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  1. BLM likes enforcement..more laws means more enforcement,take away land from public means even more enforcement and more jobs for patrolling enforcement officers and so on. Big Government sucks. Lost a lot of good riding areas in Ca due to those wilderness closures.. Gov- going to turn us into the 12 o'clock boys
  2. Mine (14 500exc) looks like a may have rubbed a time or too also...sure is close...
  3. maybe a size triple D next time?

  4. Soccer, Baseball, Scouts, Golf, Guitar lessons and hanging out with the wife.... That was one hard read....hangin there brother...dont give up the bike... And dont let them talk you into a quad. And for you non-lurkers............
  5. One or two things....someone is jacking your fuel...or your jacking us.
  6. My 2014 came with the hand guard bolts,rubber covers,mirror caps,fuel tank block off plug all in a plastic bag. When you ditch the factory brush guards you will need different bolts for the levers.
  7. new and improved pootang....

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