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    Edelbrock carb baja

    I bet Hengeveld wished he had an Edelbrock.. Heard they were down for quite a while cause they could'nt get the bike started at one of the pits. I was wondering how Campbell made up 100 miles on them!
  2. ExAwKilla

    Low End......

    My buddy works for Edelbrock and brings the shop Xr home from time to time to ride. The thing flat hauls. He has no problem keeping up with my YZ400. They used my bike for r&d so I could test the pumper carb for them. It did not make a huge difference, but the Yammy's have a pretty good carb to begin with. It does start way easier and made the bike more controllable, not so violent. You should check them out.
  3. ExAwKilla

    Cambell Wins Baja!!!! Again

    Just got word that Jonny Campbell and Tim Staab finished the bike beating Baja 1000 in first place. Campell went down twice today, hit a quad the first time and a cow the second! Way to hang in there.
  4. ExAwKilla

    edelbrock carb on xr250

    Hey Mike- I have a Qwiksilver on my YZ400, and all I can say is do it! Edelbrock put it on my bike for testing (I ride 3-4 days out of the week)and I love it. The FCR was pretty good to start with. The qwiksilver starts easier and has a much smoother power delivery. Cold starts are a dream, and if you drop the bike, it won't flood. Oh yea, I did a 167 mi desert race on 4.5 gallons! call qwiksilver and ask for Mike. 877-888-7504 ext.2
  5. ExAwKilla

    t.p.s. on the carb. ??

    Hey tps question dude. Have you tried to disconnect your tps? I'd put money on it that you can't tell the difference. Mine got ripped off the carb in a freak crash and she still runs great. And about the Edelbrock....I checked on a new FCR since I can't reconnect the $104 tps unit i bought to replace the trashed one. There is a small piece of plastic that is gone and you have to buy the whole fcr to get it. I ain't payin $900 bucks for another fcr so I called Edelbrock and bugged them for months about a fresh carb. They kept tellin me two months for about a year. Well I finally got one for my 400, and I can tell you it was money well spent! As for the XR girls talkin trash, don't listen to 'em.