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  1. fulton246

    RMZ 250 2014 front wheel won't freespin

    It may be time for a caliper rebuild... I had the same thing happen on my 2008. Took the caliper apart, cleaned it up really good, replaced the piston seals & brake pads, and then button everything back up. For good measure, I also rebuilt the master cylinder and trued the wheel. Everything spins freely now.
  2. fulton246

    Bog and Backfiring. Need Help!

    Buy oem jets and parts, not aftermarket rebuild kits. Also make sure your fuel screw assembly is complete with an o-ring and washer. I like the R&D Flexjet fuel screw assembly.
  3. fulton246

    2011 Rmz 250 issues

    That may be the case, but I always set things exactly the way it is stated in the manual and haven't run into any issues. To each his own.
  4. fulton246

    2011 Rmz 250 issues

    Look where the cam chain pin matches up to the timing mark on the exhaust cam. Your timing mark is lined up with the first pin on the chain link. The service manual has the timing mark lined up with the 2nd pin on the chain link.
  5. fulton246

    2011 Rmz 250 programming

    Backfiring can be a result of an exhaust leak. Check the connection between the header and silencer to make sure it is sealed properly.
  6. fulton246

    2011 Rmz 250 issues

    Also, double check that you are timing while at TDC on the compression stroke and that you are using the correct timing mark on the magnet rotor. It should be the 2nd vertical line.
  7. fulton246

    2011 Rmz 250 issues

    I don't have a 2011 factory service manual, but if the timing is the same on the 2011 models as it is on the 2008, you are off by one tooth. See attached image - this is how it is set on a 2008.
  8. fulton246

    Rmz 250 questions

    A lot of 2013 models suffered from a kickstarter issue that wrecked havoc on bottom end internals. Supposedly the 2014 ECU will help with the issue. I am surprised slowgs isn't aware of the issue given his knowledge of these bikes.
  9. fulton246

    2011 Rmz 250 programming

    You shouldn't have to reprogram just for a header and silencer.
  10. fulton246

    Lets see the RMZ's

    Awesome color scheme!
  11. fulton246

    Rmz 250 questions

    Avoid the 2013 model
  12. fulton246

    2011 Rmz 250 issues

    Can you take a picture of your timing marks? I had a similar issue with my 08. Everything looked correct, but the cam chain was worn just enough that it would keep the bike from starting. Ended up replacing the cam chain and it started right up.
  13. fulton246

    06 rmz 250 valves

    That looks awful. Even with tight valves, I don't see how it could cause that type of scoring. How do your cam lobes look?
  14. fulton246

    To wrench or not to wrench

    At age 11 he should be able to at do basic stuff like changing the oil, adding air to tires, cleaning filter, etc. It's a simple solution, either he does the basics or he doesn't ride. If that turns him away from riding altogether, he isn't that serious about it anyways.
  15. fulton246

    Crf250r cam shaft replacement

    It is very easy to do yourself and it will save you hundreds compared to taking it to the dealer. The only tricky part is the timing, which isn't really that hard to do as long as you take your time and pay attention to detail. Edit: If you are replacing the cams, might as well replace the cam chain while you are at it. The only special tool you will need for that is a flywheel puller to help remove the magneto rotor.