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  1. I would have assumed the same. Your son is ruined now. He'll end up having it in his blood.
  2. Pretty sure the graphics say Argeseries? Some nice bits on there.
  3. Good Eye. I can see the kickstart for the last race where only a DNF could lose it for you, not sure about the clutch. In another thread a new owner of an '18 390 put on a Rekluse, and I was surprised that it fit? Just how new is that clutch?
  4. It appears Brad Freeman has taken over the lead in the Juniors also finishing 1st today. His title rival Soreca finished 3rd. It will go down to the final day Sunday. It is also announced that they will go back to E3 in 2018 and split the Juniors into J1 and J2 under 250 and over 250 basically.
  5. I haven't seen it posted, but that has to clinch it!
  6. Wow, that is so cool to see, I wish I hag one of those videos of mine being born. Sweet bike, congratulations! I'm sure you'll find the long wait was worth it. Keep it coming on the updates.
  7. No worries, GP will be along soon. He has got 350 hrs. on his '13 model and races it regularly. Grab it up!
  8. I'm surprised you were able to adapt the Rekluse since the '18's have a new clutch I didn't expect it to fit? Got get it dirty!
  9. Live now on blob:F040D636-344D-4986-A85A-58175CF8ECFF
  11. Well the long anticipated 200 breaks cover. I figured there may be some new since there is a Dirt Bike Show in UK next week. I hope there is more to come..
  12. Annual Beta Italy Ride Day
  13. Pricey, but available. MXA doesn't love it.