so the swap makes it more reasonable. I'm not interested in riding street on knobby's due to lack of corner traction and excess vibration or wearing them down.
  3. Wow, I just read 5 pages thinking it had to get better. Kran, your title reads total loss of compression or spark? When you hit the starter it turns over like normal? Do you mean as in compression like normal or spinning free? I don't know how your vent hoses are routed, but my transmission vent is into the airbox and the crankcase vent is in the carb boot. Either could produce oil into the airbox and foul the plug. I know the bike is at the shop, so it's too late to know. A little clarification might help future Beta sales
  4. Yep, that ought to do it. Now, did anyone get it on video? The thought of buying spares as if bars are a consumable is foreign to me I guess I thought alloys would break rather than bend.
  5. IIRC the prices for the 300 and 250 were the same, I'm sure the manufacturing cost is the same. It's hard to imagine that this is a 2nd batch of production to replace sold out stock and that the exchange rate has changed, so we would have to assume there is too many hanging around in the warehouse that need a new home. Isn't the new price the same as the newly announced 125? Without an e-start? So how much would the parts cost to make it a 300? About $500? Now you could have both? Hmmm
  6. For our entertainment, could you please tell the stories of how you guys bend bars? It's got to be something extreme for sure.
  7. Ping had an article at about a "triple crown" of 125 2t's running 3 West, 3 Central and 3 East rounds with a final race, so 7 proposed races at the AMA MX nationals as a support class. No details are official, including what bikes,, what tracks, if it will get livestream or TV, how many motos and how long etc. There seems to be lot's of interest, particularly in seeing exotic boutique brands on the track like TM, Beta and Sherco. I've reached out to MX Sports but no response. 2018 Budgets are being finalized now, info is needed and soon if teams are to be put together. Politics in play I'm sure.
  8. Most may know this due to Beta USA's email, although they just sent the email on Steve Holcombe's Enduro GP world title. It takes a few days for the press to roll out the stories anyways. pg 22 Klim 2 page ad pg 32 Race article pg 37 Beta ad A few things I noted: * Max beat Nick Burson and last year's Beta team Purvine's * Max rode 3 rounds injured after a bad practice crash * Trystan Hart won 3 rounds (and missed 5) Ty Tremaine won 1, Cody webb won 1, Burson won 2, and Fiasconaro on the Gas Gas won 1. Lot's of Endurocross rider's winning in this series. * The 390 takes its 1st Championship to back up it's building legacy as the most "manageable" 4 stroke in the Beta lineup. * Only 4 ProAA rider's did the whole series.
  9. Nice short video, good edit. The audio was good. That sleeper on the truck is something else. Bear proof? I see Max clinched the championship! Did you get any photos of the pro's?
  10. As most know, Joe Wasson had a terrible accident in round 2, and nearly lost his throttle hand. Here's an interesting follow up story:
  11. This finish very important to Beta for a few reasons: * It is the USA and therefore more "accepted" as a legit result due to the level of competition. * It is perhaps the best result of a Beta 4 stroke. * Jordan has "overachieved" for his racing resume. * The bikes in this series are factory or factory support at the highest level, these are the same bikes winning in SX/MX competition at the highest levels. While this series doesn't carry the recognition of the GNCC's, the format has moved to the forefront of Enduro and is quite similar to what is run in EnduroGP. There are "Cross" sections (which Jordan was the fastest at last weekend) and there are "Trails" also, although not as tight as true enduro. Jordan was battling for the championship lead for the last several races/months and I have to wonder if he backed it down in the GNCC's knowing he had much to risk and was best to save himself for the Sprints? Either way, fantastic job by Jordan, and well done Beta (he stayed on the '17) proving that the bikes don't need to apologize for anything. While Beta may have no interest in "track" racing, they happen to make a bike that would be able to compete if they chose to. Sponsoring a race team for a manufacturer is about proving that your machine can compete. Beta just did that. Again.,16290/GD2,43126
  12. The EnduroGP series may not have drawn as much attention as desired, but the competition is far from 2nd rate. If you think that KTM/Husky haven't spent a fortune equal to some 3rd world countries GDP to defend their turf (unsuccessfully recently) you'd be wrong. They have been fielding the best that money can buy. There is not a single other form of dirt biking that ALL the manufacturer's show up for. (By the way, GG was a non factor) So the series might not be getting coverage, but let's not confuse that with weak competition. Sorry Matt, you got beat. Now Husky and KTM want to pull their money, in the very root core competition that made them what they are today. All because everyone didn't get a ribbon. They are going to take their ball and go home. Sorry for derailing the suspension subject.
  13. Care to elaborate? You don't come around here often, but I have come to respect your opinion.
  14. Dadee welcome, I haven't seen you in the Beta threads before. You present some interesting cavitation info, I assume you are using a dyno that can map it out? I see that you are a suspension tuner who sponsors several Beta riders so any Sachs experience is welcome here. What do you think of the Sachs shims size vs. KYB's with reference to tuning abilities? I happen to agree with the spring rates on the charts being soft.
  15. You are correct, A-kit has become a slang term synonymous with "works" forks. Only Showa makes a brand name A-kit, and AFAIK only offers them to Pro teams, and Honda's team riders have ended up on KYB in many cases, although factory pressure is being applied to get them all back on Showa's. What Pro-Circuit offers isn't even officially known as A-kit, hence they are marketed as "Works". They are primarily for 250 class riders who have a production rule and price cap for suspension. The premier class typically runs an even higher spec. Originally A-kit meant only limited production $10k plus forks with larger components from tubes to valves and rods, with high tech coatings everywhere and machined axle lugs which are unobtainable to the common person regardless of the size of your wallet. Because of the notoriety, everyone used/copied the term A-kit for "high end" forks. B-kits used to mean modified production forks including coating everything and replacing most internals. The terminology has gotten lost on a very complex set of options and choices. I have no idea what is inside of the GG forks, but Technical Touch is the authorized KYB supplier in the U.S. and Europe and is the "decal" and brand name to be expected on "high end" KYB's.