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  1. Wings, because sound matters ! I love mine!
  2. Im hoping it'll let me run 2nd gear on single track trails without lugging hard enough to flame out. I rarely ride freeway, so it shouldn't really affect highway 70mph use too badly. Idk though, it's a big change. I would've rather gone up two teeth on the rear but my chain is too short and a front sprocket is way cheaper than a rear sprocket and a chain. The 15 to 14 cs should be the same as going from stock 46 to 49 rear. I've been running a 14T sprocket on my '17 690 since it was new. It really helps with slow single track trails. On the highway you'll notice you gain around 4-500 more rpm at around 65-70 mph and be shifting sooner from a stop. Last summers ride I was getting around 65+ mpg on the highway.
  3. Case covers look nice! Mine are still in the box. As soon as I finish the head gasket project on my Yota I'll slap them on the KTM.
  4. This is the 1st time I shortened it. I also added a ram ball so it's easier to get the kickstand up. It's hard getting your foot around the damn footpeg to get the stand up after you shorten it. Untitled by Dan White, on Flickr
  5. I had a Kouba link for mine but never put it on. Sent it back to KTMTwins. Had the suspension lowered 2" instead. I ended up cutting off the kickstand right above the stock plate. Then i cut off the kickstand in small increments until I got the proper lean angle. Then I welded on a plate for the foot. Keep in mind that the bike will lean more with no load. Once you get the bike loaded down with gear and the suspension is squished, It will straighten up when on the kickstand. I have mine set so it won't fall over when parked and loaded with gear. You can also buy the Super Moto kickstand which is shorter.
  6. Force0321

    Hanguard Bar End Inserts Dont Hold.

    I’ve run the Highway dirt bike threaded inserts on 3 different bikes. ( and handguards) Comes with tap,inserts and screws. Had zero issues tapping ProTaper or Neken fat bars. They actually tapped super easy. If you guys are attempting to tap steel bars, pitch them in the trash and get Renthal or ProTaper bars! You’ll thank me later! The G2 looks like a nice product also.
  7. It did work 122.25 with shipping! Thanks, Ben meaning to get those! Great! Mine shipped today, arrive on Friday. I did the 4 day Fedex and chose PayPal. Signed up for the PayPal credit , 6 months no interest and PayPal gave me another $10 off ! I’ve done a lot of research on case guards and these seem to be the best around for the price.
  8. Ordered TripleClamp Moto case protectors yesterday. They are 25% off with code 690701group until Jan 31st https://www.tripleclampmoto.com/collections/ktm-950-super-enduro/products/hdpe-engine-cover-sets-ktm690-husqvarna-701
  9. Nope, they thread all the way off!
  10. All you have to do is remove shock from bike, Back stock Locknut and adjusting nut rings all the way off. Remove bottom spring retainer. Slide spring off and remove the screw on locknut and adjusting nut. Screw the Xtrig all the way on. ( See photos above.) Slide spring back on, re-install bottom spring retainer. Bolt shock back onto bike. Adjust preload. In my case, my shock had been internally lowered 2" so I had to use a spring compressor to get the bottom spring retainer off. On a stock shock you shouldn't need to compress the spring.
  11. No problemo. My 2nd job is at a local KTM dealer wrenching on stuff. Free labor and employee discounts.
  12. You're welcome! Glad you got it sorted out. I haven't had mine hit the frame yet, but I don't have near that much preload on mine, yet. I'm set up for no gear on the bike right now.
  13. I'm at about 185ish with jacket, helmet, boots. The 9.2 kg spring was to stiff for me with the Xtrig and bike not loaded down. It might be fine with my full loadout of camping gear for my yearly 10-15 day trip tho. 90% of my riding is done with just riding gear, a backpack and a 1 gallon rotopax on the bike. The stock spring is perfect when not loaded down and I can adjust the Xtrig when I add all my gear. The safari tank adds most of the weight to the front. Best bet is to try the Xtrig with the 9.2 kg spring and load your bike up and measure sag. Worse case scenario if it's to stiff just add the White spring(stock) back, and crank up the preload abit to get the proper sag measurement for your load. You can also do as Sprouty on Advrider suggested and don't install the locking collar with the alignment pin. You might get the needed room to have the adjustment bolt on the right side. Mine works perfectly on the Left side tho.
  14. I had the 9.2 kg spring installed originally with the Xtrig. No problems adjusting. But, with the Xtrig backed all the way off it was to much preload for my weight. I put the stock spring on and it’s perfect now with the Xtrig. You have to put the Xtrig adjuster bolt on the left side. Make sure the locating pin is straight up and to the front of the shock. No clearance problems that way. See photo
  15. Force0321

    690 vs 701 Motor Comparision

    My thoughts Exactly. I don’t find the 690 to vibby at all. Plus I don’t really care for the Easter egg colors of the Husky. 😀