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  1. Johnny Depp

    Beta Dirt Bikes are Slow

    If Beta is ever going to shed their label of "Playbikes" some serious changes are in order. Maybe they never will, but here's what I reckon it would take to get the ugly boat up to speed: * longer knobbies (ask anyone) * less flywheel effect on the engine (the fast guys never stall) * a powerband with a HIT (think popping the front end for wheelies) * lose 40-50 lbs (leave off all the heavy guards and skid plates like KTM) * drop the warranty (racers ain't skeered) * pick a color (are you a Honda clone or a Husky clone?) * get a brand name suspension (at least people will buy it even if it sucks) * Go Hi Tech (I want someone to adjust my powerband in the pits from a cell phone after the start) That's all the free tips I'll offer for now, I just hate to see a 100 year old company fall flat on it's ass, so it's the least I can do.
  2. Johnny Depp

    Bike reviews: The real story

    I would assume that you time your sessions, good for you. It doesn't matter if it's in a race or not, actually a race can be the wrong place to do timing, because often there is not a clear path due to traffic. Nothing personal here, just that timing and comparing is far superior to anyone's "feelings". I'm curious why you choose not to enter races, would you mind sharing your thoughts (sorry to derail)? I'm soon to undertake promoting some events that I think might be just right for riders like yourself, although they will be in central Texas.
  3. Johnny Depp

    Mike Genova Statement on Malcolm

    I'm not sure about this one's analysis, but now you have me needing to look at the replays. WAY TOO MANY Red Riders have been injured in endo crashes. So bummed for Mookie, I always believed in his talent, and when I saw the pre race interview for A1 he looked ripped, and I knew he would be up front. Sucks how it ended.
  4. Johnny Depp

    Bike reviews: The real story

    This subject draws lots of conversation, and that's what I like to see on any forum. Sometimes forums can get a little too technical about how to do a repair and stuff. The Beta TT site has always been one of my favorites, and I thought I might have a little fun with some sarcasm, which is not well interpreted by most online because they don't read the thread, just jump to the end to answer the title. I thought a little red meat to the visitors might be fun and educational. My beef with testers is the methodology is woefully obsolete. This is 2019, and the ability to accurately time a lap or session is easy peasy and cheap. Any cell phone can do it with a free app. Not 1 magazine or website uses timing as a standard method. Many of them admit to having timed lots of sessions, but not a mention of it ever in the results or conclusion. For any of us in the group that most rides end with a checkered flag, that is completely missing the target. Feelings and input are worthless compared to lap times for riders who race. If you don't want to know how to improve your time by even a second a lap, then you aren't really competing. The conclusion, based on my own experience and others, is that Beta's are really fast, deceptively so. Most ride them and "feel" a slow power delivery, and incorrectly conclude that they are slow. There are many instances where they have proven to be winners. The failure to use repeatable, measurable, precise methods of comparison is just not acceptable in today's high tech world, especially to those that know better.
  5. Johnny Depp

    Beta Dirt Bikes are Slow

    Marty you came to the Party with no booze. Go have a few and jump back in here, but don't be so serious next time.... The bikes are 90% or more the same. When the RR-S sets the fastest time in an enduro loop of any bike the tester has ever ridden, that just goes to show you that the throttle must have been sticking
  6. Johnny Depp

    Beta Dirt Bikes are Slow

    Brilliant marketing strategy by Beta that I'll let you in on. I'm a paid social media ambassador, every post I make that mentions a Beta I get $500. You can't believe all the suckers we've fooled. Like bees to honey. HA got ya.
  7. Johnny Depp

    Beta Dirt Bikes are Slow

    I hope you don't mind people laughing at you on that ugly POS trailbike. Maybe you could hop it up and get some flourescent plastics? Have you tried taking off the muffler yet?
  8. Johnny Depp

    Beta Dirt Bikes are Slow

    More proof of paid off idiot testers here. https://www.betausa.com/sites/default/files/Dirt Bike 2019 Beta 430 RR-S Review.pdf "Who makes the best dual sport line today? Beta. That's it no asteriks, no subtext and no double talk." LOL HA HA what fools, everyone knows it's the KTM 500 EXC for the last decade.
  9. Johnny Depp

    Beta Dirt Bikes are Slow

    You were one of the lucky ones. Most people riding behind a 480 end up with a bloody face. (Playbikes throw a lot of roost due to being so heavy)
  10. Johnny Depp

    Beta Dirt Bikes are Slow

    It could fool the average person, until you realize the hundred's of thousands of dollars spent to hire riders like your son to make those trail bikes look good. Sneaky I tell ya. Not fooling me though, all talent no bike.
  11. Johnny Depp

    Beta Dirt Bikes are Slow

    Exactly. And let's not forget that poser Jimmy Lewis. No telling how much they get paid to race play bikes in 24hr events, not to mention paying the other teams to take a dive and let them win. Literaly taking their life in their own hands though, you have to respect that.
  12. Johnny Depp

    Beta Dirt Bikes are Slow

    To deliver power. Everyone says so. The press, forums, even owners admit it. Hundreds of comments over the years confirm it. Trail bike type easy to ride power delivery focused on flat torque curves apparently is the culprit. Great for trails, but all wrong for racing or speed. I know there has been some racing success on Beta's, and the right rider can make anything look good. Some riders (that don't get it) even take them on tracks, and enter Scrambles and Enduros on these trail bikes. But let's be honest, the bikes are holding them back, even though some get good results they would do better on more competitive modern machinery. Even though we like to blame the press for getting reviews wrong all the time, we have to admit that professional testers who ride all sorts of bikes are better judges of a bikes ability than the average weekend warrior who occasionally gets to try different bikes at demo days and such. I know none of the testers want to test a "play bike" in races since it would be a waste of their time, because we all know what would happen. Thankfully Beta doesn't allow their bikes to be put in those situations to be embarrased. The average industry tester has decades of experience of the feel of bikes, and their seat of the pants impression are so valuable that legions of potential buyers wait anxiously for tests so that they can buy the absolute fastest bikes for competition. Those guys are the experts, and the bike tests and shootouts prove who is the best year in and year out, based upon the opinions of these elite testers. Manufacturer's also benefit greatly from the testing and feedback done by the testers. Year after year the flaws are pointed out and the engineers burn the midnight oil trying to solve problems and keep up with the Jones's of the Moto world. It may take a few years for these changes to reach production, but when they do, they hope to give these testers the feel they have been asking for and get a glowing revue, therefore boosting sales. I've noticed a few things that I'm sure are completely out of context in some of the testing seen over the years. It's obvious that these (amateurish) testers don' t fully understand their place is to personally opine about the bikes they ride. Using timing equipment gives everyone fake news, it doesn't take into account things like track and trail conditions, different riders, weather and setup etc. As a public service, I'd like to ask that a few things be disregarded (we know they occasionally make mistakes) from consideration of Beta dirt bikes. It is well established that rider input and comfort is far more valuable than lap times, and I personally hope that this new fangled technology of GPS timing devices doesn't undermine decades of experience and common knowledge. Let's not let a few pieces of fake news cause people to mistakenly buy a trailbike for racing use. Exhibit A: 10. Despite not quite being a race bike, Associate Editor Jess McKinley knocked out race-quality times on it. Jess times all his riding and testing, so he has a vast performance database on a wide variety of trails in varying condition. In the dry summer conditions, aboard the 2019 Beta 350 RR-S, he put his fastest times ever on Los Padres National Forest’s epic Whatta Trail. Even he was surprised, especially with the less-than-ideal Michelin Enduro rubber. https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2018/11/24/2019-beta-350-rr-s-review-14-fast-facts/ Exhibit B: 7km Enduro Loop Results Beta RR300 10m 45s Beta RR480 10m 25s (10:29 mark on the video) 480 faster than a 300 on an Enduro Loop? Ha Ha
  13. Johnny Depp

    Another red italian dirtbike ???

    Beta is the new KTM. The rest are all playing catch up. If Beta drops an MX / XC model they will absolutely kill it. It's time.
  14. Johnny Depp

    Beta Factory Demo tour coming

    I just spoke to my dealer yesterday after seeing that a new Texas date had been added Feb. 16 with his input, right near Austin in Smithville at the McMahon Ranch where several Enduros and Scrambles and demo days have been held. A great property with lots of sand. Unfortunately I'll be in Cabo for my oldest daughter's wedding so I'll stick with the Fort Worth date on Feb. 2nd which happens to be at Village Creek MX track so better for me anyway. 75 reservations per event, I'm going to spread the word around online for local riders. We've got Arenacross in town this weekend, and the Smithville demo day is on the same day as the Dallas SX which many attend. https://betausagallery.com/beta-usa-demo-tour/ I got a little inside story that the dealer got from the dealer meeting too. Over $400k for the demo tour semi trailer setup, and several people hired just to run that program. The girl doing the event bookings is new to this, so dealer input is valuable. He says every dealer meeting there are more employees, and the sales keep outrunning the inventory. It was mentioned that Beta wished now that they had a gradual $100 increase each year rather than just now raising the prices $600, the increases will help fund the planned growth at the factory to allow more production.
  15. Johnny Depp

    Beta MX ?

    On the website Jordan Ashburn still shows to be on the team. There’s nothing on his Facebook since November when he won the extreme race. Mason is now showing as a support rider.