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  1. NIce...I was thinking $1300+
  2. So the whole setup? $
  3. Well now that it's boogered up, I always thought it would be better to have the bolts removed from under the fender rather than through the number plate, maybe you can flip it around and test it out for me.... Then you get graphics with no the Husqvarna's. Clean look.
  4. Sweet, and now I'm jealous. What did Stillwell do to it?
  5. What are you up to there?
  6. I tried to tell you the advantages...
  7. I did mine before the wear got started, because I hated the clicking noise of the flap catching on the seam of the swingarm every time I mounted the bike or it went up and down. There is plenty of evidence of extreme wear caused by it. Who cares if a little mud gets on your swingarm, as long as it's not throwing it all over the bottom shock mount?
  8. Just cut all the way across the bottom, about 1/2" if I remember right, not the corners. Done. Next?
  9. Missed this thread the 1st time. I'm carbureted, but this is interesting stuff for the future. Thanks for taking the time and photos to share.
  10. I just used scissors and cut it shorter, all good.
  11. Nice top speed, did it still have a little left?
  12. Don't laugh, I'm sure Chris and others will chime in soon. Realize he runs out of gear with 13/48, not power. 100 is a cake walk on mine with 15/45 and balanced IRC dual sport tires, then I run out of nuts. Google the 12 fastest dirt bikes in the World and see who is #3, Beta 450, and imagine a few years development and FI and 480..., with the KTM 450 SXF rated #1 at 123 mph, and the Beta 480 having a 6 speed and about the same HP, well... I always laugh when non dirt bike people ask "how fast will it go?" since that is not what it's all about, but it is interesting.
  13. I thought I used my rear tire all the way, but you are about to show some cord there. What's next?
  14. Cody beat the world's best, Graham Jarvis and got his 5th win in a row. The format is better suited to an endurocross guy since it is not an all day event. Here's the guy who did the above video from TX in the event on a Beta! I've got to assume he doesn't post here, I've forgotten his name, but he posts at VitalMX and did a video interview of Eric Peronard about the new Endurocross format for this year. Ashburn was contending for a while for 3rd but got passed by Max at the finish. They finished 3 laps behind the leaders...Brutal Gnarly stuff. Now Endurocross starts in Vegas this weekend, Ashburn is not signed up for that, but just like Max's skills cross over to Hare & Hound, Ashburn looks like he knows rocks. Morgan Tanke won the women's class on the Beta too! Chris we are counting on you to get us the inside scoop on the Endurocross season this year. Best of luck to Ty and the Beta team.
  15. You have to use all the travel in your forks occasionally for it to yank on the connection. JK No top speed reports for us?