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  1. notifivation

  2. Good to hear from you Kevin. Actually when i first moved to Az we had two jet skis.....Az has the most registered boats in the US. The chop was insane after 9am on most lakes here and crazy traffic. Sold those bought a nice little Glastron, Sold it went back to school. Work in healthcare now...well maybe? Do have a Ducati though, so two wheeled fun still can exist. Taffy....what a charchter. Later Bill
  3. Tell Mark and Shellie Hi from Bill at ThumperTalk....Thanks!
  4. Trailmeister.....I've raced a GNCC, been to a WORCS race and riden miles and miles of Pennsylvania, California and North Carolina. It's ok, but I'm a motocrosser. Besides there's a Ducati in the garage........I'll find some solice in her Kibbs...Thanks tl1000...Thanks J_WR....Have an Ukulele that is going to finally going to get some use. OLHILL.....I'm in great shape BP 117/71 and HR of 51 and I just stumbled...didn't fall, in my 2 hour of a run. Hell I raced with a guy here in Az that's in his 70's. I was lookingh forward to being him in 20 more years....oh well......poopookaka happens. Alan...Thanks CR250...agreed and me stopping MX is a comprimise for me being able to continue surfing. I live in Az so surfing is limited to 4 trips to Maui and a couple to San-O per year. Need something I can do here in AZ (year around) that'll fill the gap. I even tried....hey how bout a vintage bike they go slower
  5. Been riding for the better part of 40 years, rode a GNCC, fullfilled my childhood dream of racing motocross (at the age of 46), rode lot's of terrain from coast to coast and north to south. Met some great people along the way.Was at the first indoor mototcross race at the colesium. Flagged corners as a kid. Worked as a race director and helped get Rocket Raceway in Pa up and running. Traveled up and down California going to races in the 70's and 80's. Helped build TT to what it is today. My original member number was single digit here. I financed, ordered and shipped the first set of TT fender stickers. I also hosted the first couple of TT get-togethers from my house. Great times! A few weeks ago the wife and I were out for a run and I stumbled....didn't go down....managed to "save-it". Well a couple of days later and lot's of pain, days later pain and numbness in the left arm, a week later I'm loosing grip strength......HHHMMMMM! better tell the wife. Always a last resort, but they do save us from ourselves from time to time. Forgot to mention, wifey is a neuro ICU nurse. After I told what had been going on, she freaked. Loaded me in the car, chewed my azz all the way to the hospital and got me an MRI. The MRI shows from an old Judo injury that i blew out C3-C7 and will require fusion to remain active. The alternativer is to sit on the couch, get fat, live in pain and have the surgery years down the road anyways. I'd rather recover at the age of 53 rather than my 70's or 80's and be able to be active. Motocross has been a passion of mine for many years and it breaks my heart to walk away. As a Grandpa, Husband, Father and friend I cannot risk having a crash with that much fusion in my C-Spine. The risk is not worth it. So it looks like I'll be selling my bikes and gear. Not now.....when I'm ready. Good luck, enjoy every minute you can on your motorcycles. Because in an instant your life can change forever. If any of these guys are still around....... see ya Kevin Lysdahl, Mike Morin, Mike Carpenter, Clark Mason, James Dean and Bryan Hulse who started TT. Mahalo and Aloha Bill
  6. Bill

    Can Mike Alessi win ?

    I think it's karma. He and his family have been outspoken and were the first to file a protest during their amateur careers. Yet were no more innocent or guilty as the other racers. Bill
  7. WOW.....so sorry your friend lost a team rider:shocked: The family and friends have lost a loved one....Gods Speed Nate:ride:
  8. Bill

    Arizona ET Friday

    Anyone going? Bill
  9. Bill

    crash at ET

    Not to hijack the thread but, you CAN die from a broken femur. You CAN'T die from torn ligaments in the knee. I choose life with bad knees, like I choose a broken clavicle over paralysis. Just sayin......... Bill
  10. Bill

    Flat Track racing

    Peoria is not a flat track, it's a TT (tourist trophy) race. Flat track is on an oval and TT uses an oval but they add a couple of turns and a small single jump. My first facination was when the new neighbors moved into the hood( late 1960's) and the father raced TT on a BSA, 441 Victor. It had little short straight pipe and was loud as hell. Mahalo:usa:
  11. Bill

    Monday ride

    Going to ET. White super duty, 06 YZ250F w/yellow graphics, #46. Bill
  12. Bill

    aircooled 250, can it take the dunes?

    Sand has been around a lot longer than water cooled bikes:bonk: Bill
  13. Bill

    Seller Alert

    Yea, that's why I said back in the day. He'd probably sue you like the B!otchn he is:foul: I'd be willing to say "he swung first"....hell I'd be willing to be the one to clock him:bonk: Bill
  14. I used to run a brake shop. This guy had the correct components for best advantage of no pulsation. Tips to help reduce pulsation: 1. downshift 2. use tow/haul mode if you have it. 3. when braking, brake hard and let off. 4. Use your e-brake everytime you park. This adjusts up the rears so they provide more braking assistance. 5. Use NAPA premium parts or Raybestos (manufacture for NAPA) Good luck Bill
  15. Bill

    Seller Alert

    ***.....do people today have no honor? What happened to a mans word is a reflection of his character and a hand shake is a contract. Back in the day, an azz kicking of the highest degree would be in order. Bill