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  1. I wish OP had come back and told us what the problem was...
  2. Where in Maine are you? You might not be far from me in Vermont. That is one hella nice xr400.
  3. I'm looking at a used 2004 DRZ 250. The guy selling it says it doesn't run and "thinks it is out of time, could be the CDI". Does that make any sense? If I were to inspect it, any way to confirm this? He claims he tried to "re-time" it... not sure what that means. Think I should pass on it... I'm not sure.
  4. Hmm, sorry to dig this old post up from a long time ago but this got me thinking, friends of mine (who aren't me...) use rubbing alcohol and chunky rock salt to clean the resin out of their smoking bongs. Works pretty well. A quick google search says that salt does not dissolve in gasoline. So perhaps adding like a rock salt, or chunky sea salt to kerosene or sea foam might be even better than smooth BBs.
  5. x2468

    Confused by stock Vforce3 reeds

    No, it says VF3 on the side. Maybe the previous owner upgraded it if VF3 didn't come stock? EDIT: looks like that must be the case. Found this article from MXA (https://motocrossactionmag.com/we-ride-ktms-version-of-the-300xc/) where they suggest adding VF3s to the bike to wake it up, meaning you are right, OEM must have been VF2s. That explains it... I should have searched around for published specs first. I did things ass backwards in my research by just assuming VF3s were stock.
  6. x2468

    Confused by stock Vforce3 reeds

    So that's what I just did. They told me that the part number is 3P602H, but they were discontinued because something about the angle of the intake causes it to eat the bottom reed which, coincidentally, is the reed that chipped in my case. So maybe I'll go with Vforce 4? A little tight for money though.... I'll have to think. The links that @S.O.A.N.Z provided are super cheap, much cheaper than I can find when I search for the part number given to me by Moto T. If I can actually get the right petals for $25 that is tempting, just for now. EDIT: just realized that the $25 reeds are for just 2 at a time, so looks like $50 no matter what for a full set
  7. x2468

    Confused by stock Vforce3 reeds

    Thanks for the links. Prices look good. It looks like, since they have a KTM part number, these should fit most likely, i'm thinking. why the question mark?
  8. Looking into replacing the reed pedals on my stock 2007 300xc Vforce3 reed cage. Found them on Motosport here --> https://www.motosport.com/vforce-3-replacement-reeds HOWEVER, i've had one person tell me, and also one person in the product reviews on Motosport (username Cotel12) say that the OEM and Aftermarket Vforce3s are different, and the pedals for the aftermarket won't fit the OEM cage..... Can anyone confirm this? If so, where do I find the ones that fit the OEM????
  9. Hey there man. I remember reading your thread on riding in Nunavut 15 years ago! I just went back to it and read it again, and saw some of your newer pictures. I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of studs you use and where you get them? What are those little square plates? and also, that Moto-Ski, is that product still made? Can't seem to find it. Hope you are doing well man.

    1. Frostbite


      Hey, still living the dream here. :-) The manufacturer stopped producing the Moto-ski many years ago due to lack of sales unfortunately. The studs are carbide tip snowmobile studs and the metal plates are backer plates made for the snowmobile studs. You can find them on most snowmobile supply sites. You have to drill holes through the tire with a core drill made for drilling snowmobile tracks and the insert the studs from the inside.

    2. x2468


      Cool man, glad you are still riding. That's too bad about the ski. It looked like a practical product. With all these new (yet pricey) kids like timbersled, have you been tempted to try one of those?

  10. x2468

    Starting 300 after a few years

    Like 1.5 years ago I put in some 2 stroke oil down into the cylinder, but then I got busy and never got it started. Do you think I might have thrown a stick in my wheel when it,comes to getting it started now??
  11. Haven't started my 07 300 in a few years.... Had the carb cleaned by a dealership mechanic who Is a friend of mine. Hopefully it will be good. I'm afraid of the crank or main bearing not having enough lube. Don't want to have it seize up on me. Should I do anything to prevent that? A year or so ago I wanted to get it started and I poured a little mix oil down the spark plug hole in prep, but I don't think I ever got around to starting it. Hope that won't screw me up this time around? Maybe I should take the cylinder off and check before trying to start it? What do y'all think? Really want to ride again but don't want to cut corners and end up further behind.
  12. Well why the &%$#@! can't the big 4 make a street legal 450?
  13. Is anyone having trouble watching the SX race right now on the desktop version of Fox Sports GO? Also, as a side note, does anyone know if you can replay already aired live content like on watchESPN?
  14. Does the seal need any lubrication before going in?
  15. x2468

    2007 300 water pump seal parts list.

    Does the impeller nut come loose in the standard direction or is it reverse thread?