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  1. xXDr_Z250Xx

    Chain stretch after mods?

    easiest way to tell is just to look at it i ended up just buying a D.I.D. cheapo chain and i have to adjust it like once every two weeks. but just move the chain up and down, it should have about a 1/2 in slack. keep ur chain adjusted properly, unless you want to pay for a new sprocket. or maybe stitches when the chain breaks and wraps around your leg goin down the highway hahahahahaha
  2. xXDr_Z250Xx

    ignition cover!

    hey everyone. i've been off the forums for a long time now because of work. i need to replace my ignition side cover! the whole casing is cracked, and i bonded the seam, but it leaks very slowly. no threat to the engine or anyhting, but it leaks on the driveway so does anyone know where i can find a left side engine cover? i checked all the major websites, and i'd rather not pay an arm and a leg thru the stealership. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Cody
  3. xXDr_Z250Xx

    with the new RMX 450 will Suzuki drop the DRZ?

    if they do replace it, this would be what i suspect it would be like: The RMZ Motor with a milder cam and lighter flywheel, with a larger oil capacity (not hard to do) EFI 21" front/18" rear rims Dualsport? (l/h beams, blinkers, etc.) ALL the EPA stuff suzuki most likely won't put out a six speed. Most likely same suspension as the SM
  4. xXDr_Z250Xx

    Were is the DR Z400 power?

    my dad and i both have S model bikes, mine's a 2000 with all the usual mods ( gearing, carb, intake, exhaust, etc.) and his is an '04 with hot cams and a 440 kit, exhaust, carb, etc. Mine runs 97 MPH at the limiter in 5th and his hits 103 at the limiter. They are completely equal in a drag race though, because mine is geared lower. and they will both walk all over a 250 4 stroke race bike ( well at least the YZ250F's) and XR650's are a little tougher, but the drz still pulls. so the power is there, you just need to mod the bike a little to bring out the true potential. I just can't wait for my motor to make a noise i don't like so i have an excuse to bore it and throw in the offset crank!!!!
  5. xXDr_Z250Xx

    Cruise Speed for DRZ S

    rev's don't phase this motor. i ride mine on the limiter in 5th gear all the time haha (geared a little lower) out on the fire roads at 85-95 mph all day w/out a problem.
  6. xXDr_Z250Xx

    Can't afford SM insurance!?

    i'm 16 and i pay $418/yr or something for mine. progressive!
  7. xXDr_Z250Xx

    drz's can fly!

    haha it wouldn't make me mad except that's my 300 dollar muffler getting ripped apart
  8. xXDr_Z250Xx

    drz's can fly!

    it's out off the 395 at a place called Cuddeback. we go there every year, since i was like 2 or something. cool place.
  9. xXDr_Z250Xx

    drz's can fly!

    hahah yeah or my low ass ground clearance my only complaint is the tennis ball sized dent in my exhaust from the brake caliper
  10. xXDr_Z250Xx

    then what the hell is going on here

    idk. mine ticks a little. they're noisy. but i can't tell how bad yours is. when i first got my bike i thought i was going to throw a valve but everything was in clearance. loud motors
  11. xXDr_Z250Xx

    drz's can fly!

    yep. bone stock.
  12. xXDr_Z250Xx

    drz's can fly!

    i just got back from the desert today. here's a couple of shots of me on my '01 S doing a 35 foot double
  13. xXDr_Z250Xx

    05 DRZ 400 S vs. 05 Mustang GT

    just buy a late model camaro z28 or ss and turbo it. twin turbo camaro ls1's pretty much own the streets. yes there are faster cars but they're few and far between since you don't see a lot of TT Supra's runnin around here.
  14. xXDr_Z250Xx

    05 DRZ 400 S vs. 05 Mustang GT

    well, while we're on the subject of cars..... i've seen 4 vettes in person that run 8.9 to 9.2 sec 1/4 miles on slicks while being street legal IN CALIFORNIA. try to get a civic to do that for under $150,000. and true, there are cars faster than a vette, but you'd have to say buy a subaru and then mod it, void the warranty, ruin the reliablility, etc. when a vette is bone stock haulin ass. i'm all in for modding cars (i drive a 300zx turbo) but i'm just saying: the vette is the king. and i also whooped the SH** out of an audi a4 turbo a couple weeks ago through the canyon.... no contest. and i was on knobbies
  15. xXDr_Z250Xx

    Snow In Santa Clarita!!!!!

    It snowed last night at my house, i live up by rowher flats in California (near santa clarita) the snow melted at my house pretty quick, but up in the hills it was all white and slippery Taken with a motorola razr cell phone. i'm standing behind my dad in the first pic, and that's me on the bike. my tires were already bald, and the snow, mud, ice, and slush made for a fun ride it was pretty cool actually i could get nice two wheeled drifts on the fire roads at about 35. anything over that speed in those conditions is suicide!