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  1. I like the tallness of the trials tire. Its a softer ride (partially because of the softer compound) and it makes it harder to pinch a tube which i really like. I may try cutting the seat and ill look into that bushing. That would be awsome if i could a drop it an inch without spending a ton of money on the suspension.
  2. i have been using a 110/100 18 tire on my 08 250 xcf-w. Dont remember brand, have to go look. I also have been using a trials tire down here at chadwick and i LOVE IT. main thing is it is too tall for my short legs. Im only about 5'6" and 135lbs. But the main thing is that the extra sidewall on a 400r18 compared to my 110/100 keeps me from pinching the tube. Wondering if anyone offered a knobby in a similiar size as the 400r18 and what knobbys you all prefer? I ride about all terrain. Soft dirt. Hard packed dirt. Clay. Little bit of sand. Gravel. Thanks for your input.
  3. I have a 1974 elsinore mr 50 that was my first bike when i was maybe 9. Im 18 now. I loved that bike but it now needs completely overhauled. Was wondering approximately how much it would cost and where to get parts. Im most likely going to have to bore it but im going to do the minimum bore i can. Just need a good place to get parts. Suspension and plastic is all pretty good. Mainly just need new cables and complete engine overhaul. Idk when ill get around to it but would like to have some good ideas
  4. Chadwick just sucks in general after a hard rain doesnt it? Lol. I have a regular knobby for riding around home so im not worried abot versatility. chadwick is the only place i ride besides home. So ill probably stick with a trials tire and a regular knobby seeing as how a gummy will wear down superfast.
  5. Bought a Jd jet kit for my 08 ktm 250 xcfw. Thing was running really lean. Wouldnt start real well when it was hot. horrible throttle response. Backfired and cackled like crazy when throttle was released. Put in my jet kit with the High Temp needle and the recommended main jet for my low elevation. I went from a 168 main TO A 185!! i was like "NO WAY!! THAT IS HUGE FOR THIS BIKE!!" lol. Put it all in. High temp needle in 4th position. 185 main jet. Made a HUGE difference on throttoe response and lugs like a john deere. Then i was rereading instructions and flipped em over and saw the part about the o ring mod. I keep seeing this but i never really understood what it did cause i never read into it. Put the thick o ring on and it added a TON of power off the bottom end. Super snappy. Pulls it right out of a lug and into the power RPM range. Made the bike 100% better with this kit and i could not be more pleased with the simple instructions and quality of this kit! Going to run it at a race and seenif its fouling the plug and if it is, ill drop the main jet to 180 or so. But as of right now, its a beast compared to the tird it was. I LOVE IT!! THANKYOU JD JET!!!
  6. Thankyou! I may try that. I am more worried abot pinching sidewalls on rocks. I have done that many times on a 4wheeler and this will be my 1st time down there on a bike. Ill use my trials tire for now and take a couple extra tubes. Lol
  7. I ride all offroad and got a little bitty track at home just for playing on. But i had it WAY out and ive screwed it back in to about 1.5 turns out and i cant tell any difference. But my JD jet kit should be in today and ill put it on, see how much better it makes my throttle response.
  8. awesome! Ill try that! I couldn't even find anything on it to tell me how much one turn would change it, which is nice to know! thanks a bunch!
  9. it does not have a hot start lever. The screw is out that far because once I set idle, it doesn't smooth out until I turn the screw out that far. I had it set at 3 turns but once I twisted the throttle, I had to go another half turn to give slightly better throttle response. so that is telling me it is lean. but then when it gets hot, it doesn't like to start real well which tells me it is a bit rich. so im confused there. maybe it is too lean for hot starts. Im going to order a JD jet kit and see what I can do.
  10. ok thanks. but how do I know when I have it set right? cause I have turned it a lot in both directions and cant tell much, if any, difference.
  11. Was wondering what you all recommended for riding in rocks. where I live I only ride dirt so I use a regular knobby but when I bought my bike, the guy gave me a trials tire with it, (it is a 2008 KTM 250 xcf w) I tried it out at a hair scramble with rock ledges and loved it. it didn't slip and slide at all even though they were wet and every summer, we go on vacation to chadwick Mo. I want to buy another trials tire to use down there but my cousin says I should try a "gummy" is what he called it. just a regular knobby but super soft compound. main think im worried about it will one puncture more easily than the other from sharp rocks, or are they about the same?
  12. my bike I recently bought used has a "merge Racing ALJ" (adjustable leak jet) installed. I cannot find anything on Merge Racings website about it because they have discontinued it. MY bike was running lean but ive basically got that worked out but im wondering what this kit is suppose to do EXACTLY? from what I can tell, it only affects the accelerator pump meaning it only has an effect on how much fuel the bike is getting on the initial snap of the throttle then once it gets to a steady speed, it no longer has any affect. but I still cant find anything about it. any help will be appreciated. thanks!
  13. MY 2008 KTM 250 xcfw was ridden in the mountains a lot before I got it so it ran a little lean. has correct main jet of 168. idle jet should be 42 but is 45. don't think that's causing any problems. it doesn't start well when hot and have idle mixture screw out about 3 to 3.5 turns where ive read it should only be out abut 1.5-2 turns. has factory OBEKT needle in it. had to move clip to 4ht position from top to get it to run right and it runs rather well except holding it at one constant speed about 1/3rd throttle. it just doesn't run smooth. wasn't sure if I need to try different needle and if I need to change idle jet so it starts better when hot or what? It also has a "merge Racing Adjustable Leak Jet kit" installed. I cant tell that it makes much difference on how it runs other than the initial snap of the throttle but wasn't real sure what this did or how to set it up. I went to merge racings website but they discontinued it and don't have instructions or anything for it. I do hair scrambles and a lot of woods riding around the house and when it dies and wont start on the side of a steep hill, its kinda a pain and that initial snap of the throttle off the bottom end is needed ALOT for an inexperience rider like meto get over stuff. lol. thanks for the help!
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