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  1. I see we added reviews, mods and something else. If you had a view active topics by Beta would be OK to start breaking things up. Otherwise, don't fix what is working.
  2. Sorry for the bad luck, but you saved the bike
  3. This post on Chad Reed's latest setup was too good not to share. Frankenforks with pieces from several manufacturers are becoming commonplace. ML512 wrote: KYB lower tubes, lugs, AOS spring internals with a WP upper's a combination that Enzo and a few others have done. Shock is a WP body and adjuster, with a bladder conversion and what appears to be a Showa 18mm shaft and Pro Circuit A-kit clevis Basically the KYB and Showa tubes have been developed around more rigid aluminum frames and the WP designed around the chromoly steel chassis. Bruce372 wrote: So has he tested the 52mm and trax shock that the factory teams are running? I can't imagine a baller like Reed wouldn't be able to blag some of the works WP stuff... From my understanding, not on this bike. Getting at set is do-able with cash...but the support to tune and set them up could be a bigger problem. Another thing I noticed is Chad swapping to the steel engine mount on that chassis, which comes stock with aluminum engine hangers. Steel is what Dungey and Musquin used on last year's KTM 450 SX-F while the Husky team typically used the stock aluminum ones on theres...250 Husky and KTM teams typically use a carbon fiber one or the aluminum ones. Vital MX's Do-All Minion... Instagram: @Michael_Lindsay512
  4. Non U.S. model (for now?). The changes seem modest. It seems a waste of good R&D and engineering talent on this model, although apparently they sell quite good in Europe and they pay the bills (small changes = profitable?) at the factory. It was stated a few years ago that this would happen, so now they can get on to some of the other rumored models development. A 200 and a 250/350 4t new engine maybe even a ADV model?
  5. Beta Boano 2018 Team 1st round of the Italian Championship.
  6. I'm always distracted by how crappy those Euro tracks look, sketchy covered in loose rocks and looks like it hasn't been worked with heavy equipment since the year it was built. We are so damn spoiled here, everything is freshly faced jumps, drainage properly runoff, 40 ft wide, dug 1 foot each week, disced, rototilled, watered and soap in the water to make it hold moisture better. It makes me feel guilty. I guess that's why I like a big bore over a 125, you'd have to keep it pinned everywhere in the soft stuff. The bike is going to surprise a bunch of people, there's a chance we could have another hit like the 300/250 has turned out to be. People overlook torque and look at HP, dynos never win races, bikes do.
  7. Good luck! The bike looks great, I'm sure you'll have it set up good. It's funny how much it looks like that Gas Gas in the background.
  8. Tuna? That is you right?
  9. Less rotating mass at a higher rpm equals the same too me. Low RPM big bores is a big factor.
  10. Look at the bikes behind the 125 in the shop. The finish appears dull and darker than the frame by a few shades, not normal. Also around the clamping area it is shiny, more like the old finish. Pretty sure there is something going on there?
  11. Definitely the go to guy when something breaks. I'm still waiting.
  12. I just realized, I'm probably out of the cool kids club for chatting with you so much. I don't know how I'll sleep.
  13. You saw my disclaimer at the beginning. I'm not a hater on Sachs, but if I had a pocket full of money I'd sure build me something special before I'm too old to enjoy it. YOLO. Bucket list is all it is. Moto guys jibber jabbering online. Don't take it personal.
  14. $7999, same as the 250 RR. No button, but you can add it BYOB.
  15. You have no idea how much shit I have stirred up over at VitalMX this week. The traffic is over 10x this site, so when you post, there can be 10 responses in an hour, today I got a thread going with 30 responses in 3 hours. I share the Beta kool aid over there and have been splashing it all around to the point that I have become annoying about it. They started insulting the brand and I pounded back. Here, join the fun.,20/Will-the-big-4-ever-make-a-350,1335373 A stealth Beta thread, not in the title, but Oh boy.,20/Do-XC-models-work-for-MX,1335433 This one was to prove out a theory.,20/What-makes-landing-ramps-so-neccesary,1335510 Again an insult responded to in kind. There's more, ask if you want to know about the Seely crash..