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  1. ruffryda20

    WR 450 horsepower

    does the WR have a speedometer if not how much would one cost ?
  2. ruffryda20

    WR 450 horsepower

    was wandering how much horsepower the WR puts out is it more then the XR 650R
  3. ruffryda20

    WR 450F

    ima bigger guy 6'4 270 i dont think the 250 would do the job for me but yeah ill probaly have to get shock work done but dont matter i was wandering has anybody ever ordered a bike from that internationl motorcycle brokers and are they cheaper then dealers ?
  4. ruffryda20

    WR 450F

    I plan on some trail riding plus you know some backroads maybe the hatfield mccoy trails when i can but mainly the bike is gonna be used for to just ride around on no serious all out speed well thanks for ur replys
  5. ruffryda20

    WR 450F

    Hey guys i been trying to decide between a XR 650R and WR 450F i wandering what puts out more horsepower and what would be a good bike i like the electric start on the WR but whats the better bike in your opinion ?