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  1. Tech 10s or fly sectors which are made by tcx on closeout on bto fpr 170 from 430. I spent 9months before i could walk after dislocating and destroying my ankle in a brand new pair of sidi crossfires. They are worthless for ankle protection. Anyone who says other wise is simply wrong. The lateral support is worthless.
  2. yz133rider

    2018 RMZ 450 impressions?

    I sold the husky used for 58 and bought the rmz new for 5999. Thats why the switch. If youve tried a new husky or ktm youll see how much better their brakes are its unreal!
  3. yz133rider

    2018 RMZ 450 impressions?

    So i read thru all 29 pages. Jeeze you guys were chatty! I picked up a left over 18 2 weeks ago. Got one ride on it so far. Things i noticed. Engine so friendly amd usable. Easy to put lines together, hit doubles from the inside, and back to the inside for the next corner, lines i wouldnt attempt previously. Suspension soaked up big hits amazing. F air forks. Brakes take way more effort at the lever compared to husky. Dislike that big time. Clutch/mapping combo prone to stalling easier than used to. All in all a couple tweaks away from amazing. Wish list as of now is to do a motostuff caliper, remove judder springs, husky bend pro tapers, arc levers, and possibly pro pegs.
  4. The 05 for sure. Get the suspension done by a good tuner if need be and enjoy. Better condition is priceless to me.
  5. Little different approach than some on here.
  6. yz133rider

    Disappointing dyno

    Seriously should have started with a ktm 450.
  7. yz133rider

    My quest to save the driveway from mud

    Sure seems like a first world problem lol. Being very judgemental but come on. My grass is too perfect and delicate for water and dirt. My driveway is too pristine for dirt. Only reasonable solution is to sell the dirtbike and get into whatever it is your liberal yuppie neighbors are doing.
  8. yz133rider

    My quest to save the driveway from mud

    Both awesome suggestions. Id pick an area in the yard to use if it were me though. But ur yard looks much more like a golf course than mine.
  9. yz133rider

    My quest to save the driveway from mud

    Why not wash in the yard?
  10. yz133rider

    Best bang for the buck front tire

    Ive mounted and ran several artrax tires. No complaints with mounting, performance, or durability. Considering the price is about $100 front and rear with tubes its a great deal.
  11. yz133rider

    2017 KTM/HUSQVARNA Gas Cap "Is there something better?"

    Literally never had a problem, put it on less tight?
  12. yz133rider

    Saved another 4oz today

    I pooped today. Lost a few more than 4 ounces ­čśů
  13. yz133rider

    02 yz250 find/new build for next year

    So took it on a couple short rides just around a field really Power was not smooth has a flat spot at like 1/8th throttle and then would hit hard. Put a 48 pilot and 175 main. Little better same flat spot tho. Checked needle position it was second from top moved to third one step richer. Seems much better. Hoping to take it on a rral ride Sunday.
  14. yz133rider

    I thought 2 strokes were faster?

    No he was spot on.
  15. yz133rider

    350sxf engine mods

    350 feels so light. Nothibg like a 450. Not even 20% as tiring. To me the "softer" low end of the 350 was an advantage. Hooked up and settled out of corners isnt abrupt doesnt tire you out or break traction. Just hooked up and moving forward. And it revs so much further can actually shift less than a 450 as it can carry the same gear corner to corner many times where a 450 id have to shift.