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  1. Scrmbld350

    Honda XL250 (1972)


    Its been a learning experience, will be my first complete tear down and resto.
  2. Scrmbld350

    Honda XL250 1972

    Its been a learning experience, will be my first complete tear down and resto.
  3. Scrmbld350

    Honda CL350 Scrambler (1971)


    Fun first bike, gonna be an exciting project
  4. Scrmbld350

    Honda CL350 Scrambler 1971

    Fun first bike, gonna be an exciting project
  5. Scrmbld350

    1972 XL250 MotorSport

    2-10 weeks from e-bay, 3-5 business days from amazon... i love amazon.
  6. Scrmbld350

    1972 XL250 MotorSport

    oh, the ebay one is a vesrah, VG-142
  7. Scrmbld350

    1972 XL250 MotorSport

    Vesrah doesnt appear to have a kit for the 72XL but i found one on ebay i am going to go for.
  8. Scrmbld350

    1972 XL250 MotorSport

    I am doing a resto on my '72 XL everything i have looked at suggests the '72 and '73 are essentially the same, i need the complete motor gasket kit but the only one i find locally is labeled 1973... i am confident it will fit, but no returns so i would like a little reassurance.
  9. Scrmbld350

    70's honda sl 350

    thanks bimbamboom.
  10. Scrmbld350

    70's honda sl 350

    I Just picked up a '72 XL250, and see that the engine has a SL250# i have gotten mixed info, is this correct?
  11. Scrmbld350

    1972 XL250 Resto...

    Also, i just ran into another issue, when i picked the XL up the wheels were not on it. i assemble the wheels before tearing it down, and the brake drum will not turn inside the wheel hub. the rear wheel is completely locked up not. i have it all back apart but the drum will not come out of the wheel hub? any suggestion? id rather not replace the whole thing, but i dont think ill get the brake panel out with out damaging it or the wheel hub. ill post pics tonight.
  12. Scrmbld350

    Colorado 1972 XL250 Resto...

    I am a hot rodder by trade, but about 5 years ago, the money fell out from underneath us all and a change was inevitable. i moved from Phx, AZ. to Denver Co. and started in the gaming industry. well, as always the oil in my veins has gotten the best of me i have acquired two projects. A '71 CL350 and a '72 XL250. the CL is going to sit and wait until the XL is done. originally i was going to just clean it up and flip it to fund the CL project, but while getting it cleaned up it somehow ended up a bare frame... Long story only slightly shortened i need a local parts connection for just little stuff, mainly gaskets to rebuild the motor. the bike is complete, but not well takes care of. these are my first bike builds and i am excited to get to know the motorheads here in Colorado.