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  1. Bozzinator

    Factory Effex Monster Energy Graphics Kit

    Holds on nicely. Basically Bullet proof, certainly does not scratch easy, could use a little trimming along the edges that do come off. All that and it looks sexy as HELL!
  2. Bozzinator

    Acerbis Plastic Kit

    Great look and pretty good durability. Needs a bit of work on the rear fenders they are a little flimsy. But I will admit Black looks SEXY!
  3. Bozzinator

    Renthal Standard Rear Sprocket

    I love it, much less shifting pick a gear and only shift down for the corners and boom your the fastest on the track. 47 teeth is how I run my game!
  4. Bozzinator

    Yamaha YZ250F 2012

    Great Suspension, Can start racing as soon as you buy it!
  5. Bozzinator

    Yamaha YZ250F (2012)


    Great Suspension, Can start racing as soon as you buy it!
  6. Bozzinator

    Which HandleBars?

    Hey Guys, I recently bent my stock handlebars on my YZ250F 2012. I like those bars alot, but i am having trouble trying to figure out what bend the stock bars Yamaha runs are. They are the Pro Taper 5XC-L2 BARS but i have NO IDEA what bend they I would also like to get a different colour to match the rest of my bike. Someone please Help! If you could help me find the bars i need on this website that would be great! I have a race that is coming up soon and I really need to get my bike back into working condition.