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  1. Wolfdog40

    cylinder stud streching

    Never had an issue with strecthing on a bike, but I have with car heads. Replace it, because it is not worth destroying the motor over the few bucks it will cost
  2. Wolfdog40

    Top Dead Center

    line up the marks on your cam gear to the mark on the valve tower and if the rockers on the intakes are loose, it is TDC, if not turn the gear 360 and check the mark and the rockers again and it will be TDC
  3. Wolfdog40

    Hospital bill out of control

    Just responding to the guy talking about insurance. I have and pay for insurance, but still owe 3/4 of a million in hospital debt while some can get medi-cal and get it all paid for.
  4. Wolfdog40

    TTR125, will not start cold

    My nieces TTR125 just will not start when cold. We end up just pull starting it. We have put fuel in the cylinder and it burst for a second then dies. Jets are clear and it is getting fuel. Once it is started it runs fine, but if we stop and it cools for an hour or so, plan on pulling it again.
  5. Wolfdog40

    Take a test guys...

  6. Wolfdog40

    Is 35 old?

    Past forty a few years ago and yes 35 is old. But I still do the full contact thing for fun
  7. Wolfdog40

    PW50K Runs Backwards? Help

    Piston merely moves up and down, it must be firing to soon and blowing it backward. Best guess
  8. Wolfdog40

    CRF450R Valve question

    Mine are a pain and I will be going to the Kibble whites
  9. Wolfdog40

    Adelanto GP - Need a new Header Pipe

    There was carnage every where. I worked the MX track section for the ambulance company. People kept stopping at the water jump and falling in, one kid was stuck in head first. The mud would not let go of his helmet and his head was entirley under water. Some guys claimed they had no idea it was there, they must have been following someone elses line most of the race; then some one passed them and took the jump so they followed
  10. Wolfdog40

    Adelanto Gp

    PS. you beginners and novices kept us hopping
  11. Wolfdog40

    Adelanto Gp

    I was there all weekend too, unfortunately; I was the guy in the middle of the MX area coordinating the ambulances in that area. The announcers drove me nuts calling the tabletop a triple jump. I enjoyed watching all the folks who chickened out on the water jump. I had to give out a few Ice packs for groin injuries too.
  12. Wolfdog40

    Hospital bill out of control

    1 of my wifes surgeries was over $100,000.00. She has had about 6 now. Cancer sucks
  13. Wolfdog40

    who hurt honda the most, losing j mcgrath or rc

    Still Saying washed up mmm. Do you know how much he is being paid to race. Imagine how many seats he is filling.
  14. Wolfdog40

    Fork suggestions. . .

    Are you riding supercross? Because even at 235lbs Racetech recommends a .48 for riding MX a .5 for supercross, but if your 210 stock should have been sufficient http://www.racetech.com/SubMenu.asp?cMenu=16&c=Yes&showPage=dirt http://www.racetech.com/evalving/menu/searchdirt.asp
  15. Wolfdog40

    who hurt honda the most, losing j mcgrath or rc

    Washed up, mmmmmmmmmmm, Are you as stupid looking as you are sounding!