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  1. Johnny Depp

    Red-line for the 500 RR-S?

    Don't get your panties in a bunch just yet. This Beta forum is great, and you'll get to know the regulars (well you already have). We (including your new "friends" ) really do appreciate your input and are thankful to hear about the '19's 1st hand. We all use our bikes for different things, and that is what makes the Beta great, it has unmatched versatility. Keep it coming, don't let anyone scare you off, they all really have a lot of info to offer, you just have to sift through the BS like anywhere.
  2. Johnny Depp

    Red-line for the 500 RR-S?

    I have streeted my 500 plenty (I think Surfer Dude does too) , and around 60-70 I probably had too much gear 15/48 because it didn't seem too happy at that speed range, as in not enough power for hills and downshifting too much. Above that speed was fine, just a gearbox gap with a wide ratio. It will pull over 100 with just about any gearing, but if you don't want to scream it I'd recommend at least a 14t countershaft sprocket. I assume you are concerned with it being able to rock crawl without clutch abuse, and those are opposite ends of the spectrum. I do all sorts of off road including rock walls but not rock fields and the 15t pulls perfect with mild clutch use.
  3. Johnny Depp

    Beta Dealer Meeting

    Thanks for the ride reports fellas. I only heard you both say "the 480 rocks!". Is it over?
  4. Johnny Depp

    Beta Dealer Meeting

    Who's got some top secret scoop for the forum? Spill it, let's see photos and videos!
  5. Johnny Depp

    EnduroCross season finish-Championship

    Finals highlights, good stuff! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XjgjcRxftQ
  6. Johnny Depp

    2019 Beta RR 300 Limited Edition Steve Holcombe Replica

    We always want to see the new models... Oh yeah, a 200 in the video too.
  7. As they should, fitting of a bike than has won multiple world titles. More performance oriented changes than a Race Edition, super cool! https://www.enduro21.com/index.php/endurogp/3717-eicma-show-steve-holcombe-replica-beta-rr-300-two-stroke Steve HolcombeBeta Replica RR 300 two-stroke limited edition: Numbered and signed metal plate on each bike Geco CNC triple clamps Geco CNC brake pedal Geco CNC gear lever TMD chain guide/protector Rear brake caliper support Factory rear brake disc Holcombe’s seat cover Holcombe’s Racetech handlebar grip set Simplified electric system/wiring Red silicone coolant hoses Holcombe’s ZF sprockets/gearing Holcombe’s Racetech hand guard set Limited edition Holcombe sticker set Metzeler Six Days Extreme tyres Anodised brake and clutch master cylinder covers Geco axle puller Holcombe’s Reikon bar bend Holcombe’s bar pad Frame protection kit Rear shock preload adjuster
  8. Johnny Depp

    MY 2019 Beta RR-S Thread

    Thanks for the 1st report I've seen on a '19 RR-S. Sorry it is not in better shape for you right out of the box, but glad you are enjoying it and isolating your issues. It's a shame that the same issues were around in many cases on my '15. Wheels need balancing, rear spring out of adjustment, weak headlight etc. I didn't have any leaks to this day, but many had t-stat issues. Battery and charging issues are not on the normal list, electrical gremlins have been. Keep looking for you problem, the charging system should make plenty of juice. The noise may be chain slap, I know mine had a lot until I removed a spacer under the front chain guide. The tires lasted forever on mine, but I wasn't on the street at all with them. After some break in hours (10-15) mine loosened up and I went to the 15t sprocket, I'd suggest the 14t for you for now while breaking it in. It will make the power delivery smoother and won't run so hot, and wheelie better! Don't be afraid to try the 15t, this engine will pull it and craves torque rather than revs. I have no comment on the suspension, other than get the proper spring rates and then asses it again. They are supposed to be all new, but with the wrong springs they will once again get a bad rap out of the box I suspect? My older Sachs versions have been better than expected and have never needed revalving, just springs. Good luck and keep info coming, it will be worth a bit of teething and setup for what you get in the end, there is nothing else like it.
  9. Johnny Depp

    EnduroCross season finish-Championship

    Chris thanks for the awesome report and photos! Really good photos by the way! What a fun time following you guys (vicariously) online this year. You taking the time out of your busy life (I pray your mother is better) and missing work to keep a race bike on the track (going through the frame damage was tough) was a huge sacrifice, but you 2 are living the dream. I hope to see one of these in person next year since my life is settling down (after caring for and losing my mother in law) and watch the progression of Ty's career. That was really solid of Beta to help with a van in your (and their?) time of need. I know you'd never say it so I will, being the top (full time) Beta rider has to feel good even if not financially. I hope Beta comes back to the table if that is what is best for you two. If not, I would guess there would be other suitor's... I took the liberty of posting a link to your report over at Vital, I hope that's OK?
  10. Johnny Depp

    Ty Tremaine on Beta, Alta halts business

    Congratulations Ty and Chris on a great season! You guys really dug deep into your own pockets to keep chasing the dream and pulled off a Junior Championship and no doubt 1st Privateer. Great photo representing the family team effort.
  11. Johnny Depp

    Ty Tremaine on Beta, Alta halts business

    Last race of the series in Boise tonight!
  12. Johnny Depp

    Ty Tremaine on Beta, Alta halts business

    Thanks for the report. I'm sure you've seen the video's of the last 2 weeks, it is great having him back doing those again, without it the series gets poor media. I know we always end up with Endurocross on a variety of threads, but TT is kinda that way. It seems like the starts are really coming around, setup, practice or luck whatever it is it's working. This track seemed borderline technical which is something that helps your Ty, but I didn't see too many hitting the ground and the leaders were relatively trouble free and got away from the pack again. I don't know if we will ever see anyone on those 2 guys level, is there anything you can point to that put's them into that other league?
  13. Johnny Depp


    Awesome bike right there. Did you hear about Gerston at the final race. It seems like you aren't the Lone Ranger.
  14. Johnny Depp

    BETA Pro Tent Pics at IronMan

    That is some of the 1st I've seen of Beta's GNCC setup, and it looks like they are putting on quite a display. Thanks for the photos, fill us in on any race report if you can, including yours?